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The holidays are just around the corner, and for many adults that means shopping for their co-worker, their family, and their kids because heaven forbid little Jimmy go one year without the latest Lego set. With so much love going around for everyone else, you can easily forget to take care of yourself. Thankfully, the internet is here to remind you that you want things, too, and that's okay.

Reddit user, u/danny_ish, wanted adults to be honest about what they wanted this year when they asked:

Adults of reddit, what gifts do you actually want for the holidays?

Holding On To Memories Of Now

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A really nice, digital camera with great zoom so I can take beautiful photos of my kids, my Siberian Huskies and the birds in my garden. ūüėć


Who's A Good Doggo?

same thing I wanted as a kid honestly - a dog


May I suggest looking now- a lot of shelters are crazy busy come Christmas, and then a lot of dogs get returned. If you look now you will have more to choose from, and you can still buy all the accessories on sale before Christmas


Something Sweet And Kind

Honestly I cherish any note or card my kids have given me especially when they say something positive or nice in it.


Keep It Clean

A basket of hygiene products. Hair care, razors and shaving gel, etc. That sh-t is expensive so if I can get a few week's supply for free for Christmas, YES PLEASE.


A Sleeping Hug

A weighted blanket. I heard it feels like a hug. It will also maybe prevent me from waking up with sheets on the floor as I am a tornado in bed.

Also crazy socks. I think they look cool.


Everyone Knows The Shapes Of Action Figure And Doll Boxes

I'm 24 and I still like getting toys and games for Christmas.

Things I would enjoy but feel guilty about buying for myself because they're "frivolous."


Holographic Darth Maul, Anyone?

Any Funko Pop. They're like $20CAD, and the variety is endless. For me I guess it's the gesture of getting a gift that makes me feel good, and a Funko Pop can be thoughtful depending on what you get/give.


Reminder To All Fellow Millennials Out There:

The full series of The Office on DVD because its being taken off Netflix January 1st


That Last One, Tho

A water heater

A better vacuum cleaner

Fuel Oil for the furnace

Reece's candy


Being an adult is sad and hard and that's why I need candy.


Nothing Better In The Morning

A coffee maker. Mine crapped the bed about 9 months ago. My parents are still pretty cool and always get me something for Christmas and my sisters.

My sisters both asked for a ton of crap and the only thing I asked for was a coffee maker. And maybe some socks because I can never seem to keep a matching pair.


Something Homemade, With Love

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My daughter-in-law always makes me things. This year she is making ornaments with all of her pets' footprints on them. This is the type of gift I prefer.


We Like Stuff We Can Eat

For most adults, I find consumable goods are the best gifts cause we all live in tiny spaces and theres no room for more stuff.

So bougie versions of normal stuff like cookies, fancy wines/beers, a nice perfume (if u kno their preferred scents) candles, snacks, soaps etc

If you want actual stuff I recommend small tokens that remind you of them. Socks or a Keychain of their favorite cartoon/show. Or Small pieces of jewelry, nothing fancy, you can find cute inexpensive jewelry at most department stores like Macy's or jc penny or online on Etsy. Stuff that fits their style.

If you're closer to the person then stuff that compliments their hobbies. I have art friends that die for art supplies, gamers always have another video game they want to buy, music obsessives love records or band merch, some people love doing weird makeup styles so new brushes or palettes (im srs pay attention to their hobbies)

If you're REALLY at a loss.... gift cards with a funny card. Write a cute message.... pick a restaurant, coffee place or major store (target). Pajamas. I feel like you can't f-ck up with pajamas or a nice blanket. But gift cards.


Never Discount Quality Sleep

A good pajama set.


Getting Everything You Want, But Not All You Want

It's a bit of paradox now that I think about it.

When I was a child I lacked an income so I depended on my parents to buy me all of the material things I wanted which is why I looked forward to birthdays/holidays.

Now that I'm an adult with what most would consider a high income I can buy any material things I want but working hard to make that money by seeing patients, taking call and running a business often leaves me lacking quality time spent with my parents who aren't exactly going to be around forever.

So my answer is just a couple weeks off to go spend time with my parents. That's all I want and all I'm looking forward too during the holidays


Thinking Ahead To The Future

A pregnancy [massage] or a cheap 50' smart TV, which there are a lot of right now but its just not in my budget with Christmas, Hanukah and my Sons birthday all in the same 2 weeks plus a baby due a few weeks after. My parents are awesome tho so they might buy me one if I ask.


Are You Listening, Santa?

New flooring for the kitchen and dining room. Never ever buy the cheapest flooring, because we now have holes in our linoleum.

Also, jobs for my kids as soon as vaccines are all over the place, I would like them to move to their own place(s) for a little peace and quiet.

A job for me would be nice too.


Can I Get Some Sweet, Sweet Silence?

I want 48 hours all to myself. In my house.

Did I mention, ALONE?


God that would be awesome.

I love my family and all but I am NEVER alone. It drives me nuts.


They Can't Not Think Of Things They Want

Kitchenaid Pro 600 mixer in the color Ice or Aqua Sky

Camera gear

Switch games

Clothes (I rarely shop for myself so Christmas is usually when I get clothes or any other necessities I need)


I used to hate getting socks and underwear as a teen but for the past 17yrs I've been thankful that my mom still gets me a new pair because they aren't cheap.


Nothing Like Right Out Of The Oven

As a an adult man with a good job who can buy anything he wants - home made chocolate chip cookies are still always appreciated.


Building Your Own World

I'm a grown man and I still want some more Lego.


I'm a grown man and I bought waaaay too many Legos this year hah


Oh Yeah...Worldwide Pandemic.

A warm hug from people I care about. There can never be too much hugging.


Same, stupid virus. I hope you and yours are safe and healthy


You Never Know What You Have Until It's Gone

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For the whole family to be able to get together for Christmas. I will not have that this year, but hopefully next year


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