Americans Divulge Things Europeans Need To Hear Right Now

The US is represented in the majority of some of the biggest films recognized worldwide–from iconic movies like American Grafitti to The Color Purple, to recent critically-acclaimed films like Minari and Moonlight.

Even classic American sitcoms like Friends are known the world over as the ultimate example of American comedy.

But there are plenty of misconceptions about American culture seen in some of these entertainment offerings that foreign audiences seem to miss, and it's time to set the record straight.

For starters, an apartment in New York City is not at all spacious like the one that was inhabited by Ross, Rachel, Joey, Phoebe, and Chandler. So there's that.

Curious to hear more examples of what our friends across the Atlantic could stand to learn, Redditor Jazzlike_Fondant_518 asked:

"Americans, what’s something Europeans need to hear?"

American Redditors had a thing or two to say about how we roll here in the States.

Pristine Washrooms

"Free, clean, omnipresent public restrooms are indeed possible."

– tech_probs_help

Vouching For The Myth

"As a British person who now lives in the US I would say public toilets is something the US does really well. They are everywhere, accessible and usually very clean. Europe definitely needs to catch up on this."

– alienintheUS

Driving In Circles

"We have roundabouts here. They exist. Stop claiming we don't."

– MundaneConclusion246

Treatment Of Tourists

"You guys weren’t very nice to the Griswold’s when they won that European trip a few years back."

– SassySpicySuper

Preconceived notions can go bye-bye.

Nothing Cool About This

"The flavor of America is not cool ranch."

– IronHarvestX

Maintaining Best Indoor Air Quality

"Invest in hvac and soon cause it won't get cheaper or cooler."

– pallysteve

American Temperament

"A large portion of Americans are rational and moderate people, and what you see on the television isn't indicative of every American you meet."

– accidentalexpat

Toxic Malaise

"America isn't the only country with racial issues."

– NicoTheFileClerk

What The Canucks Say

"I’m a Canadian and I’ve been living in Europe for years. I gotta say that during my time here I’ve never met an American that I didn’t like. The biggest a**holes I’ve met here were, well….. other Canadians. Go figure.🤷♂️"

– Buddy_Holmes

Embracing Diversity

"American news is highly politically polarized."

"Most Americans get along well together, but the news often highlights extremists on either side of the political aisle. We welcome visitor and immigrants from everywhere."

– RickJWagner

Europeans, take note.

Moving On

"It’s past time you take James Corden back."


It's A Big Problem

"Europe is getting fat too."

– Advi0001

​Kernel Of Truth

"Putting corn on pizza doesn't make it 'American pizza'. It just makes it disgusting."

– Best-User-Name-Ever

Cinematic Trope

"A good looking guy smoking a cigarette is not a movie."

– 0utcast9851

More Ground To Cover

"You can’t expect to visit NYC, the Grand Canyon, Disney World, and Washington DC in a 2 week trip."

"I’d like to add that other than Brazil, English and Spanish are the dominant languages. So you could travel 3000 miles or more and still be in a dominant English or Spanish speaking area."

– BeRealzzz

Kindness During A Heatwave

"Putting ice in drinks and giving people free tap water are about to make a lot more sense as Europe gets warmer. Don’t be a d*ck about it, please."

– sikhster

Despite everything in the news happening in the States creating division and leaving people feeling dejected, a good majority of US citizens are not jerks.

There are loads of kind, considerate, empathetic, and well-behaved people living here.

Europeans often don't get to hear this since much of the media focuses on iniquitous behavior.

Humanity is still intact here.

At least that's what I still believe.

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