Amused People Share Their Most Thrilling 'No Time To Explain, Let's Go!' Stories

Life is more fun when you throw in an epic movie line every once in a while.

These Redditors shared the moments when time was of the essence, or at least they thought so. Enjoy!

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A few years back my brother pulled up to my house with a paintball gun and told me to get in. He hands me the gun and says "you'll know when to shoot." We go on a short drive to a corner where some kids began to egg his truck...I knew when to shoot.


I was in high school, and my friend came running up to me and said, "No time to explain, I need your shoes!" I spent the rest of the day walking around the school in socks and some makeshift shoes made out of a cardboard box.

I later found out that the reason why my friend needed my shoes was so that he could participate in his chem lab class and not fail due to his not wearing shoes.


One Friday morning before school, we woke up to my mom and dad throwing suitcases and toiletries into the minivan, a little panicked. Instead of yelling at me and my four brothers to go and get ready for school, they told us to get dressed, brush our teeth and get in the car.

We began panicking, too. All five siblings got ready in less than five minutes in complete, frightened silence. When we all get in the car, Mom and Dad turn to us and say: "You all have to be quiet until we're out of town." Silence from 5 boys--ages 9-16--for almost a half hour. We were all scared out of our minds.

Finally, we hit the freeway and Mom turns around with a sly grin. "Twenty bucks to whoever can guess where we're going."

The jerks were taking us to Disneyland. We didn't believe them until we saw the Matterhorn eight hours later.

I guess they DID have time to explain but apparently we took too long getting ready otherwise.


I have an agreement with a friend of mine that if one of us calls the other and says "Suit Up!" in a commanding voice, then the other will come quickly and in a suit. It's good fun. Usually it leads to a night of good, innocent fun.


Me and my friend are heading to Sonic for lunch.

Suddenly he screams, "PULL OVER!" Pointing across the road, and across two lanes of traffic.


"No time to explain, GO!"

So I hit the gas and barely avoid getting creamed. Across the way I see what he noticed first, a man holding down a woman in the dirt near the ditch beside the road and striking her. We start to get out, he sees us, lets her go and gets in his car.

A moment later another car pulls up and some older women swarm over the struck woman as he begins to drive away.

We hop in our car and give chase. I hand him my phone, he calls the cops. We end up leading the way on a car chase with officers slowly assembling en mass behind us. Finally we chase him to a house and block the driveway with our car as he gets out and runs behind the house.

Knowing we have no right to chase we let the police take it from there, but we check the car. It had kids in it. The police interviewed us later, told us that the kids belonged to the woman and if we hadn't followed the man, they might not have found the car.

We felt like pretty big heroes that day.

The best part was on the way home we helped a fella with a broken radiator, and in the middle of getting him taken care of, the police called us after they caught him and I got to say this awesome line, "Bro, that was Officer ____, they need us down at the station."

Broken radiator guy was like: "Who are you?"

My friend: "Just your friendly neighborhood Spidermen!"


Got a phone call from my little sister one evening and when I picked up the phone she was clearly running and out of breath, I could just make out her saying "OPEN THE FRONT DOOR" before the line went dead. So I ran to the front door picking up the heaviest thing I could find along the way (it was a climbing helmet btw), wrenched the door open and moved out the way just in time to see her bolting into the house past me.

I slam the door and wait for her to catch her breath.

"There was a GIANT pheasant chasing me all the way from Tesco!" 

"Don't worry ma'am, I've got this" - with that, I donned the climbing helmet, and told her to call the police if I wasn't back in 5 minutes.


My school's archaeology crew and I were stuck in La Paz, Bolivia because of civil unrest that cut the roads leading to our dig site. We had been hanging out in La Paz for two weeks, trying to stay as warm as possible, and waiting for any opening in the demonstrations. 

The Bolivian army fired into a crowd, killing several demonstrators, and both sides call a truce for 24 hours. That morning our professor ran in to our rented apartment and yelled for us to grab all our gear, saying we have five minutes to leave. We had no idea what was going on, the prof took the next mini-bus out of there, and my poor Spanish skills meant I couldn't ask questions of my fellow passengers.

We boarded one of the first mini-buses out of La Paz and head out to the altiplano. On the road we passed huge road blocks, burning tires, piles of broken glass, and various debris with just enough room for a small car to make it through. The road blocks resumed that night, we made it far enough to hike the remaining 12 hours to the site next day, and then we started digging.


I was doing some bodywork on a Cessna 350 when my buddy comes running into the shop with his eyes nearly bugging out of his head:

Friend: Dude! C'mon, follow me!

Me: What is it? I'm busy.

Friend: Just come here! (gesturing wildly for me to follow)

Me: I have to finish this work, is it important?

Friend: (losing patience in all of his excitement) Just follow me! It's important!

Me: I'm not going unless you tell me what it is first.


Turns out it was somebody's birthday at work and there was free cake in the break room. Good thing my friend knew what to do.


My dad and my young sister had the brilliant idea of lighting cheap fireworks from our front porch one drunken 4th of July. Of course, one backfired and when the smoke cleared, my dad was laying his body over my sister. 

