People Share Their All-Time Biggest Turn Offs
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As much as we love to have eyes for others, those eyes are witness to some yuck.

We are easily turned on by many things and people.

We're humans, humans are easy.

But turning off and shutting down is also easy.

And once we see certain things, they can never be unseen.

And so... we move on.

Let's make a list so people stay vigilant.

Redditorfiginjosejospewanted to hear about what makes us yell a big NO for some things.

They asked:

"What is your biggest turn off?"

I am easily turned off. It's my one flaw. Anything can do it. Alas...

Bad Sniffs

"When people smell bad. Hygiene is important."


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"One-uppers. Whatever you have done/seen or place you have gone, they have done it better."


"I struggle with this SO BADLY. I hear someone’s story and think 'I can relate! I’ve done XYZ' and tell the story. As soon as I see their facial expressions change I know they’ve taken it as me one upping. It’s so hard for me to relate without telling the story WHY I relate."


Be Straight

"Deception. Say what you freaking mean, and your actions must match your words."


"I don't know if this counts as deception but I have the hardest time verbalizing my thoughts in the way that I think them. So I say something that doesn't match my thoughts but it's like theres a disconnect in my brain that doesn't let me say what I want to say. I've had multiple tbi's from a young age but I don't know if that has any to do with it."


Just Listen

"When they constantly cut you off during a conversation."


"I noticed my bad habit of interrupting when I started dating my partner. I worked on it because it bothered him so much. Now when I'm around my family who I don't see often, I'm keenly aware of how bad we all are at it. Dinners, drinks, video calls are a literal cacophony of people talking over each other and having to repeat yourself because no one listens."


Over time...



"Having been on this earth almost six decades, I can say this has definitely gotten worse over time. Now, you can see it getting worse by the year."


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I hate entitled people. Nobody is owed anything.

That's all...

"When a person is rude or just behaves poorly and everyone around them says, 'that's just how he/she is.' No. There is no excuse for piss poor behavior."


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Be Prudent

"Over sharing at social media."


"I had an ex who would straight up get pissed if I didn’t post about us on instagram or facebook back when I had it. Even if we just hung out and did nothing Lol. She got even more upset if I did post something and not include her... or if I got more likes than her."


"Social media has completely ruined our brains… it’s so sad to realize the damage that’s been done in such a short amount of time."



"Littering. I absolutely hate it when people litter just because 'there is no trashcan close' or 'Yeah, but everything here is anyway already dirty.' That makes me so annoyed and just ugh. I can understand that it's annoying to keep on holding onto trash but like... It's not that difficult."


Lips Together

"Open mouth chewer. Or any kind of lip smacking while eating."


"At a family reunion, I got seated in front of a woman I hadn't met before. Food gets there and we started loading ourselves up. I still remember what we had: tostadas."

"They're a flat baked or fried tortilla topped with pretty much whichever ingredients you want. Usually meat, some veg, cheese, cream, and salsa. This is relevant because half of that food ended up smeared on her face. I have never seen a grown a** adult eat like that. Open mouth chewing, with food actually spilling out as she ate."

"Loud, boisterous talking and laughing, with more, half chewed food spilling out everywhere. And napkins seemed to not be a thing for her because she never used one, making all the cream and salsa get stuck to her lips and cheeks. I was freaking disgusted, as was everyone around her. That was not a pleasant meal."


Hang Up

"Using phones every time we hang out."


"My wife has a friend that if you aren’t talking to her about only her, she zones out and just stares at her phone."


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