Apple 'Geniuses' Share Their Craziest Experiences From Working In The Apple Store.

People love Apple products to a pretty wild degree, but have you ever wondered what it's like to assist customers and teach them about Apple products?

Here are some of the craziest things Apple 'Geniuses' have experienced while on the job.

Many thanks to the Reddit user who posed this question and to those who responded. You can check out more answers from the source at the end of this article!

1/21. I got a picture of this girl's boyfriend's penis over text while I was transferring her contacts. She wouldn't stop apologizing.


2/21. This man comes in while I'm manning the front door. The first thing I notice is that he has blood all over his lip. He opens his mouth and he's missing a front tooth. Then he says, "I had a really rough night last night - and I don't know my password... can you delete it?" Sorry bud, but that would defeat the purpose.


3/21. I used to be a Genius for a few years and a man came in with a non-functioning iPhone. When I asked him what was wrong he said "I don't know man, just woke up and it won't turn on."

Upon further questioning it came up that he had been drinking the night before, and it might have had something to do with his problem. I started to check for liquid damage thinking he might have spilled a drink on it inadvertently, and that's when the stench hit me...(as a side note, you need to get your face really close to the phone to look at the liquid damage sensors in an iPhone).

What I had only now began to smell was the odor of stale piss. This dude had somehow soaked his phone in urine and gave it to me to try to get replaced.

Needless to say he did not get a new phone. Ruined my day.


4/21. I worked as a specialist and was good friends with some people at the genius bar. One time a mother came to pick up her daughters laptop from the genius bar after a data transfer from her old computer.

When the genius's brought the computer out from the back room she rudely insisted that she goes through the computer while still at the genius bar to make sure everything was transferred. They started going through the photos and the mother stumbled upon a photo album of a her daughter with 3 or 4 other girls in a lesbian orgy.

She immediately closed the computer and left the apple store in tears.


5/21. Creative of 7 years, recently promoted to full time customer. My job was to train older people how to use macs, one hour at a time.

One lady in particular comes to mind, her husband had recently passed so she came in weekly for lessons, but also maybe to make her mind off things?

A few weeks in a row however, she would bring up iphoto and find a picture of her late husband and start crying.


This happened for a few weeks - until one week it was pictures of her and her husband naked in bed - but someone else was taking pictures. This time it was tears of joy as she explained that it was her SON TAKING THE PICTURES because he thought they looked beautiful.


6/21. I work at an apple store! We see a lot of weird stuff. Once when I was a specialist, I went to go demo an iPad mini to someone. Turn on the screen and BAM, penis as the lock screen wallpaper. They did not end up buying the iPad mini.


7/21. Well, I was working the front of the store and a male customer came up. "What's taking up so much space on my ipad?" I gave him a grin dialog piece they cram down our throat, "well that's a good question, let's find out".

I looked through the device, explained how to delete apps, that movies take up the most space etc. "photos, should I get ride of some photos?" I told him that photos take up little space but let's look anyway. "what's that?" the woman with him said as I quickly scrolled through the nude photos I saw on his photo stream.

I played stupid and scrolled past them to save this man's life. People basically come into the store about 30% of the time to vaguely ask me how they can cheat on their spouse and not get caught. So I'm used to playing dumb/ not caring about your stupid questions. "What" I said, scrolling past. This one was a smarty, "those, go back to those". What are those she kept asking, he looked shocked, she thought it was sorta funny and I again played dumb.

"These aren't mine!" He lamented, "How did they get there?" she asked. At this point I knew what could be happening, "Are you the only one that uses this device?" I asked. He said it was his and only his. After looking further into settings I said something like "who is XYZ@emailaddress.blahlah" I saw the universe created, die and form all in his eyes as he said "...that is my daughter".

So she'd be sending sext photos on her phone to whoever and through photostream they'd saved and been on his ipad.


8/21. My old room-mate was a genius...

He offered to sync some lady's photostream to her phone... as he did... pictures started popping up from her husband's photo album of him sleeping all these other women...


Left in tears.... he called me all bummed... felt so bad.


9/21. Former employee. A girl brought in her own laptop because it was running real slow. Hard drive was basically full with all sorts of animal smut.


10/21. I used to work as a specialist in a mall store. One time a man came in, and said that the internet wasn't working on his phone. So I said the ol' "Let's find out together" line, and I open the dude's phone. The guy was like a 60-ish aged guy, I'm a late 20s-aged gal...

I open his Safari, and go to a website. He just didn't know how to do it. Then he asks me how to search, and the ONLY thing in his history is "interracial sex." I looked at his wife, looked at him, he looked at me, and it was the longest 10 seconds of all of our lives.


