Aroused People Share The Non-Sexual Thing Someone Did That Turned Them On By Accident.

Most people can't really control what turns them on, and so it can be funny at times when something takes you completely by surprise and you have to think about why you're suddenly aroused.

Here are times people were turned on totally by accident.

Many thanks to the Reddit user who posed this question and to those who responded. You can check out more answers from the source at the end of this article.

1/29. I cut my finger on a beer bottle at a party. This girl casually walks by, stops and sucks the end of my finger. Without saying anything, walks away. That happened 25 years ago and I still think about her all the time.


2/29. Final year of uni, doing a group project presentation. One of our group members was this really cool, pretty Swedish exchange student.

We were sitting on the sidelines as one of our other group members was presenting. She leans over and starts whispering Swedish things in my ear.

I turn to look at her and she blushes and giggled and apologised saying she got the wrong language (we had a lot of Swedish students in the course so they spoke it often among themselves). She then repeats herself in English, but I wasn't listening because I was too focused on the fact that I was about to stand up in front of a panel of industry professionals with a semi.


3/29. Ah those awkward teen years...I feel like they were full of moments where girls unintentionally turned me on.

My most memorable one was a time a friend of mine who was a tomboy and extremely aggressive decided to play a pickup game of football with me and a couple of our friends. She was on the opposing team and I had to defend her when our team was on defense and she guarded me when we switched possession.

The key factor here, is she had recently went through puberty and had went from a flat chest to a mega huge one. And at this time I suppose she wasn't used to them yet, cause she was not wearing a bra.

As if her countless bounces towards me weren't enough, she constantly tackled me by slamming her chest into me, therefore rubbing all over me.

It wasn't too much later I had to make an excuse to go inside because I was SO riled up, but was too afraid of her to say/do anything.


Many years later, she admitted that she knew her chest drove me wild and thought I was an idiot because I could be distracted by them. She said I could feel one if she got to punch me as hard as she could. I had a huge bruise and it really wasn't worth it. She then told me she had no interest in men.


4/29. I went on a date last night with a girl that I have known for a while. After dinner we go back to her house to watch a movie. She changed out of her pants into shorts. When she comes back down the stairs, she apologizes for looking like a nerd because she had knee high socks on under her pants and didn't change them. POW! Right in the fetish.


5/29. Once I was with a male friend, who I've NEVER had a sexual thought about before, at my house. He notices the grand piano in my living room, face lights up, he starts playing it.

There was something about the way he played that turned me on so much. He's very unemotional - turns all his problems to jokes, in complete denial that anything's wrong. The playing was so passionate and vulnerable - delicate, in a way, which was something I'd never seen from him before.

It was so gorgeous.


6/29. Waitress spilled water on my lap and dabbed my shorts with a towel for a good 30 seconds. She got a good tip that night.


7/29. When dudes take off a sweater and their shirt rides up a little with it.

( )


8/29. My wife doesn't understand how much I like when she runs her hands through my hair.


9/29. In high school I had female friend that was home schooled and worked at a donut shop. My parents both worked the night shift so I basically had the house to myself after school. She would come over smelling like donuts every day.


10/29. I'm a sucker for accents. Had a British girl come into my work for a few days in a row and every time she spoke I melted.

I swear, if she had told me to go with her on a killing spree, I'd have gone.


11/29. My wife knew she was wearing a blazer the next day for a meeting, but couldn't decide what skirt. So she was going back and forth to the closet for different skirts to see in the mirror, but the whole time only wearing the blazer and panties. Sexiest combination ever.


12/29. I have a coworker whom I usually spend breaks with smoking. We were outside last week and she was ranting about some thing that went down over in her side of the office. (We work in different departments.)

Anyhow she ended up getting pretty upset and while a sexual thought has never crossed my mind involving her before there was something about the way she was yelling and the look on her face that for some reason made me want to take her right then and there. Can't explain it and haven't had a similar thought since. I couldn't even look at her I just stammered "I have to go." And went back inside.


13/29. My friends sister jokingly told me "if you don't stop being naughty I'm going to have to whip you".

I didn't know someone I wasn't infatuated with could make me blush for a fetish I don't even like!


14/29. Several of us were on a work trip and I was driving the car. I was driving back to the hotel from where we had dinner and my co-worker was riding in the passenger seat.


She leaned over the center console to say something to me and the tone of her voice combined with the way her hair framed her face made her seem like the most beautiful person I'd ever seen. It was one of those experiences where I spent the next ten minutes thinking about ridiculous stuff, like what our life together would be like.


15/29. I work in a grocery store with lots of university-aged female cashiers and cash office staff, and a very lax stance on uniforms. Lots of yoga pants.


16/29. When I was an undergraduate student, I sang in the school's vocal ensembles. One was a chamber choir, the other a show choir.

I had an outlandish, shameless crush on one of the guys. He was also a pianist and composer, and a little older than me.

