People Divulge Which Addictions Nobody Takes Seriously Enough
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When we hear the words "addict" or "addiction", our mind usually jumps to drugs and alcohol.

But addictive behavior transcends those common vices.

Indeed, people can find themselves becoming addicted to just about anything.

While some pose a less significant threat to one's physical health, they remain no less serious a problem.

Redditor Windsorbear97 was curious to hear which addictions the Reddit community felt weren't given enough attention of concern, leading them to ask:

'What is an addiction that nobody takes seriously?"

Time to cut back on the screen time...

"My phone and my usage of said phone."- VagueViper88

And not the kind you find on stage...


"Some people thrive and are addicted to drama and chaos."- CM_NRS

You can't just have one

"Binge eating."- Loulabee1983

Oh look at that, I must have it!


"Especially if you grew up poor and have more money when you're an adult."

"My mom was so bad with this that when she died it was a disaster figuring out what she had paid for and where she had debt."

"I have a friend who would spend her whole paycheck on Amazon purchases and wouldn't even see this as being an issue, even when she would beg her parents or rich men for money to make rent."

"They usually buy junk they don't even need or clothes."

"So many clothes."

"They always shop when they are not feeling well, it is 100% a coping mechanism."

"I was in my 20s when I realized that no one else had a mom who would go to Walmart with a 100$ budget cause they were feeling sad."

"Such an obviously expensive addiction too." - User Deleted

How "social" is it though?

"Dopamine feedback loop from various forms of electronic entertainment and social media sites."- Clintman

"Social Media.'

"Went to a counsellor after I had taken any sort of social media app off of my phone in an attempt to stop using it to distract myself from what I'm feeling because I'm currently going through a break up."

"Basically as soon as I got too emotional in the session, she suggested we do this blinking exercise where you look at a nice photo and blink and do that a few times."

"we did this because she 'knew distractions worked well for me'."

"That's why I'm back here as well."

"Seems pointless to distract myself if my 'good' option is to be distracted by someone else sitting across the room."- Glum_Advertising_958

Can't think of getting through my day without it.

"Caffeine, without a doubt in my mind."- No_Relationship9732

Big money... not really


"It’s taken seriously to an extent, but things like the lottery are very glamorized, and there’s so many tv competitions and radio competitions etc out there nowadays and they’re kinda gateways."- Safe-Initiative4266

There's no harm in putting something off... until it's too late!


"It’s embarrassing because I should be able to 'just do it', but then a task that shouldn’t feel too hard will feel so daunting and impossible, I’ll end up doing it late or sometimes not at all, and the whole cycle is the root of so many problems in my life."

"It’s emotionally and functionally horrible when it gets bad enough."

"I’ve read all the advice out there and none of it works for me for longer than a day or two."

"I’m at my wit’s end and feel crazy because it’s so illogical but I can’t stop."- thatbassonist

Indeed, if you find yourself unable to kick a particular habit, it might be worth asking yourself if this is, in fact, just a habit.

And then find the courage to ask for help should you need it.

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