'Are Cows Counted As Part Of The Population?’ People Reveal The Most Ridiculous Comment A Classmate Has Made Mid-Lecture.

College is demanding, and it's hard to constantly be on top of all the information thrown at you. Sometimes, this lack of knowledge can become apparent when called upon during class.

Here, people share the most ridiculous thing a classmate has said mid-lecture.

1/29. I was in an Intro To Music course. We always had a bro-type that would fall asleep during class, and the professor would always call on him to answer questions. My favorite was "Where was Mozart born?" to which the bro woke up and replied "...Michigan."


2/29. "I just don't think the cloud is safe. What if the weather is bad and you can't access your data?"


3/29. We had this girl in our class that wasn't the brightest crayon in the box. I forgot which class it was, but in the book it was talking about some famous Dutch painter I think, and she blurts out:

"Mrs Shultz? Where exactly is duck?"

Needless to say, Mrs Shultz was confused, as was everyone in the room. We couldn't figure out what she meant, but she couldn't make it any clearer than that. She could only respond to our confusion by repeating herself with this confused look on her face.

Finally, she goes "Where is duck? Like where on the map?"

And it suddenly struck me what she meant. I couldn't help myself. I just burst out laughing my ass off. I mean, I sincerely tried not to laugh, but it just came out. Like I was involuntarily vomiting laughter out of my face.

Apparently, she thought that Dutch people come from a country called "Duck".

Her justification was:

"Well... there's a country called Turkey, so why can't there be one called Duck?"

I got in trouble for laughing at her. :/


4/29. *In Spanish class we were learning the difference between "conocer" -- to be familiar with", and "saber" -- to know as a fact. The professor used the example of the city of Boston: "You would 'conocer' the city of Boston. You would 'be familiar* with it.' You couldn't "saber" the city of Boston because you would have to know every inch of the city, to know it as a fact. That can't be done."

Matt then said aloud in his perfect Boston accent, dead serious:

"Albit Einstein could. He's wicked smaht."


5/29. Biology teacher asked about the communication techniques of ants. He wanted to know how we thought they communicated the location of a sugar cube to the hive and recruited ants to help carry it.

Student raises his hand and says "He just goes back to the ant hill and says 'Hey, it's over here' and they go get it."

Teacher responds "Says how?"

Student: "With words."

Teacher: "What language do they speak?"

Student: "English."

Teacher: "So the ant speaks English? What does an ant in Mexico speak then?"

Student (100% serious): "English. It's the language of business."


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6/29. "How do dogs in other countries function when their owners say things like 'pelota' instead of 'ball'? Like how do they know what a ball is when the owner talks Spanish? Sooo weird."


7/29. I got an eraser thrown at me by trying to answer a question in a computer programming class that I had no business being in. I signed up for Basic programming, thinking it would be an intro thing to computers, not realizing that BASIC was a programming language.


8/29. Psychology professor lecturing about how placebo pills work.

Girl: Um, yeah, is that like in Space Jam where Michael Jordan gives them the suga-water and they like feel better?

Professer: ........... (sigh) yeah. I guess it's kind of like that.

I've always laughed at this but to her credit it's a perfect example.


9/29. In Biology, discussing plant genetics.

"Mr. Chamberlin, could I turn in to a tornado?"

Maybe more of a head scratch than getting pissed, but I could see the look of disgust, confusion, and annoyance written on his face.

10/29. In a sociology class my freshman year and the prof is explaining how societies create the standard of homosexuality and how it is arbitrary. i.e one culture thinks kissing men is homosexual while another could view it simply as a greeting.

This one kid could not wrap his head around the fact that kissing another man on the cheek was not gay. Fifteen minute argument ensues and this kid is obviously going nowhere quick so finally the prof breaks down and screams

Prof: "Is it gay to give a hand job?"

Student: "Hell yeah, are you stupid?"

Prof: "Do you masturbate?!"


Student: "Well, yeah!"

Prof: "So then you're gay because you give handjobs!"

The student becomes so dumbfounded by this petty logic that he just remains silent, doesn't say anything for at least two more weeks. I think this kid literally began to question if he was homosexual.


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11/29. We were talking about phases of the moon, and our professor said something about the new moon and the full moon. One bright student asked, and I quote, "We have two moons?"

The look of 'they-can't-really-think-that' and the ensuing conversation was awesome. Made my semester.


12/29. One time, I wrote that I did something posthumously in a paper for my philosophy class.

Now, I know what posthumously means.


