People Who Survived Animal Encounters Reveal What Happened To Them In The Wild

Mother nature can be a scary lady, especially with her most ferocious creatures roaming the Earth. We can all imagine a horrific close encounter with a wild beast and how intense it would be. What would you do if you were face to face with a bear or a lion? Would you even know what to do?

franksNbeans69420 asks:

People who have survived a dangerous wild animal attack what is your story?

Be careful in the water...

I was mistakenly bitten by a lamprey eel when I was five. They aren't really that dangerous to humans, but to a tiny five year old in open water they can be extremely dangerous. I freaked out, it freaked out, and I fell and twisted my ankle and ended up past a drop-off in the river and nearly drowned. Still have small, weird scar on my thigh a crippling fear of natural water. My sister was supposed to be watching me and all I remember is her and her friends pointing and laughing while I tried to keep my head above water. My sister is still grounded and she's in her forties.

Watch out for the Moose

I was following a moose after school one day in Canada. It kept looking back at me but I thought I was far enough back that it wasn't bothering her...

Then she stopped, turned and ran full speed at me.

I froze and my thought was to not run. So I literally leaned ever so slowly forward. That is literally all I could muster in the 0.05 seconds I had to think.

It was enough though and about a meter in front of me she veered to the right and ran into the Bush.

I turned and ran home. My dad laughed at me and said "That's what you get for following too close."

It's also how I got my game handle and reddit name!!

Moose are now my spirit animal.

Tiny but mighty

Not really a dangerous animal. I have lost count on how many times I have been stung by scorpions. My dads house(the house I grew up in) is infested with scorpions. The worst was when I woke up to a sting and immediately woke up and freaked out. It stung me like 10 times in a matter of seconds and even worse, it was a momma with a ton of babies on it. Imagine ants being all over you except a bunch of baby devil lobsters.

Don't mess with a pigs food

Almost had my ankles broken by a hungry pig a few years back on a farm. I was warned by my boss not to be even a few minutes late feeding him, and his wife promptly lifted her skirt to the knees to show me this horrible, roped scar that was nearly a foot long. Apparently that was how they learned he was potentially deadly... but they ran a rescue farm for unwanted animals. So.

Birds are vicious


I grew up on a farm and when I was a kid the neighbors were chasing the hens around a pen and for some reason one of them decided to throw a rock at one of them, and when he did I was the first thing the hen saw so ofc it attacked me. It flew up in the air and dragged it's claws from the top of my head down towards my jawline. I'll be honest it hurt so much that I blacked out and have absolutely no recollection of the pain but I still have the scars on my face.

Who knew Seaworld was so dangerous

was bit by a whale at seaworld fl. paid to have the whale encounter where you are part of the show. son and i were sitting on the ledge giving commands and WHAM, grabbed my foot and tried to swim off with me. was lucky to have a hold of the ledge, and he grabbed my foot top and bottom but not past the ankle. ripped my foot from his mouth and noped out of the rest of the experience while ever so calmly requesting my son to also remove himself from the pool (at the top of my lungs, with poorly chosen words for his 10 year old ears) was not in any way acknowledged by seaworld, fun fact...they will take pics for you from the audience, some shots seemed to be missing. happened. when we met up with my wife later and my son told her what happened, she looked me up and down, nodded and said "yup, seems about right", i love that woman's sense of humor.

Bison on the loose!

Returning from breakfast at a lodge in Yellowstone, my son and I came upon a man who was photographing a bison that was walking through the parking lot. We decided to take a closer look ourselves. While my son was beholding the beast, park workers walking on the other side of the lot suggested we give the animal a little more room. I thought that was reasonable. As I turned back to gather my son, I saw that I was too late. He was running directly for me with the bison in pursuit. Not thinking, I started running directly for him. The bison intercepted before I did. It lowered its horn and ripped a hole in his T-shirt and gave him a nasty abrasion on his back. Fortunately my son was short enough and light enough to avoid being hooked and thrown. It was then that I grabbed him and immediately turned right. Chance would have it that someone left a cabin door open. I ran past the beds and into the bathroom, expecting our friend to follow. After hearing nothing for a minute or so, I cracked the bathroom door open only to find Buff still on station. He eventually decided to wander off. We then had the opportunity of meeting most of the smoky-bear-hat-wearing Rangers within a mile of us. My son's sense of humor didn't return for quite some time.

