Adventurous People Reveal The Scariest Experience They've Had Exploring An Abandoned Building.

People on Reddit who like to explore abandoned buildings or places were asked: "What's the scariest experience you've had?" These are some of the best answers.

Many were smothered in graffiti and decay. After some hiking for a long time we finally find this one lone cabin, just looking near the lake...and we went inside to find...

The saddest Satanic altar ever. No, really. There was a faded pentagram on the floor, a few tiny bungee cords here and there (I don't know either), and a couple of candles. I guess the Satanists wanted red candles but they could only afford white ones, so they put rear bike reflectors behind them. The place also faintly smelt of weed, so we left. I guess it's pretty hard to worship Lucifer in this economy...


2/20 A family everyone in the neighborhood called white trash moved out without telling anyone, nearly a year later people started exploring their old trailer. Me and two other friends were bored and high when we decided to get in on the urban exploring, we went at night with flashlights. We had a full five minutes (I think) of running around the old trailer before everything went to hell.

We were poking around the master bedroom when we heard cars or trucks coming down the gravel driveway, one friend dived into the closet and the other followed him, there was an open window leading to the back deck that we could have used but panic set in and I didn't want to abandon my friends. We sat there cowering while at least six people speaking and yelling in Spanish tore apart the trailer for the copper in the walls. We don't know how long we were in there, the time estimates ranged from an hour to 3 hours, but it was long enough for them to take most of the metal siding from the trailers exterior and bust up all the walls we ran passed afterwards. One friend knew Spanish and would whisper translations, it was just them screaming to tear down this or that along with instructions to duck down when a car passed on the street, sprinkled in between were laughter and curses. One said something and they all laughed really hard, she told us he said he'd [mess] up any cops that showed and translated all the banter of specifically how they'd kill the cop, we told her to shut up after that. They weren't dumb teenagers, these were grown men who joked about murder while tearing apart someones home for scrap metal.

The three of us hiding in a nasty closet while a bunch people scavenged the house was the most terrifying abandon building experience I've ever had.


3/20 I went into an abandoned elementary school with some of my friends once. There was actually a homeless dude jerking off in the bathroom. I was 14 and had never seen a penis irl before. The school is in walking distance of my house and I avoid it at all costs, even now.


4/20 Broke into an abandoned mansion in my hometown. Place has been empty for as long as I can remember. It stands on a massive property on the side of a busy road, and there is a big lake behind the house. I went in broad daylight, the property and hedges are large enough that I wasn't immediately visible from the road. Broke in through a back window. The majority of the house was dark, most of the windows and French doors had been boarded up. House was really creaky, like an old ship. There was a lot of really late 60s/early 70s furniture, everything was gold or brown or orange. Found some mail in a front room, all dated around August 1995, so I figured that's when the former owners must've left, for whatever reason. In another room I found a kid's toys- but they didn't look old, they looked like someone had just been playing with them recently. In the kitchen, I found some empty cans of beans that also looked relatively new, and in the pantry, there were urine soaked sofa cushions someone had been using as a bed. This is when I started to get freaked out, because obviously someone had been there somewhat recently, but they didn't seem to be there.

I went up to the second floor. The floor of the upstairs hallway was so warped that it was curved in a rainbow shape, and was hard to walk down. In the last bedroom at the end of the hall, I found a room full of birthday cards. I mean hundreds of birthday cards. They all, in some way or another, were wishing someone named Eric a happy birthday, only that they were all written by the same hand. Most seemed to have been written with the same pen, even.

Finally, I went up to the third floor. The hallway was so warped I had to brace myself against the wall. I had barely started when I heard movement from a bedroom a little ways down- it sounded like slapping and dragging. I stood as quietly as possible until a pair of filthy hands came out of the doorway and a man began to pull himself across the threshold into the hall. He wasn't groaning- I can't think of a word, but it was far more aggressive than groaning. I bolted, ran all the way down the stairs and back out the window I came in. I looked back but didn't see anyone following me.

