Adults Reveal Which Things From Their Childhood That Kids Today Will Never Experience


Kids today... they will never know the joy of (insert awesome thing you got to do in your youth).

jmansbufny asked: Adults of Reddit: What is something from your childhood that kids these days will never experience or understand?

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Addendum: the smell of film stores.

Specifically not having a camera with you every second of the day. Part of that makes me a bit sad. It would be interesting to see what my 14-year-old self would have taken photos of. On the flip side I'm really glad that there are no photos of a lot of the stupid things I did as a teenager.


This one hits me. As a teenager I had to buy those disposable film cameras. So many times I taken a photo of something while travelling(rare to travel only once every few years) to have the photos developed and the photo came out terrible or not at all. Years pass by I look at those photos and no idea what moment I tried to capture only to find it is lost to time.


These are still a thing but they suck now.

Saturday morning cartoons. That was it and come around 10:30 A.M. it was time to go out and play.


And that you watched them on Saturday morning because if you missed your show, you missed it. There was no DVR, no streaming, no on-demand, no youtube, no box sets. Watch your show or hope to catch the episode you missed in re-runs years later.


And heaven help you if your preferred cartoon was co-opted by a baseball game!

Kid me always hated that. "Wait, isn't it supposed to be Doc Brown?" I grab the TV Guide for this week. "Baseball!? Nooo! They cut Doc Brown for baseball!?"


This was always fun.

Calling your girlfriend and having their parents pick up and having to talk to them.


Even worse when you're on the call and some else picks up and just starts dialing.


Hello, and welcome to Moviefone.

Calling the movie theatres recorded phone line to find out what time everything is playing.


I had to use the actual printed newspaper for movie times. My local theater (three screens) didn't have an answering machine that worked half the time.


This was such a gamble.

The mad dash to get to the bathroom and back before commercials end.


I still do this occasionally if there's something really good on and I can't miss any of it.


And your minutes counted toward both.

Can't use the phone and internet at the same time.


Downloading something at a glacial pace, 98% complete and your mom just decides to call her friend.


Wow, retro.

Pre-microwave. Putting your plate of food over a saucepan of boiling water to reheat it. And waiting for 1/2 hr for it to become slightly warmer than room temperature.


Oh, that's old. I think you win this thread.


This was kinda therapeutic.

The slow rotating cable channel guide. Just missing the channel you were interested in and having to wait 5 minutes for it to scroll all the way around again.


I remember watching this channel and it had commercials. Not half the screen but stop showing you what's on for a 30-second commercial.

I remember the half screen being devoted to the scrolling and other half commercials was a miracle.


When we were kids, there was no Google.

Just not having answers to every question imaginable 100% of the time.


It was kind of fun when everybody at a party was racking their brain trying to remember the name of a movie. Then 2 hours and 20 conversations later someone would just blurt out "Glory!"

Then everyone would stare and start trying to make sense on how glory fit with what they were talking about. Then someone else would catch on like yeahhhhh, that's it! And they'd have their secret moment where only they get it before filling everyone in. Then we'd all chime in and reflect on how we almost had it or never would've thought of it...and of course that one person who says that's not the movie they were thinking of.


Just be home by dark.

Parents not being able to contact you all the time, so you could go out to play with your friends and be completely free-range for eight hours or more in the summer.


Also to add to your comment when the first cell phones came out you could blame it on "no service." I grew up in a rural community and when we were getting shit faced at a bonfire in a cornfield and mom calls, you just let it rang and blame it to no service.


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