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There are few things more annoying in conversation than people who say the words, "That's just my opinion!" Let me be perfectly clear: opinions need to be based on fact and actual experience. Reading conspiracy theories online and spending time on a dark corner of YouTube doesn't make you an "expert." Not now... not ever. When I hear someone say the words, "That's just my opinion!" I mentally brace myself because I just know what I'm about to hear is going to be ridiculous.

People told us all about the phrases that bother the hell out of them after Redditor RedDeadDano asked the online community,

"Which words or phrases irritate you for absolutely no reason?"

"It makes my skin crawl..."

"My boss uses the word "envisualize" rather than envision or visualize. It makes my skin crawl when he says that word to a customer."


Ah, yes. Corporate speak. No thank you.

"I really hate it..."

"I really hate it when people say "no offense". It usually means they are going to say something offensive but use it so they can't get criticized for it. Also When People Use A Capital Letter For Literally Every Word."


Hearing someone say the words "no offense" is a great way to tell that they're a total wanker.

"It might have been good or evil..."

"The word "hack" in general - it meant getting a system to do something it wasn't designed to do. It might have been good or evil, it might have been clever or dirty, but whatever it was it was still a hack.

Then the media got hold of it...

Guessing someone's password is not a hack."


"I don't know if it's just me..."

"Settle in relation to relationships. I don't know if it's just me but when people say "I'll settle for him or her" it sounds distasteful as though they didn't want to be with them at all."



Why do people say this? It's not endearing. It's not cute. It's actually insensitive as hell.

"Sorry, not sorry..."

"Sorry, not sorry" is the adult equivalent of being forced to make an apology as a kid when you're not sorry at all, only as an adult it's just that much more obnoxious to hear it."


It is quite obnoxious... and typically said by people for whom responsibility is a foreign concept. Best not give them much mind.

"This implies..."

""I could care less." This implies that you do indeed care because you could care less than you already care."


I see this error all over the internet and it is the bane of my existence.

"When someone..."

"When someone comments on a subreddit with a witty pun or phrase and then about 15 other amateur comedians try to outdo each other with worse puns."


"The sudden popularity..."

"The sudden popularity (and therefore overuse) of the term gaslighting. What used to be a somewhat obscure reference is now everywhere, especially here on Reddit."


"Any kid-speak..."

"Any kid-speak for body parts is cringey.

Coochie, pee-pee, wiener, vajayjay, tushie etc. No. If you're old enough to know what it is, use the proper word."


A world without kid-speak would be a much happier world indeed.

"By this metric..."

"Everyone is entitled to their own opinion."

"By my best understanding, an opinion needs to be founded on both experience and knowledge; a blind person cannot have the opinion that the sky is red."

By this metric, some people's thoughts don't even qualify as opinions to me."


Well, going through all of these was annoying as hell. I'm having flashbacks to every single time someone said any of these to my face. Well, maybe not "envisualize." My former bosses weren't too big on corporate speak, thankfully. I've been spared that torture.

Have some of your own contributions? Feel free to tell us all about them in the comments below!

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