This happened in Suffolk County, Long Island back in June 2009, and no, not in Amityville. The mansion has since been torn down and the lot remains empty.


5/20 My friends and I went into an old WW2 bomb shelter in some woods when we were about 10 years old. In them we found very explicit drawings in pencil of cartoon characters naked doing sexual acts. Like Kim Possible, every Simpsons character and some Family guy ones too.


6/20 There's an old abandoned mental asylum near where I live which is pretty creepy.It's got a pretty depressing history, history meaning the stories other kids told me.

Anyway the asylum is huge and because it's pitch black, it's so easy to get lost, it's like a labyrinth inside, making it very confusing and disorientating. It smells weird, and is filled with relics from the past, like hospital beds machines etc.

But the scariest thing that happened to me personally was the last time I went. Me and my friends walked into a dark room, and the entire floor was missing, apart from a small patch directly in front of the door. As I was walking in, I almost fell completely down the hole, which was like a 2 storey drop, I was probably like half an inch from [screwing] myself up.


7/20 I was exploring this really awesome abandoned Victorian-era mansion-turned-mental-asylum. It had everything; a stone ballroom, indoor fountain, huge staircase at the entrance that looked straight out of Resident Evil, a tower, patient rooms, the works. What made it even cooler was that I had stumbled into the place totally by accident. I had been exploring a nearby building on a whim and as it turned out it connected to the mansion.

I had been in there for at least an hour, maybe more, and I only had a few rooms left to explore. I walk into a big one on the top floor of the place and the first thing I see is a sign that says something along the lines of "WARNING: Extremely high levels of asbestos in this area. Respirators must be worn. If you have been exposed go to [nearby hospital's ER] immediately."

I immediately sprinted out of there, threw my clothes in the wash first thing when I got home, and took a really long shower. I also never went exploring again without having a P100 respirator on first.


8/20 There's an old abandoned slaughter house outside my hometown my friends and I used to go exploring in. One day during midday we where wondering around the upstairs when we heard people on the main floor talking. Kind of spooked we quieted down and looked for some cracks in the very old floor boards to try and spy on the people downstairs.

What we saw where three older guys (older than us, still in high school), they where smoking put of a pipe and after they finished they entered one of the rooms near the back of the plant leaving the door ajar. We slowly made our way down the stairs moving as quietly and as fast as we could. After making it to the main floor I decided I wanted to see what they where doing so I slipped away from my friends heading to the car to try and get a peek. I moved 15 or 20 yards down from the front of the door and hid behind a stack of old planks and gravel.

I looked in and could see that they where smoking again, and where fooling with a bunch of containers (some boiling) and with tubes. I thought to myself, we got some real life meth heads here. Then I realized that they probably wouldn't take kindly to my prying eyes and began moving out and back to the car. As I'm moving and trying to keep an eye on them, I knocked over some stuff (I honestly can't remember what). I remember scurrying to try and catch the stuff before it hit the ground. I failed. There was a loud crash and a "[WHAT] WAS THAT?". I bolted as fast as I could to the car screaming "START THE CAR!", I jumped in the car and we peeled out. As the dust from the gravel road cleared I could see them standing by the door.


9/20 Me and friend are under this old train bridge out in the middle of nowhere checking out the graffiti under it. I'm checking out this piece next to a pile of rolled up old carpet. Suddenly I hear "can I help you?" I look down and see a dudes head sticking out of one of the carpet rolls, about gave me a heart attack. Turns out its some homeless guy that lived under there, he was wrapped up to stay warm. Dude ended up being chill, we explained we were just looking at graff, he said he was just worried we were gonna hurt him. After chatting with him he went back to sleep and we went on our way.


10/20 There was a man living in the last one, it was something ripped straight out of a horror movie. He just saw us, rose to his feet and bolted it at us, screaming his head off.


