Adults Share The Advice They Wish They’d Had When They Were 20 Year Olds.

Looking back on your life, there are times you wish you could just go back and give yourself some extremely necessary advice.

Here, adults reveal the advice they wish they had gotten when they were in their early 20s.

1/29. Wear a condom, moron.


2/29. That getting that sweet tribal band tattoo will be the decision you come to regret most. Tattoo removal HURTS.


3/29. No, it's not cool to wear only muscle shirts and brag about "all" the women you've slept with. And when you get in your first real relationship, please don't just spend the whole time trying to brag about yourself listen to her. Stop pretending you know everything, it will only cause people to leave you.

Oh, and stop hanging with your 'boys' that always want to go out every night and hit on women. They suck and don't give a crap about you.


4/29. Networking, connections, schmoozing, social skills, etc. do more to determine your place in the world more than any hard work or talent. The sooner you stop assuming you'll magically get by without these skills, the better.


5/29. Be there for your sister. She will need you. Of all the regrets in my life, her death was by far the most painful.

Do not take those in your life for granted. They are what truly matter above all else.


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6/29. Don't leave her for something new. Appreciate what you've got.

Because boy, let me tell you, that something new is a complete fucking mess and 100% going to break your heart and leave you.


7/29. Leave those credit card applications alone. You have no income, idiot.


8/29. You're not stuck unless you let yourself be stuck...not with that person, or that job, or that life. You can change it if you have the guts, and it's better to do it when you know it is intolerable than to try to 'stick it out' hoping things will get better. They only get better if you make them better.


9/29. On 9 June 2006, that won't be a rock in the road. It is a 155mm artillery shell waiting for you and your crew to run over it. When you run over it, the inside of your truck will turn into the pit of hell. In fact, do not pass the EOD sweep team, stay behind them. Yeah, they're doing 2mph, but they won't miss the IED. They will see it, and disarm it before it can eviscerate your truck.


10/29. Exercise! Start now. It takes literally an hour a day. Look at it as hygiene like taking a shower or brushing your teeth.


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11/29. Tell your dad you love him. He won't be around for much longer.


12/29. Dudes who spend their days in strip clubs do NOT make good husbands. He may a good provider, gives to Charity, helps students fund their tuition, but he's still a member of a gentleman's club.


13/29. Stop worrying so much about what other people think of you. At the end of the day what they think doesn't matter.

Also, stop dwelling on the past. Rehashing past mistakes and injustices will do naught but feed your anxieties.


14/29. I wish I had spent more time actually learning useful skills rather than spending all of my time just doing leisurely things. If you spend a couple hours a week learning a useful skill when you're in your early 20s (a new language, coding, graphic design, etc.), by the time your in your late 20s to early 30s it can make all the difference for getting the job you really want.


15/29. There are three reasons I will wake up before the sun rises: theres a fire in the house, I have to work, or Im going fishing. I like the last reason the best.

So it was with great anticipation that I awoke in the wee hours of the morning on Wednesday last April to go fishing with my dad in the San Francisco Bay.

But this almost didnt happen. Our relationship had broken down and was in need of repairs, like a vacant home in a once-vibrant neighborhood.

Instead of visiting in person, we now only spoke on the phone, where Dad often dominated the conversation.

And to exacerbate things, instead of visiting with his family in the United States, he now took long vacations to see his distant family in Thailand.

I wasnt sure I wanted to see him before I left for India, my assignment for my job. Why put myself out there if hes not willing to do the same (story continued on the next page...)?

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But after much consternation, I called and told him what had been bothering me. He apologized for neglecting our relationship. I apologized, too. I could have been honest with him earlier, but instead I ignored the issue and didnt return his phone calls for a time. And you cant be upset with someone if you arent going to tell them why.

We agreed to put this behind us and move on. We kept talking and decided to take a fishing trip to the Bay Area. What talking wont cure, fishing will.

There were 11 people on the boat when we arrived that morning, the other clientele comprised of fathers and their adolescent sons.