We hung out a lot but I was plump and he liked very thin girls, so he wasn't interested in me. I genuinely liked him as a person so I settled for being friends and tried to quash my crush.

One day, he invited himself over to my house after school. We had an upright piano in our living room at the time, and as soon as he walked in, he made a beeline for it.

I stood beside him and watched him play for about 20 minutes. I was mostly looking at his hands but was somehow also keenly aware of his stubbly jawline at the same time. I was completely enraptured.

I was wearing jeans and a v-neck t-shirt. Being quite busty, it was a slightly revealing look, but it was one that everyone who knew me had seen many times. After about 20 minutes of this musical Adonis serenading me, my mother walked out of her bedroom.


I was standing with my hand on the bannister, completely light-headed with arousal.

My mother's eyes dropped straight to my bare chest, which was flushed and heaving. She promptly burst into laughter, suggested that he play more quietly and went back into her room.


17/29. When a girl wearing a skirt has to smooth over her butt/back of thighs before they sit down.


18/29. My coworker laid his head on my lap on a long car trip home from the beach. Every minute or so he'd ever so slightly just twitch his fingers in a tiny caress of my knee. Oh my god.


19/29. A girl at work told me to kneel down and tie her shoe.

I'm 6'4" and she's 5'7". I couldn't stand up immediately afterwards.


20/29. Italian exchange student at my school. He started speaking Italian on the phone to a friend who had called, and I absolutely melted. Anyone who can casually fluently speak two languages automatically turns me on a little and I have no idea why.


21/29. An old high school friend had a little sister who loved chopping wood.

I went over to his house to help set up for a party and his sister was out splitting logs. I don't know if it was the fact she was a 5'4-90lb blonde splitting wood in one strike or just her getting sweaty but I've never been so hard before.


22/29. Was at work, and I had this coworker who was pretty hot but I had a boyfriend at the time so I never pursued him. I was going to take out the trash and with this smirk on his face he told me, "Good girl."

Sploosh. Right in the submissive fetish.


23/29. There was a guy I knew liked me, but had no experience with women and was as much terrified of me as he was interested. I hugged him, and he was so ungodly, obviously nervous. His hands were shaking and I could practically feel his panicked heartbeat.

And the vagina says, yes, this is good to me.


24/29. Gave me an absolute verbal smackdown.

This was a bloke I knew in college (16-18), and it was a longstanding pillar of our interaction to bicker and take the piss. I'd been ribbing him about one thing or another, making the others around us laugh, when he causally laid out a quip that utterly blew any of my insults out of the water.

It was just the way he did it - This lazy flick of sarcasm and wit - that had me both laughing in appreciation, and inwardly screaming take me now.


25/29. Halloween party. Coworker went as slave Leia. At one point her boyfriend couldn't hear what she was saying so he gently tugged on her chain to reel her in closer.

Needless to say, it moved a little.


26/29. Was just starting to see a girl and for some reason she agreed to help me wash my car. She was bent over vacuuming the seats and it was all I could do to keep my mind on the job at hand. Pretty sure we skipped the wax.


27/29. I was at a Neighbourhood concert one time and this girl was making her way up to the front while the masses of people were pushing and kicking each other.

This very cute girl stopped to talk to me to see what's up and at that moment, everyone decided to sandwich together, so my body was pressed against her tightly (she was directly in front of me, facing me) and she was pretty humorous too because while we were literally face to face she said "nice weather we're having"

Never saw her again but I still think about her.


28/29. When girls hear a compliment and are giddy yet confident at the same time. Usually a quick shrug, a giggle and a smile.


29/29. I've been on the opposite end of this. Had a gf in high school, or fresh out of high school, that I was hanging out with one day, and her mom calls randomly to say she would be late getting home as she had a flat. I offered to go help change it but she said she had a spare and a stranger had stopped to put it on.

She comes home an hour later and I noticed the tire was the same size as the one on her normal rims, but the rim itself was disgusting and rusted out. I offered to take the car to my house (step dad had a shop and loads of tools) and switch the busted tire with the nice rim out with the nice tire on busted rim. She agrees and gf goes with me.

I get to the shop and quickly find that the tire press is busted and I would have to use the manual rod. Its basically this 80 pound hollowed out sheath that you slam a solid lead rod into and it breaks the seal on the tire. Its almost a hundred degrees out and the shop is aluminum with no ac. Original tire is blown out and it just keeps sliding off the rubber everytime I hit it because there isn't enough rubber left for it to grip. I'm sweating profusely after twenty minutes of nonstop hammering and my shirt is sticking to me.

I take a quick break to peel my disgusting soaking wet shirt off and go right back at it. I heard my gf make a weird noise but paid it no mind and continued to fix her mom's car in about an hour.

When I look over at her finally, she is seating on the edge of the seat staring at me like she wants to eat my soul and she's panting. The pants weren't from it being too hot outside either. It was pretty crazy to know I'm sitting there oblivious while she, later admitted, that she was immediately turned on as soon as I started it.



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