People Explain Which Activities They've Vowed Never To Take Up
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Most of us have that one thing they strongly object to doing.

Any attempt at trying to convince a person to do something they are apprehensive about is futile because at the end of the day, we all have our kryptonite, and we will avoid confronting it at all costs.

Those who are brave enough to take a leap may come out on the other side a champion. And good for them.

But a majority of non-risk-takers are perfectly fine with perpetuating their comfortable existence without enlightenment that may never come.

Curious to hear from strangers online, Redditor alskjdhf asked:

"What will you never do, not even once?"

When it comes to sharing a life with a significant other, these are things Redditors hope to avoid.

Saying 'I Don't'

"Marry someone I don't love."

- [deleted]


"Cheat while being in a relationship and cheat while i'm married."



"As a person who did reproduce - I'm very happy with my decision but it is so much fucking work, not at all something you should do by accident. Use birth control people! I recommend IUDs, they are about as close to foolproof as it's possible to get."


Thrill-seekers live off of adrenaline, but these Redditors are comfortable in opting out of adventure.


"Cave exploring- not sure if that's what it's officially called but when people wedge themselves into tiny spaces underground in caves to go and have a look."

"Just nope. No way. Why do people do this?"


Exploration Gone Bad

"Yup, I'm pretty outdoorsy and adventurous but spelunking frightens me for some reason. That became worse when I heard about the Nutty Putty cave incident. If you don't know what it's about basically a guy got stuck in a very narrow opening and because of the complicated location of the said opening they couldn't get him out. Rescuers could see his legs but were helpless. He eventually died but it was deemed too dangerous to retrieve his body so they just left it there. The cave is now closed to the public and the opening was closed shut."


The Defective Cord

"Bunjee jumping. A broken rubber took me into this world, a broken rubber is not taking me out of it."


Extravagant Indulgences

"Buy a mansion or a super expensive car. Even if I had the money. I feel it's just for ego inflation while there is people that don't have a healthy place to live and get a packet bus to work everyday."


There are enough horror stories out there to keep people from being in altered states.

It Effs You Up


"Edit: Also heroin."


Confession From An Addict

"Heroin. It ruined my life for about half a decade. It ended my relationship with someone I loved more than anything. I still have dreams where I'm addicted and in withdrawals again. Recovery from opiate addiction is an awful, painful, and non-linear process. I hate myself every day for being an addict. I hate that I didn't get help sooner, and that it had to get as bad as it did for me to change. I'm not sure I'll forgive myself for it for a very long time, if ever."



"26 and still haven't smoked."


I remember watching an episode of Fear Factor or something similar where a contestant faced their arachnophobia by letting a tarantula crawl on his face.

Watching that alone gave me such high anxiety.

It's a hard "nope" for me, and not even a couple thousand bucks would make me allow an eight-legged monster to chill on my face and lay thousands of spider eggs in my eyes and nose.

We don't talk about Bruno... and all of the other crazies in the family.

Maybe that is why that song struck such a chord... we can all relate to family secrets and family crazy.

Even though every generation has gotten a little more open and willing to discuss trauma, we still have a long way to go.

There is something to be said for not airing out all of the dirty laundry.

Everybody doesn't have to know private business.

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