11/20 I went into the old hospital in my city which has been demolished now, it was huge! Anyway we went down some stairs, like service stairs which were metal and obviously the public didn't use when it was open. As we descended we came across a dark room, we used our torches and looked around we noticed a small bedding area, and above that on the wall there was spray paint which said "WE ARE THE THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT" and we heard this almighty crash, I've never noped out of somewhere so quickly.


12/20 There is this small town in the mountains on the way to a ski resort I used to work at and a lot of people go to. It's probably the weirdest town ever. One way in and way out by a bridge over a river that basically surrounds the town. Basically you go there during the day and the place is a ghost town. No one out. Once night falls, you start to see ladies pushing strollers walking their dogs, etc. There is this old bed and breakfast there that has been abandoned for years. it was built in like 1890 or something like that. It was an Inn for families to stay that had husbands that were loggers back 100 years ago.

Story goes that there was this girl Alice, that had a husband who died logging. She got word that he had been killed in an accident. She proceeded to hang herself in the attic of the Inn. (was able to find old newspaper articles and archives that proved this true). A lot of people used to say they saw her walking the halls some time after she died. Employees that worked the bed and breakfast before it closed in the '90's reported lots of weird things happening. We used to go there and try and scare ourselves.

I kid you not, one time we were shining flashlights in the top window, and slowly one of the curtains opened and stayed open for a few seconds then slowly closed. Note that the top floor no longer existed because it collapsed years earlier. There was no way anyone could be on the top floor. Pretty creepy. We got older and then started going there and breaking in and drinking and whatnot. Experienced many weird noises but nothing that weird.


13/20 Years ago, me and my friends tried to enter a very old, abandoned psychiatric hospital. It was on a crisp winter morning, everything was silent. We didn't even heard the birds sing, only the soft sound of our shoes on the mud. We looked up at the massive building. All the windows were broken, the dead ivy almost covered the entire facade. There was only one way in: we had to climb the stairs outside of the building, then, on the third floor level, we were supposed to go through a hole in the wall. One bad step and we could fall all the way down.

But we didn't enter. Through that hole, I saw the clear silhouette of a man, with an axe in his hand. I couldn't see his face, but he was definitely looking at me. I told my friend to run, as I saw him coming towards us. We ran away for some time, until we reached the town. Then, after a shaky cup of coffee, we decided to go back. Why ? We were supid teens. But we stayed outside, on the ground floor. I looked through the side of a massive, metal door, and I saw the man again. I could see that he had put some bags on the ground, with metal tools inside. It was pretty obvious, now: He was looking for copper. We decided to circle around the building one last time, frustrated that we lost our time. But before we even started to leave, we heard the man running towards us, inside the building, and he hit the metal door with his axe several times with all of his force. We ran away a second time. When we came back for the third time, we finally saw him, and I'm glad that he was inside the building - so he couldn't catch us- , because if I hadn't seen the bags he had beforehand I would have thought he was some king of axe-murderer.


14/20 I used to read electric meters for a living way back in the day. One of my stops was at an old high school where the gymnasium had been converted into a broom factory. Since I love history, I asked the management there if I could check out the school itself. It was really cool seeing the vintage 1930's desks and old furnishings, as well as finding musty old books lying about. The scary part was when I came to a classroom where the floor was caving in, a full six feet in the center, and all the furnishings had slid into the middle with the sagging. It wasn't really scary until I felt the floor tremble beneath my feet and heard boards cracking... and I never entered it from the hallway.


15/20 This was in the attic of a building my friend's family owned that once belonged to Al Capone, but I once followed around a shadow person thinking that it was my friend until I realized he was downstairs and was in another room the whole time. I have never been as freaked out as I was when I heard his voice down stairs. Still refuse to go back up there.


16/20 One summer in college I lived in a house in town with a couple of friends. The town itself was pretty scuzzy away from campus-- this is the rural midwest, so you get your meth heads and what have you-- but we were fairly close to campus in an area where students rented, so we didn't usually see much of it. Just run-down old houses that landlords rented cheap, scariest thing you were likely to run into was a drunk girl puking off someone's porch. However, right behind the house I was living in was an abandoned high school. Big old brick building that had been left up after they built a new one out by the highway back in the 70s. When you went out the back door, you had a little back yard, an alley, and then three stories of brick and boarded up windows.

