People Explain Which Advertisement Completely Turned Them Off To A Product
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I have to be honest... there are some advertisements that just rub me the wrong way. Lately, Hulu has been serving people with more localized ads. This wouldn't be so bad if this didn't mean that when I visit a friend and hang at his place (he has Hulu with ads) that every few minutes we end up watching some terrible, inaccurate, polarizing, political ad. (Ahhh... primary season.) Contrary to what the current crop in the race believe, these ads don't actually tell us anything about them worth voting for.

People told us about all the ads that annoy them after Redditor this1tyme asked the online community,

"What advertisement completely turned you off to its product or service?"

"Those bears..."

"Charmin toilet paper... those bears are WAY too obsessed with wiping their butts."


"It uses the emotional trauma..."

"There is a phone company here in Australia that runs an ad where two sisters/friends are shown partying and generally having a good time, then one gets diagnosed with an illness, presumably cancer. The camera cuts back and forth to one of them in a hospital bed and the other getting her long hair cut off, then an emotional reunion where the one with her hair cut off visits the one in hospital who has lost her hair. The tagline is "it starts with yes." It uses the emotional trauma of terminal illness to try to get people to sign up for phone service. Utterly disgusting."


What in the world?

What does that have to do with phones?

Someone explain it to me.

"Any radio ad..."

"Any radio ad with a siren."


These should be illegal. Isn't that dangerous?

"It just seemed like so much effort..."

"Just recently, I was alerted to a package I had to pick up at my main office, so I went down thinking a friend had sent me something. When I arrive, I get a flat amazon package (like the plastic one) with a brown envelope inside. When I open the envelope, it's a request to leave a 5-star rating on the products amazon page, and they'll give me a $5 gift card.

It just seemed like so much effort and honestly kinda pissed me off."


"I've never felt a need..."

"Surprised I haven't seen Grammarly mentioned anywhere here. I've never felt a need to use their product in the past, but their ads are so intrusive, annoying, and frequent that I'll guarantee I will never use it."


I use it but... yes, they're everywhere. And intrusive.

"A scruffy aging man..."

"Harley Davidson. This ad in particular. A scruffy aging man rides up to a dirty-looking trailer park with an unkempt lawn and enters a mobile home to hook up with a woman who looks disgusted at him at first, while her "beta" husband cowers in the closet."


Why did I watch this? Now I'm annoyed! I was doing fine!

"Baby commercials..."

"Baby commercials where the dad is just a bumbling idiot. I can have the diaper off, cleaned, and new diaper on before baby even knows I'm changing them."


Can society stop pretending that men don't know how to take care of children? It's ridiculous and demeaning.

"They overplayed..."

"Spotify Premium. They overplayed those ads so much that I quit using Spotify entirely."


"When I was a kid..."

"Morningstar Farms selling vegetarian burger patties. "If I'm a kid and I like it..." has the opposite effect they intended. You know what kids like? Ketchup sandwiches. Spoonfuls of sugar stolen from the bowl. Taking a bite out of a stick of butter. Plain cheese pizza. Burgers with no toppings.

When I was a kid I once dumped a packet of Gushers into a bowl of cereal and happily ate it. Morningstar Farms, the fact that some little girl likes to eat your fake meat means nothing to me."


I feel a bit triggered by some of these... there's a reason why I don't have Spotify anymore (those Spotify premium ads were too much, man). *shiver*

Need to vent about some ridiculous advertising? Feel free to tell us about it in the comments below!

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