My mom saw what happened and said "Oh that's amazing! In a state of panic, you instinctively protected your daughter!" Then my dad laughed and said "No, I was trying to get back in the house and she wasn't moving quick enough so I pushed her to the ground and then I tripped."


Walking home from playing football in the park and my Dad, aggressively speeding down the road in his car, brakes hard next to me. He looks enraged and my little brother (about 10 at the time) is crying in the car. Dad says sternly, 'Get in.' I roll with it and he speeds around the park looking attentively out the window. 

My little brother points at a group of lads, maybe 16-17 years old. One of them is running with my little brother's glasses. My Dad jumps out the car, rugby tackling the lad to the floor (My dad is huge) and the lads look petrified. My dad absolutely screams at them in fury for about 5 minutes, after that he gets back in the car and then we go to McDonalds.


My brother is 11 years older than me and stayed with my dad when my 'rents divorced, so I never really got to live with him when we were young. When I was about 14, he barged into my room at 4 am and told me to "Pack your stuff for 4 days. Our flight leaves in 2 hours."

Soon after I was on a plane. Turns out, he had planned us a trip to Colorado to go snowboarding and told no one but my Mom... 1 hour before he told me.


This happened back when I was 16-17. Was hanging late one night at an out of the way basketball court with 3 of my very attractive female friends. We were just shooting some hoops and talking when someone suggested a game of Strip Basketball. The three girls wanted to be on a team together, so they told me I could go choose anyone I wanted for my second. 

Naturally, I bolted for my high school basketball team captain's house. Pounded on his door at 10 pm, sweating and out of breath and said, "No time to explain, let's go."

I didn't know him very well, and he had no reason to go with me, but we were both happy he did. The girls weren't happy with my choice, but they kept their word and we got a pretty awesome show.


I was checking the battery under my hood, and managed to splash battery acid in my eye. I had three friends in the car. I told the girl in the back seat to give me the jug of water that was next to her. NOW!

She just sat there and glared at me with an "I'm not taking orders from you" look.


It was the middle of the night on a road trip with a friend. She's a city mouse, I'm country. I was driving, she was sleeping, and I started to get sleepy. So I pulled off the highway onto a barely paved road and followed it for a while until I found a wide shoulder to pull off. I parked and we got out so she could have a cigarette. 

There were loads of stars and we leaned against the car having one of those hushed middle of the night conversations. Then I heard rustling in the woods 8 feet from us. At first I ignored it, but then I realized there was a pattern. I'd hear it at the 10 position, then at 2, then back to 10. It was more than one thing making the rustling noise. And they were getting closer. And I realized something was hunting us. So I put on my movie voice and told her "Get in the car." Her eyes got wide and she hopped in really quick. 

I jumped in and we took off back to the highway. She turned to me and asked "Was it an axe murderer or something?" I told her no, it was probably wolves. And she got mad at me for scaring her, she didn't see how wild animals stalking us could possibly be dangerous.


My friend runs up to me: "Grab a tarantula, a drum set and a mannequin and meet me at Bill's house!" Then he runs off somewhere.

"But where do I find those things? A drumset? What the heck man?!"

Annnd it hit me that he was doing a quote from the show Kenan and Kel. This was the 90s.


Not sure if this counts, but I was in high school and saw an attractive girl waiting for the bus. Being me and knowing I would just awkward all over myself if I tried things the normal way, I got on my best panicked face, ran up to her, and said, "Quick, quick! There's no time! I need your phone number!"

She blurted it out, I actually kept it my head until I could get it down on paper, and called her that night. Thankfully she forgave me for my ridiculousness, and we've been together for 13 years.


A girl I liked: "Pull the car over." 

Then we made out. The end.


I was at a house party over the summer that started going a bit south. So, my friend and I decided to just get in the car and drive home. We got to the car and were waiting for the third guy in our group when a very, very drunk guy came up with his red solo cup of beer. We were friendly to him, asked him what he was drinking and all. He decided the best reaction to this was to throw the beer at me while I sat in the car. After this happened I noticed a group of about 7 or 8 more drunk people ambling towards the car. They did not look happy. My friend decided the best response to this was to go to the back of his car, grab his shotgun and two shells. I'm thinking, "This can't be good..."

He stood next to his car with the drunken mob slowly approaching, and yelled at them once, "get away from my car!" while loading the shells. They did not stop. He fired once into the air away from them, cocked the gun, and said again, "get away from my car." About 1/3 left after that so he fired once more and the rest scattered. He had just fired a gun at a house party, TWICE. "oh crap, oh crap, oh crap." Our other friend then came out of the house screaming. "No time to explain, let's go!" We never went back to that house.


Without getting into much details, a guy I know got kidnapped. One night, I answered a call on his boyfriend's cellphone, while I was waiting on witnesses to call us. It was him. Got up, started running and told his boyfriend to follow me and that I had no time to explain right now. We had to go and save him... I filled him in on the way.

We found him and got him back to safety.


