Apartment Hunting In Beijing Yields A Spectacular Layout Fail—And It Just Keeps Getting Worse 😂

Anyone who looks for real estate in a major city is bound to come across some pretty strange layouts. In fact, there's a whole website devoted to the worst rooms people have discovered on their apartment hunt journeys. But it turns out that New York City doesn't actually corner the market on strange apartments.

Editor Michael Bellart tweeted these photos of an apartment in Beijing, China, this past Saturday.

Yup, that is a bathroom encased in completely see-through glass.

It turns out it's more common than we might think.

Some had similar experiences in other cities.

Some had theories to explain it away.

Which quickly got shot down.

And then some noticed a second issue.

At least they're making an effort to be fresh and modern, even if that means all of your guests get to watch you pee.

H/T: Twitter, Worstroom.com

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