Adventurous People Who Explore Abandoned Buildings Share The Creepiest Things They've Seen

The scene of an abandoned building can be a cold and stark place, leaving you wondering what could have happened there. The creepiest things usually pop into our heads when thinking about abandoned areas, perhaps because there is no one around to hear you scream if something goes wrong? Whatever the case may be, thrill seekers flock to these deserted places to explore and find creepy stuff left behind.

theboyintherocks asks:

People who explore abandoned buildings and areas, what was the creepiest thing you've seen?

Sounds like a nightmare

I once found a half burned down house in the the woods. When we went to the back of the house there were mannequin arms and legs and a torso all half burned. It was really creepy. When we entered the house there were chemicals everywhere and a lot of leaking Jerrycans so we noped out. We later found out that it was a burned out drugs lab and they were still looking for the ppl that used the house.

Drugs are scary!

There's an abandoned mini golf place in my city, completely overgrown. You wouldn't even know it's there if you were just walking by. Well we were exploring and found this little shed. And I swear to god there had to have been close to 500 syringes in there. Kids, don't do heroin.

The judge you never wan to meet

A homeless guy chasing me with a big hammer at an abandoned courthouse as a 14 year old.

The abandoned nightmare

A basement full of decapitated turkeys.

When we stopped and looked around we realized we hadn't seen a single living animal (squirrel or birds). We bugged out pretty quick after that.

So much animal abuse!

I found a mummified dog chained to a door in an abandoned building in baltimore.

Horrible people live amongst us.

Love a good trap door

There's an abandoned house in my neighborhood, and as stupid teenagers do, my friends and I decided it would be a good idea to explore it. As soon as we walked in, the first thing we see is a salt circle with some very used candles. We also notice stairs to a basement next to it. At this point we're all too chicken to go down, except for one friend who went down alone. For about three minutes we heard banging from downstairs, then he comes out from the room behind us, and explains that there is a trapdoor leading to a secret staircase upstairs. Pretty spooky experience, but fun nonetheless.

Now that's scary

When I was 12-13 me and my mates climb in to and old abandoned candle wax factory thing and caught an old homeless guy

The crematorium...

Found an underground crematorium in the middle of the woods while going for a hike with my dog. Turns out it was used in the mid-1900's by a nearby asylum to dispose of the bodies of psychiatric patients who had no family to claim them. The asylum has been gone for years, but the crematorium has remained intact. Bit creepy...

The big-eyed dolls

There's an old abandoned house near where I grew up. I broke into it and everything's from like the 1950s and covered in dust. The floors all warped. The walls all have claw marks on them. From animals I assume. And in the corner of the living room there was this glass case that was full of dolls. All sorts. Something about old dolls with their creepy big glass eyes. Somebody broke into the house later on and stole everything that was worth value. They left all the dolls on the floor and they're still there.

The chilling memories

Not necessarily 'creepy' but chilling for sure. Me and my friend found a decimated/destroyed car in the middle of the woods next to a shed, in the shed was a lot of really cool old toy-car kits from the 50's-60's, but there was also a Polaroid of said car in a terrible accident, it had been flipped over into a ditch. In said Polaroid there were multiple Ambulances/Police around the car. Really chilling.

Not a good sign

Dried blood. A LOT of dried blood.

This situation doesn't look safe

I went under a Tunnel that was two miles long. I found some ladies clothes and her coupon book. S*** always messes with me. It was dark and we looked for a body but nothing.

Crime scenes are terrifying

Several years ago I was at an abandoned motel (small individual houses). I was looking at each of the buildings while the reporter, I was working with, worked on what he was going to say on camera. I was walking to the last one when my reporter called me. He was ready. Two days later week got a phone call from the county sheriff asking what we were doing at the motel. We told him. It turns out the little building I was going to had a person hanging from the rafters with a vine around their neck. They had been there for about a week. It was a murder. IF I had walked into that unit I would have s*** my pants. I've seen many dead people over my 30 years in TV news. I have not found a rotting one myself.

Something definitely happened there...

An abandoned hospital. It looked like all the doctors, nurses, and patients just up and left with everything where it was. There were pill bottles still on countertops, old food containers still on trays. There was spoiled food still in the fridges in the cafeteria. I got arrested at gunpoint. The power even still worked.

Vampires might really exist

Exploring an abandoned hotel in Transylvania by torch light, found a plastic bag full of blood... that was pretty sketchy.

Something got caught in the lawnmower....

Not me, but a friend. She and her family took a road trip and somewhere in Montana on the side of the road was an abandoned, decaying church. They went to take a look. At the backside of he church there were black trash bags and some of them had grass spilling out of them, like from a lawnmower. Animals had destroyed one of the bags and when they kicked it a human skull fell out with some of the grass.

An example of an abandoned place being a safe place...

Packard Plant, Detroit MI, 2010. I was exploring the old Administration building and on the fifth floor when I heard gunshots outside. I look out a window towards an abandoned grocery store and saw two cars peel it out of the parking lot while another guy was shooting at the cars.

Something went down there

In an abandoned water park near Hue in Vietnam. Some (hopefully not) bloody writing saying "die Joel" luckily I am not called Joel.

Voodoo creepiness

My friend is a photographer and was going to this abandoned train station in Gary, Indiana to get those' sun through the cracks' artistic photos. She found these handmade clay like voodoo looking dolls with real human hair meticulously plugged into the doll's overly emphasized vagina. The clay vagina was 3/4 the size of the entire doll and it looked like it was surround by bad hair-plugs. Definitely took the creator a long time to complete. There was about 3 of the dolls just lying on the floor. She snapped some photos and booked it out of there. She later deleted them because they were just too disturbing.

Beyond creepy and evil

I found a human skull embedded in the mantle of a stone hearth that dominated the center of a cabin on the coast. to make things more interesting, the area was notorious for piracy, opium trade, and human trafficking in the late 1800-early 1900's.

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