People Confess Which 'Adulting' Tasks They're So Tired Of Performing
Alex Kotliarskyi on Unsplash

We may not like it, but getting older is pretty inevitable.

With age may come wisdom, but it also comes with lots of responsibilities.

And some days, we're just over it.

Redditor brick_layer asked:

"What tasks are you tired of doing as an adult?"

Decisions, Decisions

"Deciding what to make for dinner."

- PortiaEss

"I would eat people kibble if it tasted good. Bachelor Chow (just add beer) needs to be a real thing."

- chaos8803

Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho

"Going to work and acting like a functional person."

- ovelanimimerkki

"Yep, I hate trying to work when I'm not emotionally stable or just exhausted. And you literally can't tell anyone or they tell you to go get a coffee which just makes the week go downhill over time."

- gg_ff_42069


"Being polite to other adults who don't deserve it."

- 25_-a

"Also known as the 'I am too old for this sh*t' phase of life."

- Zintao


"Cleaning the fridge. 🤢 when I find something way in the back that’s been forgotten."

- joydobson

"I finally cleaned out ours today because it was trash day, and the husband isn’t home to argue with me about how that sauce from 2015 is 'still good!!' 🤨 Now I have an empty fridge with just the bare essentials. Worth it."

- Grizelda_Gunderson

Circle of Life

"Working. Paying bills. Getting up early. Doing stuff."

- guyfromcroswell

"Agreed. Such a mundane cycle indeed."

- Emotional_Ratio_3251

Is Naked So Bad?

"Laundry grrrrr."

- FewPizza7880

"I tend to put the laundry in, hear it beep, forget about it for 6 hours then remember it needs to dry."

- marvel_is_wow


"Anticipating the morons on the roads that change lanes without signaling."

- Reddit

"Or merging into 70mph traffic while doing 45..."

- haveyouseenthebridge

"Or being stuck behind those people as we're merging, I get pissed. Like speed up to the flow of traffic, being behind them merging puts me in danger too."

- Nigel_IncubatorJones


"Buying a house is an endless list of shit that needs fixing or improving."

- muffbiscuits

"This is one of the many reasons I bought a condo. The majority of the maintenance is somebody else’s problem. I haven’t cut grass, raked leaves or shoveled snow in almost a decade."

‐ yogaballcactus


​"Brushing my teeth. It's annoying."

- scottevil110"

"I feel this deep. It’s flossing for me."

- brick_layer

"Wait until you're in your 60s and all of a sudden the perfect teeth that never even had a cavity now all of a sudden have tiny cracks and need porcelain crowns and you have constant pain and Delta Dental only covers cleanings and x-rays and a single crown is like $1500 and they're telling you that you need four and you think, well, we don't really need two cars, I could sell my old Subaru."

- Nobody_Wins_13


"Waking up to an alarm clock."

"I've been waking up to an alarm clock almost every day since 1985, and I'm fucking tired of it."

"I want to wake up when I'm done sleeping."

"I don't want to wake up and find that I've slept through/turned off my alarm(s) yet again, and have to choose between packing a lunch and taking a shower."

- thisbuttonsucks

What part of adulthood are you tired of?

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