Sneaky snakes

I think it was three summers ago; I was mowing the lawn with the ride on mower, I was doing my normal laps cutting the grass. We have the original North Carolina intercostal waterway going through my backyard, so there are plenty of marine life gong through it.

I always get leery when getting close to the drop-off where the water is, since we have snakes. At one lap, I see this black thing in the grass that I don't remember seeing the lap before this. When I get closer, it shoots up, and I realize then what it was. A Water Moccasin. It raised its head high, and I froze like a deer in headlights. The problem now is that I'm cruising right at it on the mower! I freaked out and almost jumped off the mower and ran. I jerked the wheel to turn away, and as I was passing him, he darted into the water.

You were asking for it

Does destroying a giant paperwasp nest(size of beachball) count? Then getting chased off as they SWARM you and your buddy? Getting stung repeatedly. No they didn't chase us tooooooo far in the big scheme of things, but at least 200-300 yards. (Upstate NY)

Geese are never nice

I once "adopted" a goose while I was at a holiday resort with chalets that backed onto a lake. Friendly enough and always returned to say hello so I decided to let it in the chalet. It went absolutely berserk and wrecked absolutely everything, broke two of my fingers and gave me a lifelong fear of geese.

Those hogs are tough

I was in Texas visiting family at one of their ranches out in the country. I had brought a couple rifles because I knew I'd be there for a couple weeks, and brought my M16 to let my cousin shoot it and get a feel for full auto.

Well, he and I were riding out into the boonies to go shooting, and almost as soon as we dismounted a couple of bull hogs came charging out of the undergrowth. His horse panicked, and that seemed to only encourage the hogs. They closed extremely fast, and so I just brought up my rifle and put an admittedly terrible burst across their noses. I hit at least one because there was a blood trail, but it was enough to get them to break their charge and let us go try and find his horse

No one was expecting to hear this one

A couple years ago I was camping in the Tongass national forest in Alaska. So what happend was that I went kyaking in a river, and I was rowing past a spot where salmon were jumping over. Well, I was being dumb and thought I could go past them, but ended up getting hit by a big a** salmon and breaking my nose. It was supposed to be a 3 week long trip, but got cut short a couple days in because of the attack.

Can you imagine being eaten by a wolf?

Was backpacking with my dad and cousins as a kid probably 12 or so. I was slowing them down and it was starting to get dark, so they said they were gonna run ahead and set up camp. I didn't mind, I was stopping every 20 feet to pick berries. They were everywhere and delicious. Across a nearby river I see some wolves running by. Then I see one cross the river 50 meters or so down stream. I practically s* myself and shimmied up the nearest tree. The wolves found me in the tree and didn't do much. Just kinda hung out there. Eventually my dad and cousins came back for me, and the sounds and flashlights scared the wolves off.

I want to suck your blood

yeah a bat flew into my hood, I reacted well

I would not want to cross an elephant

Was on vacation in Kerala, India. Driving to the hotel, saw a bunch of wild elephants at a watering hole near the side of the highway, stopped the car for pics. Stupid move, one ajuvenile elephant f charged us. Thankfully it was f** with us and stopped at the edge of the road. It was starting to get worked up and was right about to charge us again when the driver finally started the car and we got out of there. Next morning newspapers mentioned how a couple guys in a truck got killed by an elephant at the same spot.

A pack of anything is bad news

We got out of the car and immediately fam friend is like everyone don't move. Turns out, a pack of about 10 coyotes had us surrounded. One (the alpha I assume) walked up to my mom and I and was within a foot or so. We all stood completely still for a few minutes until they left. Not sure what they would have done if we had tried walking inside the house.

That time you almost lost your leg

When I was a scrawny kid i was attacked by a pack of coyotes while walking around my grandparents property.

I must have walked up on a recent kill of theirs or maybe their den cause coyotes never attack people but these one did.

I got a hold of a big stick and started teeing off on these a* and know for a fact that to took one of their eyes out before they gave up. I don't know if they gave up cause i scared them off or if the battle dragged on enough that we were no longer near what they were defending but they eventually stopped attacking.

Went home and got stitches and shots and still have a couple scars on my legs today.

These little guys can really get around...

Wild boar, had to climb a tree and it was trying to climb up also, the crazy porker actually trashed a nearby field also.

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