Cute and fuzzy does not a good pet make.

Many animals that seem adorable from afar would be far less pleasant inside your house.

Redditor yourrenotthebossofme asked:

Which animal is adorable but would make a horrible pet?

Chaotic Koala



"They're among the most finicky eaters in the animal kingdom--they only eat eucalyptus leaves and even then, only a few species of eucalyptus."


Problematic Panda

"Panda bears ain’t that nice."


"There was a zoo in China where someone went in and tried to play with the pandas. of course they got attacked. I think they lived and one of the zoo workers being interviewed said 'people need to remember that Panda's aren't kittens...they're bears...'"

"I'll always remember that quote because it's just one of those things that shouldn't have to be does because people are dumb."


Ornery Otter



"Yes, I love otters for their cute human like behaviour. But they make loud unpleasant noises and their poop smells."


"That sentence also describes my children."


"We used to live in Anchorage, and as part of a 'blind auction', we won a behind the scenes tour of the Seward Sealife Center. These people were so nice! We must have wandered around there for hours with the staff. We got up close and personal with octopus, harbor seals, stellar sea lions, (and trust me, you have not known fear until a 600lb female comes 'running' at you with her mouth wide open) but the one creature they made sure to keep barriers between us and them? THE OTTERS. The staff described them as 'chainsaws with fur.'"


Complicated Capybara

"​Capybaras are very cute, but apparently they are pretty high maintenance. They are, essentially, a wild animal (although not typically aggressive towards humans), and they need a fairly large body of water in their environment (I believe this is where they relax, and also excrete), which is automatically not really viable for a lot of people. They are also social creatures, and they get stressed if they are alone, so if someone was to have one as a pet, they would need more than one for the wellbeing of the animal."


Duck-billed Problem

​"The Platypus."


"This is why the creators of Phineas and Ferb gave them a pet platypus (Perry). They wanted the characters to have a pet but were worried that the kids watching the show would see this pet and beg their parents for one because this could potentially result in thousands of impulse purchases and abandoned or neglected animals. They settled on a platypus because"

"1. ⁠It's strange appearance might be off-putting to some people"

"2. ⁠Doing any amount of research at all, even the bare minimum, is enough to convince most people that a platypus would be a terrible pet."

"3. ⁠Where the f*ck would you get a platypus?"


Giant Ferrets

"​Pine Marten. Imagine a ferret that can kill a deer."


"Vastly cool animal that I don't want to pet."


Big Eyes Big Problems

"​Kinkajous. I have no idea why people keep them as pets but, as a zookeeper, don’t do it."


"They're strictly nocturnal, can be aggressive, and dislike noise. Out of all the members of the raccoon family, I'd wager that the kinkajou is the worst one to try and keep for a pet."


"I saw a guy skateboarding by my house with one on his shoulder. Felt so bad for it. It couldn’t have been having a good time. Stressing out an animal so you can look cool is so sad."


​Polar Mistake

​"Polar Bear. They look adorable right up until they eat you."


"Did you know that their hair is clear? It is basically a tube that holds air (a good insulator believe it or not) against their body to protect themselves. It only appears white because of refraction. Just like snow!"


"Yes! It's bizarre to look at closely. Disclaimer: Never look closely at polar bear fur that's still walking around. It will eat you."


Vexing Vixens​

​"A Fox, they’re beautiful but they really don’t domesticate well."


"and some of them scream like bloody murder when they're happy. and when they arent screaming, they're laughing like the joker."


"Funny story. A few months ago I was hearing ungodly scream-like laughter in my backyard in the middle of the night. Freaked out and called the cops, they were at my house in about two minutes."

"I direct them, guns drawn, toward the ruckus…they come back laughing. Foxes doing the hibbity-dibbity in plain sight. Apparently they scream when mating, or looking to mate. I felt like an idiot."


​Bunny Troubles

​"I think that animals that are considered to be adorable can also make horrible pets. For example, rabbits can be extremely cute, but they require a lot of care and attention. If you're not willing to put in the work, then a rabbit is not the right pet for you."


"Omg yes. Everyone I've known who had rabbits inevitably ended up pretty much abandoning them to the little rabbit area, which was always filthy, and the rabbits never got enough love. It's heartbreaking. I'd say at least 90% of rabbit owners shouldn't have gotten a rabbit at all."


Cute does not equal cuddly or friendly. Choose your pets wisely.

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