Annoyed People Share The Most Frustrating Thing They See People Commonly Do.

Does someone you know have a bad habit that just drives you bonkers? Maybe it's your brother-in-law, or Janice from accounting. In any case, there are tons of pet peeves that annoy people.

Here are some of the ones as reported by people on Reddit. Enjoy!


Many thanks to all the Redditors who responded. Check out more answers from the source at the end of this article!

1. I hate it when people brag about helping other people. It seems like they cheapen the act by making sure that you know what they did. I am glad, at least, that they are helping people, but I think they do it to feel like they are better than everyone else.


2. Throwing fast food out of the car.

Not too long ago I was behind an old Focus at a red light, the passenger door opens and out drops a fast food bag right in the middle of the road. I drove beside them and confronted them about it. The scum are so arrogant that they actually argued back, how can you argue when you're clearly in the wrong?


3. Chewing with the mouth open. It makes me want to smack them in their mouth.


4. Not shower... The freedom of University and college is nasty... so it's a choice between smelling good and getting 5 mins of sleep. It gets worse as these people spray themselves with cheap perfume/body spray, smelling like garbage soaked flowers or sporty skunks.

And I have to stand by them in an overcrowded bus.


5. Listening to music without public.


6. Adding songs released after January 1st, 2000 to a '90s playlist.


7. When people walk onto an elevator before letting other people walk off...


8. Talk to me when I'm reading or have headphones on.


9. Coughing without covering their mouths.


10. I saw a lady pick her eye crust and then eat it once.


11. Piss all over the toilet seat.


12. I work in retail and I hate it when I say hello to a customer and they completely blank you. Not even a small nod in my direction. Also shouting for an employee to help them when they are at the other side of the store.


13. Lack of spatial awareness. Some people seem to have no idea they're blocking a pathway when they decide to suddenly stop and take out their phone in the middle of a busy street.


14. When people don't pick up after their dogs.


15. My old roommate would always forget to put the cap back on his toothpaste. Like who does that?


16. People licking their phone to clean it.


17. Number 1 thing - tossing cig butts out the car window. Infuriating!


18. Not bothering to put on deodorant. It's not expensive at all and it takes like 5 seconds to scrub it into your dirty old pits, there's no reason to not put it on.


19. Job boards that force you to re-type your resume. And refuse to move forward until 100% of the questions are filled in. Screw those companies.


20. You ever just glance in people's cars in crowded parking lots? Sooo many people are content to just sit in literal trash baked in a hot sun for an hour a day.

You don't need to armor all it, and we've each had our share of fries while driving. But throw that stuff out!!


21. People throwing things in the street instead of a bin.


22. Clip their toe nails at work.


23. Not saying thank you when you hold the door for them. Extra points if you held the door and let them pass first. Like, what am I, your butler?


24. People that sit in fast food restaurants and face time with other people with their volume all the way up and being loud. I don't want to hear that stuff.


25. Lick their fingers to turn a page.


26. Singing very quietly over the radio where I can barely hear it but can't get it out of the back of my head.


27. Guy at work picks his nose and eats it while we're all sitting around the break table.


28. Turn up late without telling you they are going to be late. Or grossly exaggerate how close they are. I mean just tell me you're 15 minutes away and not around the corner!


29. When people make the "mm mm mmm" sound when eating. Shut up, if it's that good, just say so after you swallow.


30. Being unnecessarily rude to strangers. Seriously. You have NO IDEA what someone's day has been like; and you're going to take this opportunity to be a decent human being and piss all over it because someone forgot to put pickles on your burger?

I do see the slight irony in judging people for judging people; but I just can't wrap my brain around being a dick when someone messes up or does something that otherwise annoys you.


31. When everybody's tidying up the table or room and there's just one person sitting down on their phone.


32. My girlfriend is a seal leaver. She will open something like sour cream or a can of crisps, but leave the seal hanging on a bit, then replace the lid on top of it. It's annoying at the least.


33. Walking slowly side-by-side with their friends across the sidewalk. Move.


34. Driving carelessly. I can't believe how few people understand how inherently dangerous driving cars is, and then they multiply the risks by paying minimal attention to the road.



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