It's summer in a little college town, so obviously my housemates and I are drinking a lot and making fast friends with anyone else who happens to be around. One night the four of us, a friend who lived nearby, and a handful of her friends are hanging out on our front porch when one of the friends-of-a-friend starts talking about the old high school. I've wondered about it too but it looks too well boarded up. But we're a little bit tipsy so 5 or 6 of us head back into the alley and start trying all the boards until we find one that pulls loose.

I should mention that one of the friends I'm with is in the process of becoming a US citizen, and he's totally paranoid about getting arrested. But he's also really susceptible to peer pressure, so we've got someone with us from the very start who's scared and whispering about what a bad idea this is, which doesn't do much for the mood.

The first room we go into is a classroom and it's pretty trashed, probably because it's the most accessible part of the building. But when we get out into the hallways and start heading upstairs it's just a school... a rotting, eerie, quiet school. Desks piled up in some rooms, a few chalk marks left on blackboards. Bathrooms where there's still dirty water dripping from mossy, rusted pipes in the ceiling. All of it absolutely pitch dark except for our flashlights.

We get up to the third floor and we're almost ready to head back, but there's one more staircase. It goes up to the balcony overlooking the auditorium. The bunch of us crowd onto the landing at the top and shine our flashlights onto the rows of dusty seats. They dip away where the floor has collapsed in the middle. There's nowhere to go but back down the stairs.

Of course that's when we hear it.

At first my housemate shushes everyone. It's cops oh God it's cops. I'm not taking it too seriously, but he's totally panicked, so we humor him. Flashlights off, huddled up against the wall at the top of the staircase, straining to hear.

Footsteps. And I don't think it's cops.Someone is just lazily strolling through the building. No, it's two people. Quiet murmuring. We're all scared now. Half these people I only met tonight, but we're all huddled up squeezing each other's hands. The footsteps are pretty close now, and then they stop, like they heard something.

You hear that? someone says downstairs.

I did. Shoulda brought the gun this time.

Oh god oh. We all make a tight little scrum, I can hear one of my friends whispering a prayer. I have never been so scared. The footsteps sound like they're looking for us now. I can hear them at the bottom of the stairs.

I don't know how, but I had this flash of a thought that I'd rather these people know I'm here before they bump into me. I yell out who's there? and a flashlight beam swings up at us.

Holy, the voice says, who's there? We turn on our lights and at the bottom of the stairs are two particularly shifty-looking rednecks. I don't like to be too judgemental about "townies," but these dudes looked rough. A couple of my friends are trying to stop shaking long enough to make small talk and defuse the situation. One of them asks the guys what brought them in here anyway.

Oh, we just like to hang out in places like this. There's lots of rats and raccoons, and sometimes we bring the guns and have a little target practice.

We got out of there quick and drained a box of Franzia on my front porch to settle our nerves. But the thought of those guys creeping around my neighborhood armed, shooting into the dark, stuck on my mind for a long time.


17/20 This wasn't strictly an abandoned building, but my old college campus had a odd building that was shaped like an authentic Scottish castle, down to towers, parapets, walls, etc. Mind you, only the outside was designed to look like a castle, with every room inside being just squeezed in wherever it could fit, so it was already famous for no two rooms being identical, as well as other architectural oddities such as staircases that led nowhere and needing to go up and down a floor to reach a room right next to you, so it was already something of a weird/creepy building. It was used mainly as a dorm, but a lot of it, especially the outer towers and walls, was closed off to the public, so I think those areas should count. And yes there was a good amount of REALLY weird stuff there.

