Actress Joey King Calls Out Airplane Passenger Who Thought She Had Cancer Because Of Her Shaved Head—And It Just Gets Worse 😮

Actress Joey King Calls Out Airplane Passenger Who Thought She Had Cancer Because Of Her Shaved Head—And It Just Gets Worse 😮
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Actress Joey King does not have cancer — and even if she did, that's no reason to be awful. The actress found herself in the incredibly uncomfortable position of having to explain this to people after an encounter on a flight.

Up until now, Joey King has been known for her long, thick, hair and big blue eyes. The combo is kind of her thing; check out the new magazine cover she has coming out:

Her fans were stunned when she casually dropped THIS Instagram post:

Joey landed a new role that required her to shave her head, which she obviously didn't mind since she mentioned she'd done it twice before. She's excited about the project and has been talking about it online quite a bit. Then she got on a plane and had an encounter that changed the whole direction of her updates. She went from talking about upcoming projects to talking about how a fellow passenger disrespected her.

Let's set the scene. Joey is sitting on her flight when the man next to her makes a disgusted face, whips out his phone, points it in her face and snaps her picture. Being an actress she might be used to having her picture taken, but this was startlingly blatant. So Joey looked down at his phone to see the man sending her picture to someone and telling them he was sitting next to someone who had cancer and they coughed and he didn't want to catch their cancer.


Here are her tweets about the incident.

Assuming someone with no hair automatically has cancer is a bit ridiculous, but if that's the only exposure to bald women you've ever had, then maybe we could excuse it as a lesson learned... as this man didn't know Joey's head was shaved for a role. But his awful was a whole other level. He completely disregarded her privacy, her personal space, and so much more.

Twitter is disgusted with him.

But not everyone was on #TeamJoey

We want your thoughts on how things went down. Was the other passenger out of line, or was Joey's response inappropriate? Sound off.

H/T: Twitter, Teen Vogue

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