13/29. A guy sitting next to me once asked the political science professor if King John was really threatening to nuke America. Everyone was confused, and so the guy repeated King John a few times but said it more slowly as if we were all idiots, and then finally said "You know, the king of North Korea." He thought Kim Jong Un was "King John." He thought he was a king named John.


14/29. We had a course at the bank I used to work where a colleague of mine always asked stupid question throughout the class. We were learning to become lenders.The best one was at the end of the 4 week class, before the last exam, he raised his hand one last time and asked what a "Down payment " was for a mortgage. The professor made us leave the class to she could talk to him alone as we were all laughing.

He didn't show up the next day.


15/29. "Is Mars red because all of the animals there died?" - girl in my introductory astronomy class a few years back. It didn't actually piss off the professor, but he was one of those really enthusiastic types who was on a roll with his lecture at the time, and this question made him stop dead for a few seconds while he tried to collect his thoughts for an answer.


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16/29. I'm in Culinary school and on our egg making day the Chef was going through a powerpoint on egg cookery. At the end of the presentation he aked if we had any questions. One kid raised his hand and asked the immortal question:

"Chef, what does bee-you-turd, mean?"

Silence. Just stares that could cook the eggs we were using in class.

He meant buttered. Needless to say we never let it go.


17/29. Professor: "Today, just do all the even numbers."

Student: "Just to clarify, those are 2, 4, 6, and 8, right?"

The professor walked away.

A helpful student said "Yes. Those are the even numbers."


18/29. I had one of those "Let's push boundaries," Advanced Writing professors in college that everyone had to eventually take to graduate.

I thought he was cool, he was unconventional, a little out there, and definitely exposed me to things and arguments my young mind wouldn't have sought out on my own.

Anyway, one day he wanted us to calmly sit and ponder out a question and he liked to do a small chime to relax us. He did this three times and this one girl in class just flipped out saying she didn't believe in this BS and said she'd call her Dad to yell at him.

The professor just walked to the door and opened it. He said he didn't have room in his class for close minded air heads who can't even tolerate things outside their comfort zone.


19/29. A female student said to the professor, "Excuse me, you do realize that global warming is a complete crock of poop, right?" Yeah, that didn't go over very well.


20/. In a discrete mathematics course, the professor was going over propositional logic. He was using an example along of the lines of "It is raining and it is not raining" to show a statement that is always false. One student raised there hand and asked, "But what if it is both raining and not raining at the same time?" The professor gave him then just said, "Were you even listening? That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard."


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21/29. "Are cows counted in part of the population?"

A girl in my history class asked this last year, completely serious. Our teacher looked like he was in pain after hearing it.


22/29. During a lecture on the history of the civil rights movement and segregation in South Carolina a student asked something to the effect of "why do we have to listen to this liberal nonsense?" The kid seemed to believe that racial segregation never happened in the South, and that Democrats made the whole thing up.

The professor was on the staff of the Governor that pushed for integration and the guest speaker was a civil rights leader who had been beaten and arrested during the sit-ins.


23/29. "Why are those two numbers in parenthesis?"

Calc 4, engineering school. It was a set of ordered pairs.


24/29. Professor: And we take 1km/s = 1000m/s...

Student: How do you know 1km = 1000m?



25/29. We were talking about Ebola in school with some friends and this one girl suddenly asked: "Who is Ebola?" We all just looked at her and could not believe it, but she seemed to realize so she said: "Oh right, you mean this country in Africa, right?"

Well at least she knows now...


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26/29. In my Calculus II class there was a guy constantly asking stupid questions. One day the professor was writing a simple formula on the board and this guy asks "What is that dot between the x and y for?" The professor replied "I feel like telling John and Fred over there to grab you and beat your head against the wall. Maybe they could beat some sense into you." This guy ended up with the highest grade in the class at the end of the semester.


27/29. When discussing overfishing a student said "Why doesn't everyone just, like, stop eating fish?"

Its all over folks, pack it up, problem solved.


28/29. I was in a pretty high-level aerodynamics course. This particular class, our professor was going over some Fourier series stuff, deriving principles for us. The kind of shit that we would really never understand, but have to learn about anyway.

So, the whole class period is spent doing these long, boring derivations. Right at the end, one kid raises his hand the following conversation occurs:

Kid "Uhhh, can you go over that part again?"

Professor "What part specifically?"

Kid "The whole thing"

Professor "No... Come see me after class."


29/29. "Wait, Rosa Parks was a real person? I know it's an Outkast song." Proceeds to sing part of the song. College English class in a very culturally diverse area of the US. I don't know how one could make it at least two decades on the planet without knowing that one.



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