Twenty years ago, the first time we went fishing, Dad and I were the youngest on board. Now we were the oldest.

The boat launched as the sun was rising, the skipper navigating to the middle of the bay.

The scenery was magnificent, the skyscrapers of San Francisco flanking our left and the pillars of the Golden Gate on our right. We made it to the fishing grounds and dropped our lines in the water. The morning passed by quietly, neither of us hooking a fish. Then around noon, I tipped my hat over my eyes and took a siesta.

Five minutes later, Dad yelled he had a fish on the line. After a short struggle, he reeled in an 8-pound striped bass.

I realized combat and fishing are similar in that both are filled with long periods of boredom and rapid bursts of exhilaration.

The rest of the day picked up nicely, but Dad won bragging rights in the end. He caught five fish; I caught three, but more importantly wed spent time together. Sometimes I think thats enough.

Im happy to say I swallowed my pride and reached out to my dad. It sure was nice fishing with him again.

Tell your dad you love him, he may not be around as long as you think.


16/29. Don't drop out of college!

I dropped out but finally pushed through an undergrad as an adult and even a master's when I had a family. I regret that I didn't finish sooner but on the other hand I also feel like I got more out of school when I was going because I wanted to and not because I was supposed to (YMMV). If you can gut it out and push through I would say do it but if you stop, keep taking at least one class at a time (even if unrelated to your degree but for shits and giggles) because I can tell you that getting your ass back into a classroom after a long absence is much harder than actually taking the class.


17/29. Don't go to that small, expensive college. Go to a big, cheaper one. You'll have a better time, get the same education, and won't be in debt the rest of your life.


18/29. Move out. The problem is not you. Don't leave it until the only way out is an abusive man who moves you in with him. Save up, put down a deposit or get a shared room, it doesn't matter. You are not the idiot they claim that you are, and you will cope fine as long as you stay on the meds.


19/29. Major in a subject that you actually care about. This IT career is the pits.


20/29. The "don't worry what other people think of you" advice is best applied to your self interests. So many of our younger years are spent worrying about impressing our peers. Listening to the same music. Watching the same shows/movies. Wearing the same clothes. Having the same hobbies.

As you age, you realize those things don't matter. Like what you like. Those who judge you for it are idiots. Of course there's proper business etiquette and basic hygiene to worry about, but if those things are met, who gives a crap what you or others like to do in their spare time?

It's an important lesson for children to learn. The opinion of a classmate who makes fun of you for listening to a different band doesn't matter. Do what you like and make yourself happy.


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21/29. Put the pop tarts down.

Stop bleaching your hair, you look like a fat member of Green Day.

Keep watching all the movies. You learn visually, and you're essentially teaching yourself.

And lastly - It's going to be fine - you've been a loner your whole life to this point, and the skills you've developed to get this far are what are going to make you fucking shine in a few years time. If I told you the adventures you're going to have, you wouldn't believe me but you'd be fucking stoked. Also, it's 2016 and you're still using the word "stoked". You should probably learn some other words.


22/29. You don't know nearly as much as you think you do... Oh, and girls aren't just going to come and talk to you. Ask out a bunch of girls you think are out of your league. Talk a lot less and listen more. Stand up straight, nobody thinks you're dark and mysterious. You're not pulling that off at all.

Also, stop being so damn negative...

Buckle down and finish school properly. it's important. Otherwise, you'll be back there when you're 40.


23/29. Read up on alcoholism, the genetics of it and how your mom was... all of it. Its gonna be an important 'thing' in your life in about 20 years. Check it out and make some better decisions now rather than later.


24/29. Learn to better manage your money and start saving now.


25/29. You are gay, and that is okay. Find a man and be safe and happy.


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26/29. Invest some of that drinking money.


27/29. I'm 27 but I'd love to yell at myself to save 25% of my income and invest in stocks. Even $500 a year would have gone miles by today.

The most important thing would have been getting the learning stage out of the way before I had all this extra money in my life. I would've probably lost less money my first year investing.


28/29. Invest in Google and Apple.





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