Angry People Share The Annoying Ways People Always Win Arguments

Angry People Share The Annoying Ways People Always Win Arguments

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Why can't we all just get along? Or at the very least can we have some civil discourse -- not a round of "anything you can do I can do better" through words. Congratulations, you're smart and pretty and so darn great. WE KNOW! And deep down I must admit, I'm actually in awe of those who can manipulate so deftly. It's an art.

Redditor _stereovictrola wanted to know the secrets people use in certain situations by inquiring _What is the most annoying "card" people play to try to "win" an argument with you?


"My __! I know what I'm talking about."

Absolutely not. Co-worker was pissing brown and had severe back pain. Another co-worker was saying it was no big deal and that he was just dehydrated. I was trying to get him to go to the ER. After a day of nagging he did and come to find out he was going into Renal Failure. He had worked out so hard the day before that the proteins breaking down in his muscles were clogging his kidneys and killing him.

Told her to keep her mouth shut unless she knows what she's talking about."Well, my brother's an army medic..."


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Reminds me of a kid I worked with who was studying criminal justice in college. Heard him say to his other friend (while talking about smoking weed in the car) "Dude if we ever get pulled over, I got you, I'm studying criminal justice so I know my stuff."

As if an ACTUAL COP is gonna be like "oh boys we got a criminal justice student over here he's exposing us!!! we're not allowed to do anything!"


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Just completely denying what they were very obviously doing just a second ago.

I went to a festival and there was a dog that was running around in a party tent. The dog belonged to the owners and was very friendly. The dog had a VIP tag around his neck and some dude tried "discretely" taking it off by petting the dog and trying to work the VIP tag off his neck. I saw him and told him to cut it out and he denied he was doing it. I just saw you! Are you a 5 year old that was caught with a cookie in your hand and crumbs on your face?!


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A guy I knew would say, "Yeah, well ... you don't know grits from granola!"

Then he'd walk away with a smile of self-satisfaction, completely dismissing all that had been discussed.


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Talking louder makes you right.


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Finding the exception that proves the rule.

You say something like "iPhones are made in China" and they scour the internet for some source that one particular model was made in Taiwan or something, as if that somehow invalidates your entire argument.


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Saying you should "do your research" as if it's a winning argument when they obviously don't have a clue what they're talking about.


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My grandma on facebook...

"According to the internet..."

As if it was some singular monolithic entity...


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"You always want to be right. "

"Sure honey, you're definitely 100% right like always"


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I don't know what the term would be. When you finish a statement, they turn and laugh lightly, and say whatever. I know that means I win, but it god damn sure doesn't feel like it.


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If I complain about a minor thing like someone leaving the lights on, they tend to go _"well at least I'm not getting upset over LIGHTS, there are bigger things to worry about" _like yes true but can you turn the lights off and stop acting like you are superior because apparently don't complain about minor things ever in your life??


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I grew up with a hardcore narcissist for a parent. I've seen enough "cards" pulled to fill a deck. Someone already mentioned the showing emotions invalidating the entire argument thing, so I'll toss out another equally as hated tactic.

"You did not use a direct quote of something I said---you said that I said 'You are the worst' but I said 'you're' not 'you are'---therefore you are incapable of remembering facts properly. This makes you both incorrect, biased, and a liar, so I will no longer have this argument with you."

I am almost too enraged to write that out. One small mistake does not invalidate what I am saying or feeling. This is made even worse when the person you are arguing with is allowed to be wrong, but, unless you're absolutely flawless in everything that you do, you have no _"right" _to argue.


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My boss love bringing up he went to college whenever we propose a solution to a problem that directly effects our way of work. We laid out a step by step plan to avoid work place accidents and he brought up a paper he did in college on the subject where he concluded that its not safer. We had been doing it for months before bringing it to him for approval and got other supervisors to agree it was a good plan. This happens whenever "hourly" workers suggest something....


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As soon as they realize they won't win an argument they bring up something I did wrong in the past that has nothing to do with what's being discussed. At that point it's not about winning the argument at hand, it's about just winning something because they can't handle being wrong. That annoys me.


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The straw man. Basically they grossly misinterpret your point, transform it into a weaker point, and proceed to defeat the weaker point while claiming they defeated the original point. It's complete intellectual cowardice.


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Pot of greed to try to summon two more counter arguments when their other ones have been proven wrong.


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I don't know what to call it but the "how dare you insinuate I did something wrong despite all the clear evidence showing I did something. I'm a literal angel who cannot do anything wrong so how dare you even suggest I could possibly do anything bad. I'm not the bad guy here. You're the bad guy for even thinking anything wrong of me. I am incapable of doing anything bad and for you to suggest otherwise shows how much of an abusive a**hole you really are." Whatever card you call that. The perfect angel card or something I guess.


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Personal attacks, especially online. People know no limits.


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Shifting the goalposts to a new argument without acknowledging that's what they're doing.

We can take up a new argument once the first one's been settled.


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I had an ex that would immediately go to "WELL i'M SORRY i'M SUCH A F**K UP, AND YOU HATE ME!" Any time I brought up something I was unhappy with in our relationship which made it impossible for me to bring up anything I was unhappy with.

Me "Hey, I'm not happy that I do the cooking every single night."

Her "Well I'm sorry I'm such a stupid idiot who doesn't know how to make anything. I hate myself"

Then I had to console her, and keep cooking every night. Totally unfair.

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