Adults Reveal The Most Heartbreaking Thing A Child Has Ever Said To Them.

Kids are honest and usually hilarious with their silly remarks. However, they do have their serious, heartwarming moments. It all comes from their pure little heart. In this article, people share the most heartbreaking thing a child has ever told them.

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There was a 9-year-old boy sitting during youth choir rehearsal with tears flowing down his cheeks throughout. Normally, he was very upbeat and enthusiastic about participation, but not this particular day.

After rehearsal, I took him aside and asked what was wrong. He said that the wake for his grandmother's funeral was taking place and his parents wouldn't let him go because they thought he was "too young" to handle it.

He just looked at me and said, "I love my Grandmother, and I want to be with her.


I'm a single father to a 7 year old boy. He was very close to my dad. My dad, was an alcoholic and died at 56 three years ago. One night while my son and I were back in my home town for his funeral, we were just sort of hanging out on the couch and my son tears up a bit and says "Daddy, promise you won't ever die." Not really thinking I replied "Buddy, we all go sometime, are you afraid of not having a daddy around to help you?" He replied "No, I'm afraid of not having you left to love me." It brought on the heart break for sure.


I work at a daycare. One of my four year old's newborn sister died, and the little boy told me "My sister's an angel now, but I want her to be a kid." 


When my sister was 4, her dad skipped town but he still occasionally video called her promising her toys and ice cream, etc, but never delivered. One morning our mum had to work and her dad promised he would pick her up and take her out for a few hours while mum worked but never showed up. I ended up taking her out and while we were walking she suddenly started crying and asked me "Why doesn't my daddy love me?


My son aged around 6 or 7, looking up from a book:

"Is Santa real?"

Me:"Do you really REALLY want me to tell you?"

Him (having thought for a moment): "Yes, I really want to know."

Me: " Ok then... he isn't real, he's just a lovely idea, and daddy and I buy the presents that go in your stocking."

He nodded and carried on reading. A minute or two later I looked over and he was sobbing silently. I hugged him and he said:

"I knew it wasn't real... but I so wanted it to be."

We cried together. I still do stockings and they open them on our bed. Ages 29, 27 and 23.


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My little brother, when he was about 5. I found him walking around the house weeping, not crying out loud for attention but silently weeping to himself. I stopped him and asked him what was wrong and he just looked up at me through tears and said, "I'm just having a bad day..." It broke my heart. Five year olds shouldn't have bad days.


My son was 8 or 9 when he said "Maybe when I'm in high school people won't make fun of me anymore." My heart shattered. I had gone up against a school district who called children's services on us in retaliation for reporting the teacher who was bullying my son. I had gone toe to toe with this man. I couldn't do the same with the kids at his new school. He had bruises on his neck from being choked, marks on his arm from those Indian burns or whatever that lasted two days. Bruises he shouldn't have had, that couldn't be explained. He was making up upset stomachs and headaches and other ailments to get out of school. His step-mom and I called repeatedly, tried everything. Finally things stopped, and he's now 11 and happy, but it was a heartbreaking year and I'll never forget those words.


My little sister to my mom after having her eye removed and enduring a year of chemo (retinoblastoma cancer).

"My fake eye is in, my hair has grown back, I'm back in school. I finally feel like a normal kid."

She put on such a brave face throughout the whole ordeal.


M ex's little girl. Grabbed my hand in the supermarket and said "I am so happy you are my dad's loved one."

He broke up with me a few days later completely out of the blue. I've never been good with kids but it breaks my heart when I think about it.


I was babysitting my niece and nephew. Niece was 6 and nephew was <a year. I was holding the baby and tickling him and stuff when my niece asked me "why do you love my brother more than me?" Broke my heart. I tried to explain that babies just need more attention because they can't do things for themselves like she can. She just said "that's what my mom says, too." In this sad voice like she still thought everyone loved her brother more. I try to spend a little more 1 on 1 time with her now, and I think she's doing a little better now that her brother is old enough to run around and play with instead of just a screaming potato.


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I spend a lot more time with the kids than my husband, because he works a lot.

