Flowers are beautiful, but they die.

There must be other sorts of tokens someone can give to the men in their life.

Yes, men can receive flowers, except there are things they'd rather receive.

Redditor forsakenneverlandwanted to hear some good ideas for presents for gents.

They asked:

"Men of Reddit, what is the male equivalent of flowers as a gift?"

Money. I will always take money as my flowers.

Deli Trip

Hungry Late Show GIF by The Late Show With Stephen ColbertGiphy

"A good sandwich. I was on my way to visit my girlfriend 3 hours away this weekend, and she called and asked if I wanted a grilled cheese waiting for me when I got there. What an exciting gift that was."



"When me and my wife were just starting out, I was talking to her on my way home from work about how I was so tired I was probably gonna skip dinner cause I didn't want to cook and didn't have the money to eat out. I don't know when she did it, but when I got home, 2 minutes later a pizza guy showed up with my favorite pizza."

"Inside the box said something like 'I know it's not that healthy, but it's better than not eating.' No one had ever done something like that for me before. Not just the gift of food, but that it was because she didn't want me to skip a meal either. She cared about my well being."


1000% nicer...

"I work as a first responder. One day we were sitting on the truck, stuck in traffic, in the downtown area. A woman walked up to my window and handed me a single rose, smiled, and told me to have a nice day. I didn't even know how to respond to that. But I'll be damned if my day didn't get 1000% nicer after that. I'm in my 40s. That was the only time I remember ever being given flowers, and I regularly think about how nice it felt. Most guys don't get random flowers. Guys should get more random flowers."



"10mm socket."


"Nothing says I love you like a good terminal screwdriver."


"My GF just dropped my 11mm into my engine bay never to be seen again. That's like taking flowers away from someone."


Hold Me

Hugs Love GIF by joeyahlbumGiphy



"Yep. Even one would be great. Not sure if this sounds pathetic but I haven't been hugged in forever and I really want a long hug from anyone."


Just hold me close. I'll take it. Lasts longer than a rose.


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"Literally any acknowledgement of the dudes physical being. Not sure if it's just my experience or if it's a general thing but any acknowledgement of any part of myself will keep me going for a week."


True love language...

"Food, homemade."


"Agreed. My daughter always makes me brownies for Father's day. Best present ever."


"I’m a woman, and I’d prefer homemade food to flowers. Food is a true love language. When you care enough to prepare something special for someone, you’re truly showing how you feel."


Good Trade

"I bought my wife an expensive ring for our 8 year anniversary. She bought me a £18 switch game. Good trade I think. Male equivalent to flowers is probably money spent on a hobby."


"Or permission to spend money on the hobby. My wife has no idea about my hobbies. She’s tried a couple of times but there’s a lot that an outsider wouldn’t consider. But if she says to me 'I’ve found some money in the budget, reckon you can spend $50?' I know exactly what I’m getting!"

"Or even better: take him shopping. Tell him you want to get him something for his hobby but you don’t understand it enough. So ask him to take you to whichever store is involved, ask about it, point to another item and ask why his choice is better. He’ll start budgeting engagement rings!"


A Hot Second

"Honestly, the only time I've ever felt like how I imagine others feel when they receive flowers, I had talked to a friend who lives far away the evening before about how I was having a hard time, and then she just turned up at my door to give me a hug before she had to go catch a bus to her parent's house. Between the utter surprise at her of all people turning up at my door, to how needed that hug was, I was completely in love with her for a hot second there."



keanu reeves flowers GIFGiphy

"My wife buys me flowers sometimes, and I really like it."


"Yeah, I agree that the male version of flowers is flowers."


Flowers always say it best, but the other ideas work.

What would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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