11/21. I worked as a specialist in a Flagship store in NYC for about a year. Every night we actually physically wiped down every product with alcohol wipes so that they would be sanitary the next day.

I kid you not when I say we wore rubber gloves to do this. The amount of people we had come into the store; many of which were just plain dirty was astounding.

The white keyboards on the desktops weren't always white by the end of the day. And on the ipads, you could actually see the layout of the keyboard because of all the finger prints on the screen.


12/21. People would leave their phones and go to do other shopping while we transferred data and such.

I had a co-worker who had 100% accuracy when guessing if someone would have naked pictures of themselves. It became a game fairly quickly.


13/21. Former employee here. Did data transfers a bit, and it's remarkable the amount of people (not young, mind you) have naked pics of themselves in their iPhoto library. We weren't supposed go through them, and we didn't, unless the customer explicitly stated they wanted us to check and make sure every photo transferred. Keep that crap in a separate folder so your friends/children don't see it.

Once had someone from a site similar to suicide girls come in, and was big on promoting herself and showing off her photos.

And then there was always the random wife who found their husbands stash after a transfer and wanted to accuse us of putting it there.


14/21. Genius here, once had to get a disk out of a failed optical drive. Old Grannies, Young Panties IV.


15/21. I work at a phone dealer so I deal with the same problem. Lots of butt cracks, only one penis, tons of confused faces. However..

I went to wipe one phone one day and it had a picture of my best friend from junior high as the wallpaper. I haven't seen or talked to him in like 7 years as I'm in a different city and we pretty much lost touch due to different interests etc. I was completely shocked seeing as I was there all day and did not see him and he must not of seen me.

I had one best friend and there he was on the phone that I happened to stumble across to wipe.

I still haven't gotten in touch with him to tell him how oddly coincidental that was. Maybe this will happen again and I will see him in Bangkok in 25 years. Who knows.


16/21. Had a guy come in to pay a bill, turns out I was in the same clinic with him in Virginia a few years back when I was ill. I lingered by the iPhones as he left and he just said, deadpan: "oh hey bruh you might want to wipe that man, I Googled the word "nutsack" on there."


He was at that phone for 10 seconds, tops. No pictures, he just said hello, walked over to the phone, Googled the word "nutsack" and closed the screen and walked away.

Bonus: I get random FaceTime calls on the demo lines. I like to answer them and look at an imaginary person behind me off-screen and yell "Hey Norm, check it out! We got us another live one here!" They hang up immediately.


17/21. Some lady comes over and asks me to help her configure her Aperture Album. Okay. So I get over and theyre all naked pictures of her standing in front of a mirror. I think she was trying to show her weight loss. I helped her and didn't say anything.


18/21. I was closing one night and we realized that EVERY SINGLE DEVICE in the whole store had nicolas cage as the background. Hilarious.


19/21. This couple in their late 60's comes in on a really busy day. I was showing them iPads and such. The man was looking around on Safari - but he was looking up really, REALLY, weird stuff. Things like Yucca Valley nuclear sites, the Al Queada homepage - just weird stuff.

So anyways, he tells me he wants a 64GB Black Verizon iPad. Well, we sold every single one and that was the only one we didn't have. He was pretty pissed off because he exclaimed he called in ahead of time. I think what happened was the person on phones assumed we had it and didn't check. So for some reason he insists on calling the store to ask her again, as if that would make them magically appear. Well, too bad, because there are 16 people in the line ahead of him and only one girl on phones (typical weekend).

So after awhile I just sell him a different one and go on my way.


About 20 minutes later he's still on the phone so he WALKS INTO THE BACK, through the cracked door, THROUGH THE BACK OF HOUSE, and ends up standing behind the girl on phones chair - breathing over her shoulder, without anyone noticing (phone still to ear).

It was crazy, the manager saw and almost didn't know what to do except say, "uhm, sorry, you really can't be back here".


20/21. This girl comes in IN A BATHING SUIT with a clearly water damaged iPhone. She's insisting that it was NOT water damaged over and over. So we open the sim tray and what happens? RED KOOL AID pours out the side. If that wasn't embarrassing enough she tried to plead that it somehow had condensation. Yeah I don't think kool aid does that.


21/21. One time someone FaceTimed one of the iPads I was cleaning. Another specialist and I answered it. It was a lady with a shirt not quite covering all of her belly.

I informed her that she called a demo iPad (someone clearly logged in with their Apple ID). She asked if we still wanted to talk.

We didn't.



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