Amused People Share The Best Comeuppance They've Seen Happen To A Spoiled Kid

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I remember watching Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory in school as a child. I remember my classmates being dazzled and fascinated by the wonders of candy creation while I spent half the movie going "nope." First of all, if Grandpa can dance around and march around the chocolate factory, why was he just laying in bed at home? If you can dance and do a whole tour, you could have swept the floor or cooked a meal or something, Gramps. That's shady. I remember side-eyeing the whole boat ride wondering why nobody else thought this was weird.

The worst, though, the absolute worst, was Veruca Salt. I spent the whole movie daydreaming about how much I would LOVE to just kick her in the back of the knee and send her tumbling down the stairs.

I laughed at her fate. Heartily. Without apology. Maybe I was a weird and vindictive child, or maybe I just really needed some justice to happen to the spoiled, privileged, awful person I was watching on screen. Either way, I don't think I'm the only one who took a sense of joy from it. One Reddit user asked:

What was the most epic comeuppance you've ever seen a spoiled kid get?

Directly Into A Rose Bush

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I worked at Taco Bell in HS. At the time, we had kids meals. This kid comes in with his parents and orders a kids meal. Apparently, he had been in recently, and already had that toy. He started screaming at me to get him another toy. His dad looked at me with an absolutely dejected look on his face and begged me to go get the toy. I dug through the new box of toys, and found one. The kid ripped it out of my hands, and ran outside... Directly into a rose bush.

My coworker was legit laying on the ground laughing.

Yes, I Do Know Who Your Mom Is

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I used to work at a pony camp that catered to rich kids from a very nice neighborhood. We would have really spoiled kids all the time. While annoying, the most frustrating part is trying to maintain authority just so the little kids don't get themselves killed by 1,000 lb animals.

Anyways, we had a maybe 10 yr old kid from some mildly famous sportscaster one week. Kid was just downright awful. She ignored everything we told her and was mean to the other kids in camp. At one point she started a physical fight with another girl and when she felt like she was getting beaten she started yelling "Do you know who my mom is?! I'm going to tell her!" The other kid got scared and started crying.

My coworker replied "Actually, I do know your mom and I know she wouldn't like to hear about this. Why don't I call her right now?" Little brat didn't believe her so my coworker did. She was much easier to deal with the rest of the week.

Turns out, my coworker worked with her mom many times over the years. She's a professional makeup artist for tv and did her makeup more than a few times.

Mac N Cheese Kid

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Here at Uconn, they serve special mac n' cheese on certain days, I'm sure lots of schools do it. But our bacon jalapeno mac is pretty damn good.

Well, a certain sophomore from a wealthy family who is used to being bailed out of trouble by his rich parents got drunk and decided he wanted some mac n' cheese. He was clearly intoxicated, and had the balls to walk around the food court drinking beer. The manager sees this and won't let him in the food line. Our boy spends the next 10 minutes mercilessly berating the poor guy and his staff for being beneath him.

The manager gives him so many chances to just walk away, but our boy isn't leaving without his mac. He shoves the manager (not for the first time) and another employee decides he's done with this s***. Hero employee tackles our boy and pins him. Kid spends the next few minutes pinned to the ground while the cops arrive, screams "I'M ABSOLUTELY F******", and is arrested. Not his first arrest, not his first expulsion from a college. From what I hear, he's since been arrested or expelled from another school.

We'll never forget you, Mac N' Cheese kid.

When Nature Fights Back

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Boy Scout camp out in Utah (when Boy Scouts were pretty much run by the Mormon Church). A porcupine walked through our camp and this spoiled rich kid got a stick and chased it up a tree. We all told him to stop. He wouldn't listen. Scout leaders were off doing God knows what at the time.

So this porcupine is up the tree and now the spoiled weenie wants to shoot hard candy at with his wrist rocket. He can't get a clear shot so he climbs up the tree and sits on a branch under the porcupine. Shoots a hard candy at the porcupine and hits it, hard.

