People Explain Which Cringeworthy Habits They Just Can't Stand
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Eating with your mouth full, talking loudly on your phone in a public place, making a joke of everything, even if it's not remotely funny.

Some people have habits which tend to get on our nerves, if they don't drive us absolutely crazy.

Be they from a total stranger, or one of your closest friends, controlling one's temper in the presence of these habits is a challenge for even the most patient beings.

Redditor CheapCoffee1 was curious to learn which habits really made the skin of his fellow Reddit users crawl, leading them to ask:

"What is a cringy habit you can't stand?"

No one likes a busybody

"People who talk about your private business to others."- Heavy_Dance9295

Just come out and say it!


"When someone posts that they're so distressed/upset/offended but won't refer to what exactly caused it."- urchisilver

"Passive aggressiveness."- SystemOnset

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But enough about me, what do you think of me?

"People who have a complete inability to talk about anything but themselves."

"I have a friend I've known for decades who has gotten gradually worse about this over the years."

"At this point I know if I answer the phone, it is because he has a story to tell me and that's his only motivation for calling."

"In a recent call, I'd just had a death in the family, it was very obvious I was going through some stuff but he'd only called to talk about the fender bender he was just involved in."

"A half hour later, I ended the conversation and he still didn't know I'd lost someone. He just kept pivoting back to himself."-LogicBalm.

"Adults who shamelessly brag about themselves like they’re 12 year olds on the playground."- DameDrunkenTheTall

"When my partner/friend/SO must make me not feeling well all about how bad they feel, such that I end up not wanting to share the slightest discomfort with them."

"I end up just tired."

Where's the off button?

"When you’re in a conversation with someone and they literally give you no time to speak."

" I hate that sh*t."

"Happened to me at a local music store yesterday."

"Dude would say a sentence with a clear ending and before I even get a whole syllable out in response he starts talking again."- Additional-Demand740

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Who's really the child here?

"Adults pranking their kids and posting it online."

"You want to build resentment between you and your kids?"

"It's only a joke of both sides are laughing."

"Stop embarrassing them and then sharing it so the whole world points and laughs at them too."- Vegesaurus-Rex

Can you turn that down please?

"Playing music on phone without using earphone in public."- SuvenPan

I haven't got all day!

"Huffing and puffing while waiting in line because the cashier isn’t going at supersonic speeds then proceeding to use 527 coupons and complaining to the manager about every single item."- Impressive-Orchid748

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Aren't I the best? I can prove it!

"People who share the Facebook quizzes because the results are always an exact definition of their personality."

"My MIL is a narcissistic psychiatrist and she shared that she is a loyal queen that is brutally honest, loves you through every battle you face, and if she loves you, you are lucky."

"She cheated on her husband a few months ago, but hey, it was his fault."

"Asked my wife if she was pregnant."

"Wife said no, just gained some weight."

"MIL replied thank God, you don't need any more kids."- fishyfish55

"Facebook official!"

"When someone only does anything to post pictures of it on Facebook."

"For example when I told one of my visiting relatives, from my country of origin, that they can't post pictures of my young son on the internet, more specifically on Facebook, they immediately lost all interest in doing anything with my son."

"We also missed out on some pre-planned programs when it turned out they were not Facebook-worthy photo opportunities."- thadson

What does it accomplish exactly?

"Spitting constantly."

"I'm not talking about the spittle involuntarily released while talking. even though that could be pretty bad with some people as well."

"It is the constant need of some people to spit saliva on the ground every 5 seconds for no apparent reason besides having the habit."- thadson

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Not everyone is cut out for life in the fast lane...

"People who drive slowly on the passing lane."

Just why?"- gabiflakes

Who do they think they're fooling?

"YouTube music reaction videos where some supposed expert pretends to have never seen."

"Famous person here in same instrument that they play."

"Things like 'professional jazz drummer hear's Neil Peart for the first time'."


"No pro drummer, in ANY genre, hasn't heard Peart."

"So then I get to watch a video where some guy pauses every three seconds to stare eyes-open, hand over mouth, as if he's never heard Tom Sawyer."

"This is just an example; there are more, and not just in music."- Bageezax

Finger lickin' good... but not everyone needs to know!

"People who lick their fingers after eating and do that suction sound after they have finished giving hardcore fellatio to their digits."- SeanConneryIsMaclean

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Seriously, manners people!

"Any adult that slurps the end of their drink with a straw."

"Have you seen the Subaru commercial where the granddaughter drives Grandma home?"

"Grandma gets a milkshake and slurps the last drop through the straw, it makes me so angry I dream about punching that gma in the face."- backtobaker

If I could just but in for a minute...."

"People who are constantly interrupting other people's conversations."

"It's especially annoying when they are sitting there listening to the conversation, and then jump in and interrupt everybody and start talking about some completely different subject."- B4thestorm61

Get a rug!

"Loud upstairs neighbors."

"I’ve lived under people who were relatively quiet, so it’s possible."- -devils-avocado

Is it really that difficult?

"Not putting the shopping cart back!"- TheUlfhedin

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How can it be that the people responsible for these infuriating habits aren't remotely aware of them?

Perhaps because they're thinking of themselves, and no one else.

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