There are a lot of different species of animals—most of which are insects—on this planet.

Primates—specifically hominins which includes chimpanzees and humans—ended up top dogs.

But what if we didn't? What other species could take on the role?

Maybe one of them would do a better job of managing the planet than humans have.

Redditor EmperorOfDankness asked:

"If you had to hand over this planet to a different species of animal for them to rule over it, what would you choose?"

Feline Overlords

"House cats. They're taking over the world anyway. Might as well get on their good side while I can."


"Same. They are much more intelligent than we think."



Good Bois

"Dogs, especially golden retrievers. They would call everyone 'hey buddy!' and the world would be peaceful again."


"This is the correct answer, a dog ruled society would be a uptopia of love empathy and cuddles. There would also be a fair amount of normalized poo-eating, no vacuums, and almost certainly waaaaay too much public acceptance of deeeeep up close crotch sniffing, but it would be a small price to pay."



World's Largest—And Chillest—Rodents



"Capybaras. They get along with every animal."



Corvid Kings

"Crows, I love their intelligence, plus they look cool. I’m genuinely hoping they wind up becoming the next intelligent species on earth."


"'Sorry boss, I'm going to be late for work this morning, there's a murder at the bus stop again.'"



Division Of Labor

"I'd let octopuses rule the seas, elephants rule the land, and crows rule the skies."


"I argue we they should get full control of the planet."

"Birds are dumb as hell, don't let their nut dropping antics fool you. And like, do you really want to be ruled over by something big and threatening and thrice your size? Octopodes are small and squishy and very smart and already have an alliance formed with the squids for this precise contingency."



Endangered Species

"I’d love to see the endangered or hunted species of a given area become the ruler of that specific place. So-nutria & gators in Louisiana, wolves & cattle in the Midwest, tigers & pangolins & sharks & antelope & rhinos & dogs & bears & fox & etc etc etc in China…ex like that. I like poetic justice."



Formidable Formicidae

"Ants, if they could reach our level of intelligence in combination with their coordination could make a powerful civilization."



"The ant is one of the world's strongest creatures in relation to its size. A single ant can carry 50 times its own bodyweight, and they'll even work together to move bigger objects as a group! Ants carry leaves and twigs back to their nests!"



Floofy Kitties

"Snow leopards. I trust they would do a good job."



It's About Time

"Crocodiles. They've survived hundreds of millions of years. It should be their turn."



Seems Fitting

"Dung Beetles, they will take care of all the sh*t we have caused."



Maybe we should give a few of these animals the chance to be in charge.

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