I was at a sporting event with some friends (wow it was 10 years ago. Now I feel old). The bleachers were metal benches on concrete and set up amphitheater style, going down a hill and all the concessions and bathrooms on the top of the hill behind us. It's about half time and I'm thirsty. I also see that it's starting to cloud up. I tell my friends I'm gonna go grab a drink and be right back.

I walk to the top of the stairs and I see the biggest, nastiest thunder cloud I have ever seen and it's about to let out a maelstrom right on top of us. I hauled it down the stairs, grab the friend closest to the aisle and yell, "We gotta go!" It takes a second for it to register but everyone grabs their important belongings and then follows me up the stairs, across the food court and into the bathroom. Suddenly the temperature drops by at least 10 degrees, the wind gusts (the last friend in almost lost her hat). Seconds later we hear a huge CLANG on the tin roof of the bathroom. And then another and another. Then out the door we see golf ball to orange sized hail every where.


Went to a bar w/some friends and my parents in my hometown for my 21st birthday. It turns into a good 6 hours of drinking. I went to the bathroom and while closing the lid after finishing, the entire bottom of the bowl SHATTERS. I was inebriated for my first time in said bar, and unable to fully process what had happened, went back to my table and urged my friends and family very loudly that we needed to leave.

"No, I don't think you understand. I DESTROYED A TOILET LET'S GO."


Camping at a friend's house with my wife. He had a glorious stretch of land and we had a tent, a nice little campfire and had just finished dinner with leftovers sitting on the "grill." We hear coyote howls about a mile off and think with the smell of food in the air, maybe we should pack up and head back to his house for the night. He'd brought his antique military jeep that had no suspension to carry the gear and in case we needed emergency transportation back to the house.

In the middle of packing he screams "Get in the car, NOW!"

I hop in the passenger seat the same time he gets in the driver's side. The jeep starts moving as I swing out and pick up my wife with one arm and slap her down on my lap. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention she's blind.

Driving down an extremely bumpy dirt road with no suspension at 30 miles an hour. All that I could think of was the scene in Jurassic Park where the dude in the back is saying "Must. Go. Faster."

The coyotes were chasing us.

We rolled up to the house. I guess they didn't like the lights or the smell of civilization and left.

The next morning, they had gone through the entire camp and paw prints were everywhere. Turns out my friend had seen a pack of shiny eyes charging us the previous night.

We were lucky.


I own a skate shop and it was also a popular hang out for skater kids. I was off one day and I get a call from an ecstatic skate kid that sounded in panic saying "Get to the shop now!" Click. I rush down there, and two minutes after I arrive, Anthony Keidis (from the Red Hot Chili Peppers) walks in. One of the kids had run into him in town and convinced him to come into the shop. 

All the skater kids are in my shop behind the counter with my employee pretending to work on things, put skateboards together, etc. It was hilarious to see them try to act naturally, and we all got to have a good conversation with Anthony Keidis about skating, paddleboarding and kiteboarding and he signed a girl's skate deck for our "Wall of Fame" that I still have. He's been back every year since then and is a regular customer. This past summer I delivered paddleboards out to his vacation home.


When I was about 13, my buddy and I rode our bikes to the local KMart to be bored obnoxious teenagers. Tossed some Nerf footballs over the aisles, ran around, mocked things.

Then I thought it would be funny to spray my buddy with the perfume sample. He didn't think it was funny at all, and started chasing me. I ran and hid, and the hunt was on.

Using his finest ninja skills, he snuck around until he saw me, crouched down in the hardware aisle. He crept up behind me, put his butt right next to my head, and let rip. He turned around to gloat and... it wasn't me. Just some poor schmuck looking at hammers.

The next thing I know, he runs by me, "We gotta go, we gotta go, we gotta go!"


I work security and I get a call in my office from the operator saying "Some kids just stole some coffee dispensers (about 90 bucks a unit) from the lobby and flipped us off as they left." I turned to another officer and just said "C'mon, we gotta go" and we bolted to the lobby and then out to the parking lot. They had gotten in to a car and we got in front of them and stopped them. It was like four 16 year old kids or something. We made them talk to the cops and wasted their time and got the coffee pots back. If I had explained first we probably wouldn't have got the kids.


I was a freshman in high school. I was at this under-18 club (don't juuuuudge me) with a couple of girls, just kinda hanging out. I was still new to women, so I was fairly oblivious to the fact that they both like-liked me.

At one point in the night, Candice suddenly grabs me and says "let's go." I'm a good friend, so I go along with her, thinking we're about to see something cool. She leads me outside, all the while I'm asking her where we're going. Every time, she simply replies, "shortcut."

Eventually she leads me to an alleyway and stops. I look around, wondering what the heck we were doing there. I mean, we went all the way around the building, so she has a pretty tenuous grasp on the word "shortcut." As I'm about to ask her what the deal is, she takes a hold of me and starts kissing me. "Cool," I thought. "A girl likes me!"

After a few minutes of this, we go back into the club and don't speak of it again. That was also the last night we really spoke, for about three years. I always thought it was because I was too shy to ask her out. That may have been the case, but, as I learned when she started dating a friend of mine, it was also because I was a pretty bad kisser. I started dating someone long-term after that though, so I did get better.


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