It was right then that he learned that when a treed porcupine feels threatened, it just lets go and lets the quills break the fall. The big porcupine fell right onto the spoiled kids shoulder, bounced off, hit his thigh and then landed on the ground. It waddled away and we just laughed at the now howling spoiled kid.

Soccer Cleats

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Used to work childcare at a few different programs like a summer camp, after school program and soccer camp. The town isn't huge, so needless to say over a few years I got to know several kids from different programs. Knowing the kids as well as I do allowed me to set up the best lesson for one spoiled kid.

One 10 year-old boy I knew from the after school program was a total jerk. He was a bully, a snob, didn't think he had to listen, was constantly telling on the other kids for little stuff hoping to get them into trouble (a personal pet peeve of mine) - the kid was just awful. He came to my soccer camp and proceeded to make fun of an 8 year-old girl pretty mercilessly because she had old cleats and was using the group ball. Snotty kid had the newest Nike cleats and a brand new soccer ball with a cool design. He wouldn't leave her alone no matter what any of us adults said. Unfortunately for him, I knew this little girl and I knew that the reason her cleats looked old and worn down is that she was a BEAST. She was just an incredible all around amazing athlete who loved soccer and played for hours every single day.

So I paired them together for a simple drill. In the drill, one person starts with ball and the other is supposed to get past them and kick the ball at stationary cone about 10 yards away. The point is to simulate passing/scoring accurately while under pressure.

He was, of course, angry. He complained that she was too young and just a girl. I told him that if he hit the cone 3 times, he could pick his partner. She agreed without hesitation. He started whining and pointed out her shoes to me again as if that were going to change my mind. When he saw that I wasn't going to give him a more "worthy" opponent, he gave in and played.

**She proceeded to humiliate him over the next few minutes. **

Not once in 5 attempts did she let him even come CLOSE to getting past her. He was LIVID!! At first he bent down and messed with laces as if his magic shoes which he loved so much might be the problem. Then saying he needed to use his ball, not the group ball. Nothing worked. He was so angry I thought he was going to be violent - but then it was her turn to be on offense.

He talked more trash and refused to let her use his ball. She didn't say a word, she just went and got a new ball.

I blew whistle and she did a step over fake which made him move to the side. She stood back up straight and kicked the ball between his legs, hitting the cone. She barely even moved. He was so angry. On her second try, he charged her screaming. She kept her cool and wound back like she was going to drill the ball at his face. He ducked and squealed as she dribbled around him with his hands still covering his head. Another hit to the cone for her and she hadn't even come close to putting in any real effort.

I figured he had enough and called a water break. The kid was just dumbfounded, he honestly thought his shoes were going to make him better without any effort. He was better behaved the rest of the week, but honestly I think she just broke his spirit. He just seemed out of it. Hope he's doing all right.

The girl is like an all American HS soccer player last I checked, won't be surprised if I see her in Olympics one day.

Cards Just Worked In Our Favor

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I was about 15, I was in the woods in England with some friends (local public nature reserve) playing on a rope swing, drinking energy drinks, eating snacks, chatting, just having a good time keeping to ourselves really. The rope swing itself was on a very tall tree hanging over what I can only explain as a miniature valley (2 small hills, a gap in the middle, rope swing on one side but will reach the other side).

Then some kids came along on their bikes, dressed up in tracksuits and quite mouthy; you know the type.

They told us to move along from "their" rope swing. It wasn't theirs, I set that thing up myself! Obviously we said no, but we did say we'll leave them to it for a bit if they want to have a go. There's no reason we can't all enjoy it.

They wouldn't take that answer, so we carried on playing on the rope swing as if they weren't even there. Then they began throwing sticks and rocks at us, but even that didn't budge us.

Next thing one of them tries to show off, and speeds down the hill on his bike to try and grab me while I swing, but his mate throws a stick at the same time and it lodges in his wheel and sends him flying down the hill, to add insult to injury he flies right in my swing path and gets 2 knees to the ribs. Completely took the wind out of him, and so they all left feeling defeated.