Our three year old asked me the other day, "Is daddy gonna come over tonight?"

And I was like "yeah, daddy lives here, of course he will come over tonight"

And he said, "no, daddy lives at work."

And that broke my heart. Wish life was a little different, so we could both be with the kids all the time.


My three year old daughter asked, "Mama, are you sad?" because I was silently crying to myself while holding her. I lied when I said that I was just tired. She then asked, "Does Dada make you sad?" Again, I lied that no, he doesn't make me sad. But she, even as a three year old, had an idea of the truth.


"I don't think Daddy loves me."

His dad and I have joint custody with week on week off. Every once in a while he will randomly state something about how he doesn't think his dad loves/cares about him and refuses to go into more detail just saying "I just know, Mom.


When I separated from their dad and moved out with the kids, after about two days my 2 year old said "nobody's angry!" It was like he'd been so used to seeing his dad angry all the time and he had this revelation that people generally are happier and nicer than that. It was heartbreaking realising that had been what he thought life would always be like, but definitely convinced me I'd made the right decision leaving.


My son was 5 at the time, there was something on CNN about a large group of Kurds being murdered. He turned to me and said "why do they have to kill the kids, they don't have to do that, do they?" Ugh, get's me every time I think of it. All I could say is not to worry, that he is safe here and mommy and daddy would protect him…


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My son was talking to his little sister about the tooth fairy. He told her that the tooth fairy brings money for the first few teeth, but then forgets to come for the rest. Turns out that he had lost a couple of teeth that he didn't tell my wife and I about and just believed in the magic of the tooth fairy. I felt so bad... he got a letter in the mail a few days later from the "tooth fairy" with a $20 in it that apologized to him, she had broken a wing and couldn't get his teeth until a little while later.


My daughter, 9 at the time told me "I said to all my friends that you have a job and you're smilling again!"

I had spent 3 years dealing with depression, and I had lost 7 jobs in the same time period.

The previous day, my boss told me he would keep me.

During these years, I did my best to hide it but she knew it was a troubled time.


I was talking to this 8-year-old boy whose aunt burned his hand on the stove as punishment. He said "My aunt burned my hand, but I forgive her." I was so moved by his innocence and being able to forgive so easily despite having to go through something so traumatic and painful.


Single dad of twins. My ex and I split when they were about 3 years old. (15 now). So anyway, in those early days my ex had a hard time with motherhood and was prone to cutting short her time with the kids. One such occasion she dropped them off after only having them for a couple of hours and was pretty much off the planet. I had a girlfriend (platonic) over when she dropped them off. After her screaming at me and the kids. She peeled out with screeching tyres. My daughter noticed my friend and turned to her and said "Are you going to be my new mummy now?


I was a single parent raising a four year old on my own due to my husband passing away unexpectedly. I was in school to become a nurse and spent a great amount of time studying. My son would watch his cartoons or play with his toys to stay busy. The phone rang and my son answered it. I heard him tell the sales person, "mamma cannot come to the phone because she is studying." then the sales person must have asked to speak with his dad. I then heard my son say "No, my daddy cannot come to the phone because he is in heaven." It brought tears to my eyes.


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After 4 weeks in hospital and 3 neurosurgical operations within 1 week my 5 year old was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer in his brain and spine. We sat on his hospital bed as he drew a rainbow and told me to 'cry happy tears'.

4 years later and I'm still regularly tearing up thinking about that night. He is still here and doing great, so happy tears indeed.


I'm currently pregnant so my child hasn't said anything to me yet but my oldest nephew has a real deadbeat dad who hasn't seen him since he was 7, he's 10 now.

One day I was tucking him in while babysitting and he sat up and said "I wish my dad would call me, I miss him a lot." It really broke my heart, my sister is remarried and has an amazing husband who raises my nephew like his own in addition to two children with my sister. His step father is a good man, but you can never replace a father who used to be around but suddenly removed himself.

His dad did attempt to come back into his life but he's a drug addict and doesn't properly care for my nephew when he has him so my sister has kept him out of his life for his own safety. I feel she is doing the right thing by keeping him away from his dad, but that doesn't stop my nephew from missing his dad.