The first time I explored there, I had found a small door that was (mostly) rusted shut on the bottom of one of the rear towers. It was unused, but I could still open it enough to get through, so I came back that night to explore. It led to a small, circular room on the inside of the tower with a bunch of detritus on the floor, like pallets, some old chairs, and a big metal plate (more on that later.) However, above me, there was an open square hole which clearly led to another room inside what would be the top of the tower, where a ladder probably had been at one point. I forget how I got up there, (probably piled up the aforementioned detritus) but once I got up there, I couldn't believe what I saw. The whole room was filled with hundreds of broken mirror shards, chained together by string and hanging from the ceiling, as well as all over the floor and the window sills. Also scattered on the floor were what at first looked like dozens of big coins, but on closer inspection turned out to be the metal rims of those cheap little tea candles, stomped flat by people walking on them. Finally, in the center of the room, there was a tiny little table, on top of which was a metal bowl filled with more mirror shards, surrounded by more empty candles. I have no idea what that room had been used for, but I swear to god it looked like some ritual was going down there. I took some pictures with my phone so my friends would believe me, but it was the middle of the night, all I had was a dim flashlight, and phone cameras were [crap] back then, so nothing really came out that well.


18/20 I used to guard inside abandoned buildings. One building pretty much ran every guard out at some point. Even big burly ex military dudes. People got pictures of figures, videos of voices or strange sounds like scraping or giggling. This building was an abandoned workshop, and it hadn't been tended to in years so it was already very creepy inside. It looked like something out of fallout.

I got the odd feeling of being watched in there most nights but I chalked it up to paranoia. Sometimes my flashlight or phone would bug out, some nights the door alarms would go off for no particular reason. The outside motion sensor light would trip randomly as well.

Well, one night I was patrolling inside the building when I felt something watching me intensely. To the point that I got chills and I got nauseous, and a burning sensation on my back. I can't describe it as any other feeling but pure terror washing over me. As soon as I turned around, I hear three distinct knocks on a nearby tank. At this point I'm ready to bolt, and I yell "Is there anyone there?" and then something whispers RIGHT IN MY EAR


I noped right outta that building so fast. Whenever I was stationed there, I would only poke my head in to make sure the damn place wasn't on fire.


19/20 Broke into an abandoned asylum years ago.

We found a number of creepy things. Two stand out. The first one we found when we walked into a random room and shined our flashlights around. On the floor in the middle of the room was a white and red box with a medical cross on it sitting on top of a broken record. Part of the box was busted out and there was some sort of organ inside. Fresh blood had leaked out and was just starting to congeal around the edges.

The last room of our excursion was a file room. Thousands of patient files had been left inside. Needless to say we took some. We also took a page from a photo album. They were the only pictures we found in there. Later on we were at a diner pouring over the stuff we found and my friend takes a look at the pictures only to find that her mom was in 3 out of the 6. Apparently she had worked there a few decades prior.


20/20 I'm from Pennsylvania and most of you from the area know about the whole "Abandoned Turnpike." If you don't know, or can't relate, the PA Abandoned Turnpike is a stretch of road that was meant to be part of the Turnpike in Pennsylvania, but was abandoned in the 1960s when it was basically bypassed by I-70.

Well, a couple buddies and I (accompanied by our ladies at the time) took a road trip up to the old Laurel Hill Tunnel and decided to check it out. So we park off a woodland trail and hike what feels like 2 miles at a 90 degree angle up to the actual abandoned work site. Now, it's like 2am at this point, so we're just getting into the fun. We start walking the 13-mile stretch of road and come to one of the overpass tunnels that had what looked like a heating/AC building attached. This is old, too. It's sheet-metal and green, like your grandpa's tool shed out back. So to get inside of this, there's a stairwell to the side that is brick and has an old-school iron staircase that looks like a fire-escape.

So we start to clamber up this stairwell, and all of a sudden, a chair comes flying down the stairs, and crashed at the level above us. It terrified the piss out of us. The scariest part about the whole thing, though, was that the ladies of ours (who didn't climb the stairs with us, and waited at the bottom) let out the most blood curdling screams. Their screams not only echoed through the stairwell, but they told us that they screamed because they were hit with a blast of wind that had no business being there. So needless to say, we never-went-there-again.



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