People Break Down The One Activity They'll Never Try Again
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Sometimes you only need to experience something once, to know it's a never again situation.

I always say, try everything once.

Well, now that I'm older, a caveat to that is... try it all within reason.

How many things have we all walked away from saying the one time experience will suffice?

In fact, knowing when to say no is one of life's wisest choices.

RedditorCroakiedwanted to discuss the times we've all said... "once was enough!" They asked:

"What is one thing that you will NEVER do again?"

Love. Did it. A few times. Moving on.

Stay Still

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"Jump off a moving train."


"My dad used to jump on a train when he was little to go to school. He broke his nose like twice doing it. He also would not recommend."



"Smoke alcohol. Me and my friends bought something called a 'vaportini' in college where you could pour alcohol into a bulb and after low heat separated the alcohol from the liquid, you could inhale it thru the glass straw you inserted into the bulb. Basically you got drunk directly into your bloodstream/brain and it never hit your stomach."

"If you did too much, your body wouldn’t make you vomit or something, there wouldn’t be a simple self regulation/safety measure. You’d just get alcohol poisoning. Felt very dangerous, the drunk wasn’t a regular drunk feeling. We used it once and were like okay, never again. I’d be surprised if you could still buy it, although it would be incredibly easy to replicate at home."


It’s heartbreaking...

"Fall in love with a drug addict."


"Good call, don’t do it. The drugs will always come first. Can’t go out unless their 'ok' with how much drugs they have and money left over if any, cant make love unless they have their fix for the night and even still it never feels normal, can’t trust them after the lies to get drugs and the manipulation they put you through, and you can’t change them no matter how much you try and wish they would. It’s heartbreaking."


More me time...

"Give up my life for work. F**k going the extra mile for a place that doesn't value you and pays you crap even though you go the extra mile for them. You have 1 life with only so much precious time to enjoy it and slaving away at some job is not worth it. Do what you can to reduce your workload and find better employment, or hell try to change the working conditions at your current job to improve things for everyone if you can."


Well Obvi...

"Donate a kidney."


"Well, you could donate the remaining one. You just won’t be around to say anything about it."


This is definitely list I can relate to. No thank you on a lot of this!

I Quit

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"Smoke cigarettes, it's been two years since I quit."


Forget It

"Climb mount Kilimanjaro. Toughest thing I've done and it's not worth it. I'm all about tough treks and camping but to put yourself under tough conditions and suspectable to altitude sickness only to get to the top for 10 minutes for a picture. No thank you."


"I agree, it was memorable. Once was enough for my husband and I. Thankfully we stayed at American style hotel run by the US Navy with a hot tub and bar. Alcohol was definitely needed after all that."


I'm living alone!

"Sign a lease with a stranger without hanging out with them a few times beforehand. My past roommate experiences in college were terrible. Roommates either ignored me, hosted parties til 3 AM on weeknights, made the house the hangout and drug-den for them and their buddies. Meet up once and they'll put on an act for you. If you can, try to see how they act drunk or frustrated."

"Try to hang out with their buddies too so you can see the type of people who could be coming into your future place of residence. As soon as I can afford it, I'm living alone! Now, I investigate a potential roommate's social media and hang out at least twice before signing a lease with them."


Stay Away

"Take back a cheater. Know your worth my brothers and sisters."


"Ughhhhh going back and forth on this one. My boyfriend of 5 years has cheated on me. Several times, actually but says he’s really changed and is ready to settle down and wants me to move in with him. I’m on the fence. So they never change???"



Tired Good Night GIF by HBO MaxGiphy

"Take a laxative and sleeping pill at the same time."


Once, twice, three times... I'm out. Bye.

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