It feels good because we did nothing out of order, the cards just worked in our favor.

"Tell Me What I Can Do."

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Working at a Chuck E Cheese one year.

Some little kid keeps getting mad because he can't win many tickets from a game. Kid begins to kick and scream, toss things around, etc. He tried to hit one of the animatronics. When someone tried to get him to stop he pulled a "DO YOU KNOW WHO MY DAD IS? DO YOU KNOW WHAT HE CAN DO TO YOU?"

We all just shook our heads and didn't know what to say. Was his dad the owner? Rich? etc? We had no idea and we kind of didn't care as long as the kid stopped acting up. We were trying to figure out how to handle him when we hear a voice from behind him:

"Tell me what I can do."

We see this guy in a business suit just standing there with a really pissed off look on his face. It was the kind of face that you look at and wonder if this man ever smiled. The kid just froze up and muttered something to his dad, who obviously didn't like being used as a threat.

The man apologized for his son's behavior, grabbed the kid, and walked away. He came back a few hours later and gave all the employees gifts. I got an xbox 360. One of the first generation ones. I still have it with me if anyone wants a picture. He just gave me the console. No wires, controllers, or anything.

It took me a while to realize dad must have gone home and taken his son's "luxury" toys and brought them back to give to the employees who had to deal with him.

The Beluga Show

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Was at the Vancouver Aquarium with a school field trip for my kids and a few other families. One family would do everything to push their way to the front, not pay for things, etc. Their kids had heelies on. The park was pretty busy.

We were sitting and waiting for the Beluga show to start and one of the kids comes buzzing in from stage left on his stupid heelies and hits a wet patch and his feet go flying out from under him and he lands flat on his back in a giant puddle in front of the entire crowd.

Everyone started to laugh. It was glorious.

Women's Work

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On the first day of a two week vacation, I saw my spoiled 10 year old cousin tell his mother, his older female cousin, his aunt and his grandmother that he wasn't going to clear his place or rinse his dishes because "that's women's work." For the rest of that two week vacation, nobody had to lift a finger to clear a plate, rinse a dish or wash a pot because it was his job. At times there were over a dozen of us there.

Mom Is A Teacher Here

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I was substitute teaching a 10th grade ELA class and they were instructed to write an essay silently and told by their own teacher (he was leaving for a meeting) to not use their phones. Any phone usage was written up. Well, being the substitute teacher, there were quite a few students who ignored that rule and were testing me and even though they were working, I found myself walking around reminding them to put away their phones and to stop talking (they would stop).

One particular student started making phone calls. I told him to put away his phone and if I caught him doing that again, I would write him up. He tells me point-blank "I am calling my mother, you probably don't know her but she is a teacher here and I am arranging to get my friend and I out of here so that I can work in a more peaceful location." I tell him he is not going anywhere. The students become completely silent, stop working and look and him and me and I write his name down. A woman walks by the room and the kids act up a bit. He starts saying "that's my mom! I'm going to talk to her" I tell him "stay in your seat". He does but accuses me of not believing him. "You don't believe me?! That's my mom! She is a teacher here" I never said I didn't believe him but I took a chance, walked to this woman and explain to her that her son was making phone calls in class despite warnings when he should be in the middle of writing an essay. I add that he plans on leaving class and he was attempting to use his mother's status as a way out.

She was indeed his mother and she ripped him a new one right in front of his peers and the students burst out laughing after she leaves. He accuses me of blowing it out of proportion. I tell him to finish his essay. After that, the class was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop and I found a comfortable seat by the window.

I did feel a bit bad about it because I know high school can be tough so I talked to their teacher afterwards. The teacher said he probably needed it. Turns out, this particular kid did this a lot. The other students often called him out for using his mom for special privileges. He would ask his mom to write late passes so he could be excused almost daily.

H/T: Reddit

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