The internet can be a freaky place, but sometimes you come across something so wholesome and pure that it can't help but ignite a feeling of universal joy in its wake.

Nilson Izaias is a 73-year-old senior citizen who likes to post videos to his own YouTube channel about the simple things: like flowers and fruits in his garden. In December, he decided to write down the names of his subscribers in a notebook and thank them individually.

That decision gave us charming material like this:

Agradecendo alguns amigos e amigas

Now, if thanking all of those subscribers sounds like an enormous undertaking, consider that he had just 1,862 followers.

Then, imagine that number ballooning exponentially: As of this writing, Izaias has 1,530,261 followers, because people can't get enough of the sweet little old man putting on his glasses and reading out the names of his subscribers from his handy dandy composition notebook.


Did Izaias ever expect to gain such a huge following as a result? Probably not.

AGRADECENDO alguns amigos

He's also become a hit on Twitter...

...and you don't need to be able to read Portuguese to feel all the love in the air.

Just one of the sentiments: "You are the most precious thing in the world."

"I'm here reading your tweets, my friends and loved ones," Izaias wrote at one point.

"I'm famous!" he wrote in another tweet, adding that he never expected to experience a moment like this at 73.

Is this the cutest thing on the internet right now?

Quite possibly.

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