On Thanksgiving Day, pop singer Ariana Grande's mind was on both the traditions of the day, but also on the people from her past who are now out of reach. On Instagram, the star posted a touching tribute to rapper Mac Miller, whom she dated for two years prior to their breakup, and who later died as the result of a toxic mixture of "fentanyl, cocaine, and alcohol."

The pair's relationship was well documented on Instagram, where Grande posted many heartwarming photos.

The singer also made reference to Miller in her hit song, "Thank U, Next."


When he passed away, Ariana posted a video of Miller saying he was "the kindest, sweetest soul with demons he never deserved."

On Thanksgiving Day, Grande updated her Instagram story with a throwback photo of herself and Miller, replacing the old caption with a simple message: "you're v missed."


Some people will always be important to you, whether they're in the room or not.

On social media, people found Grande's shared memories incredibly touching.

Losing someone you've been close with is an experience that often haunts people for many years to come, and Grande is no exception. Hopefully, Miller is at peace knowing he is missed by those who loved him most.

H/T - Buzzfeed, US Weekly


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