As part of my long practicum, I was a student teacher in a grade 3/4 class that had a girl with extreme behaviour issues (lying, stealing, tantrums, running away, physical aggression, etc.). She could be really sweet and charming when she wanted to be, but had no control over her emotions and wasn't able to make/keep friends. Nobody ever wanted to sit with her or work on projects with her, and nobody invited her to join their games at lunch or recess.

One day she got into a screaming match with some girls who wouldn't let her play a skipping game with them, and had to be pulled out of the gym. I was sitting with her in the hallway trying to talk to her about what happened, when she burst into helpless tears (the first genuine ones I'd seen from her) and said, "I know it's my fault they don't like me, but I try so hard to be good and I just can't. I'm so mean and angry all the time and I don't know why. I just want my dad to come take me away.


We recently had a friend lose their three year old daughter. It brought up a lot of conversations about death with our five year old that were just tough for me as a parent. I know it's a part of life, and I think we handled everything well but it broke my heart to have to explain everything to him.

A week or so after the funeral, he asked what would happen to him and his younger sister if we (his parents) died. He asked if they would be alone and who would take them to school. I explained that his grandparents would, but they would probably go to a different school then and he told me "if you die when I'm a grown-up but 'sister' isn't, I will take care of her and I will take her to school."

It kind of killed me. I don't know. It's nothing so tragic, but having him come to some sort of understanding about loss was really hard on me.


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This past school year having my 11 year old cousin, mind you he is on the spectrum but high functioning and one of the sweetest, most tender hearted kids I've ever known, come home from school and say 'I don't want to be here anymore.'

He's been bullied by his 'friends', I don't mean typical kids being general jerks. These kids would hit him, choke him, and call him names.

I've been in his shoes and it shattered my heart to know he'd felt this way. So, I told him buddy I promise it'll get better, I'll take care of it. Long story short my grandmother and I went to the school board with all of the evidence that these kids had been abusive to him as well as the teachers and administrative staff neglecting the ongoing scenario. Previous jerk friends were removed from the school and put into the 'alternative' school.

He's doing much better and has made fantastic friends this time around. 


My ten year old sister: "I try very hard. I don't miss many classes and I do my homework by myself, but I only get Cs and Bs. Aubrey misses so many but she always gets As. It makes me tired."

My mother and I know Aubrey's mother from work - she's a teacher who has joked with us about how she does her daughter's homework assignments. And Aubrey hasn't been to school more than 3 days in a week all year "because she wasn't feeling it today."

It makes me sad, that my sister is losing her enthusiasm for learning (she's the sort of kid who finds odd obsessions - right now it's Helen Keller and Jane Goodall, and she researches them and reads about them near constantly) because she can't compete with 40 year old university educated helicopter mothers. And her teachers should know enough to see the work in school and the work from home just doesn't match up.


When we were pregnant with our second, it was twins and we kept it quiet for as long as we could. We told our 5 year old and she told all of her friends "Mommy is having TWO babies!!" Well, at 16 weeks we lost one of them.

Hearing her tell her little best friend she was only getting one sibling instead broke me.


"I wish you were our mom."

"That's nice of you to say, but you're very lucky to have XXXX as your mom."

She looked down and said "No, we're not."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm not supposed to tell." She whispered while she looked anxiously around.

"Hey, you can tell me okay. I'll make sure you and your sister are fine and I won't tell anyone else unless you say it is ok. I promise. So what does your mom do that you don't like?"

She slowly lifted her shirt and said "When she smokes. But don't tell her I said that because then she'll hurt [little sisters name]."

Her mom, who seemed completely normal, was leaving burn marks from cigarettes on her seven year old daughter and threatening her by saying she would hurt her little sister. I drove them to my grandmas' house at once and while she made them some food and told them stories I called the cops and my mom's friend who is a federal judge. She gave me a lot of tips and their mother went to jail and my aunt adopted both of them. So technically they're my cousins now, but I see them as sisters.



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