People Explain Which Animals Get An Undeserving Amount Of Hatred

So many animals are only dangerous because of their need for survival or hunger.

Humans make the relationship with the animal kingdom worse.

Is there no way to co-exist?

One Redditor wanted to discuss aspects of the animal kingdom.

They asked:

"Which animal gets undeserving hate?"

Tigers and lions. Have you seen the videos of the tigers and lions who have bonded with their human? It's possible.

Bless You

bat flying GIF by eve_agramGiphy

"Bats. They eat billions of insects. You should be thanking them."


Flying Goths

"Vultures, eating dead bodies might seem ugly to some but other animals do the same thing but also murder them so how is just finding something that’s already dead and eating that worse, also eating a carcass removes deadly diseases like botulism from the environment."


"I always show my appreciation to the local goth turkeys."


The Yeeted

"Blob Fish... they just get yeeted out of the water and the massive pressure difference makes them look 'strange.' Kinda rude I guess. Like if we get yeeted into space and Aliens would laugh at our disfigured forms and print T-Shirts of it."


"I think I read somewhere that the pressure change causes their cells to explode and that’s why they look so horrific after being pulled out of the water. Dunno how factual that is."


Not the Villain

"Hyenas, partially because a whole generation grew up watching them help kill Mufasa lol."


"They’re awesome. They have a unique matriarchal society and they’re pretty smart, as well as tougher than hell. Wouldn’t want to smell their breath though."


"I've seen people arguing this before but people hate hated hyenas years before the lion king came out. They were constantly used in folklore as villains and opportunist and were often considered unlucky in most african cultures."Eaglekingoftheskies

Back Up

earth skunk GIF by Lil DickyGiphy

"Skunks are cute, man. Just give them space."


Skunks? Um... from afar, they're cute. But stay away...


homer simpson crow GIFGiphy

"Crows. Yes, I understand the caws can be annoying, but they're far more intelligent than a lot of people give them credit for."



"Possums! They eat pests and won't typically bother you unless rabid or provoked."


"Quick reminder then you need to specify which kind of possum, because not everyone here is from America. There a lots of possums here in Australia but they are completely different from the American kind in temperament! Only annoyance with possums here is if they get into your roof. Meanwhile in New Zealand, possums are ALWAYS a pest."


Bad Movie Vibes



"The guy who wrote Jaws ended up writing another book explaining how misunderstood sharks are. Because the movie Jaws scared everyone, and fishermen began to hunt sharks, making them endangered."


"I was gonna say this! They're not bad guys they are just doing shark stuff! It's the freakin' dolphin types you gotta watch out for. Orcas will kill for fun. A shark is just trying to eat and don't see that well."


Powerful Babies

"Black Cats.They aren't evil and they don't bring bad luck."


"It's a frequent mistake, but black cats actually bring good luck and blessings from The Void!

"Be sure to tell all your friends. If we work together to insist that black cats are good luck, we can help turn over the discrimination. Also, I have proof that they are good luck - whenever I see a black cat I become happy. Coincidence? I think not!!"



frog michigan GIFGiphy

"Frogs. They eat the mosquitoes and other bugs you don’t like."


So many animals need some PR help.

Which ones would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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