Americans Break Down The Weirdest Things About Europe

Americans Break Down The Weirdest Things About Europe
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There's little more exciting than an American's first visit to Europe.

There is so much to take in between the famous sights, the delicious food, and the vastly different cultures and ways of life.

Most American tourists have no problem jumping into some popular customs and activities, such as afternoon tea in England, or a soothing sauna in Finland.

Other customs and behaviors, however, some Americans usually choose to leave to the locals.

Redditor Mark-Zuckerberg- was curious to hear which European habits or ways of life were truly bizarre to Americans, leading them to ask:

"Americans, what do you think is the weirdest thing about Europe?"

Where's the kitchen?

"Rental apartments in Germany often come without a furnished kitchen."

"Sink, refrigerator, stove and cabinets."

"Because these are almost always provided in rental apartments in the US, it was shocking to me as an American looking at rentals in Germany that I would have to buy and install those things."

"Having read so many interesting comments about kitchen expectations in different parts of the world, let me ask this question."

"Do any of you know of places where rentals don't come with bathroom equipment either, and it's expected the tenant will purchase and install their own toilet and sink?"- AmbitiousPeanut

Differing levels of intimacy

"Depends which countries."

"I’ve always found it weird that a lot of them think hugging is more intimate than kissing someone on the cheek."

"I know it isn’t actually 'kissing' someone on the cheek most of the time."

"I’m referring to how someone touches your face with their face that is extremely intimate."- LadyValenciaLA

Road Rage!

"The way people drive."

"The laws don’t seem to matter at all in Italy, only a little in France."

"Then the Germans are a completely different story."- jesusmansuperpowers

Toilet Troubles

"OMG the toilets."

"In the US every toilet I've ever come across has a flush lever on the left of the tank or, in public restrooms, a sensor or a button on the top."

"In Europe every single toilet has a different flush mechanism."

"Every. Single. One."

"It's like an escape room challenge."

"Foot pedals. Cranks. Pull knobs."

"Things attached to the sink."

"I was once stuck in a bathroom for 20 minutes trying to figure out how to flush the toilet, it turned out to be a pulley on the other side of the room."- Yellowbug2001

Not for Night Owls

"The oddest thing I found in Copenhagen was that when we tried to go get food around 9pm, nearly everywhere was closed."

"We were in a busy part of the city but it took us so incredibly long to find a place open late."

"I don't live in a huge city but I can throw a rock from my house and it will bounce off half a dozen places open until midnight or later."

"This is not a complaint, just an observation."

"I loved Denmark."- Ginger_Chick

Just how old are we talking?

"The history."

"Can't wrap my brain around that."

"I live in a farm house built in the 1920s and that is considered old."- Necessary_Sir_5079

You understand?

"The sheer grasp of language I've seen from some Europeans is wild."

"Back in the early days of minecraft I used to play on a server with an English kid and a German Kid."

"The English kid would randomly speak Welsh and the German could jump between German, French, and English all the time and I was there like 'Guys, I can barely English, can we dumb it down for the yankee'."- CYNIC_Torgon

"We've been working on the railroad..."

"Trains go to every major city."- CoolIceCreamCone

Balmy summer nights

"No AC."

"Our hotels had ac but it was just room temp air."

"That heatwave must have been brutal I hate sleeping when it’s hot."- Slowmexicano

Some things that might seem strange at first might just take some getting used to.

Though power to any American brave enough to drive through Europe.

Particularly on the wrong side of the road in the U.K.!

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