As you walk down the street in the middle of the afternoon, you might pass by people doing various jobs or activities which wouldn't seem out of the ordinary.

But witnessing these same tasks occurring in the early hours of the morning might raise your suspicions.

What seemed like an everyday, normal job, now might be cause for alarm, resulting in you having trouble falling asleep after seeing it.

Redditor JustPlay94_cryer was curious to learn what jobs or activities members of the Reddit community wouldn't think twice about seeing in the afternoon, but might stop dead in their tracks in the middle of the night, leading them to ask:

"What is normal at 3PM, but terrifying at 3AM?"

Never trust those who travel at night...

"Car pulling into your driveway."- Playful_Beat_6958

Is someone there?

"My google home on max volume saying 'MICROPHONE DISCONNECTED'."


"I live alone."- I_Seen_Some_Stuff

At this hour, it can't be good news...

"Breaking news"- the4thtriforce

breaking news GIF by ATTN:Giphy

Is everyone trying to get ahead on their commute?

"Having had to flee my home at 2AM due to wildfires, I'd say heavy traffic."

"It's the heavy traffic at 3AM that's terrifying, not the wildfires, which are terrifying no matter what time it is."- BarracudaImpossible4

What are they trying to cover up?

"Digging a hole."- -Imyoshi

This is NOT a drill!

"Tornado Siren Test."

"Guaranteed it's not a test at 3am."- mdkubit

tornado GIFGiphy

"I didn't even add the batteries yet..."

"A kid's toy going off in a random room."- just-a-hambone

The can smell danger from a mile away...

"Dog standing at the top of the stairs and barking at something on the main floor."- MedicalArm5689

Better be urgent...

"A phone call from parents/relatives etc."- DeadOnDeparture98

"A call from a parent/relative."- Ok_Conversation_4754

mary kate and ashley 90s GIFGiphy

It's all about the context...

"The sound of a branch breaking when you're outside."- binglelemon·

Shouldn't You Be in Bed?

"Child laughter"- Thyhard_moment

Incentive to get chores done.

"The laundry pile in the corner of your room."- Inevitable_Side_6152

"Pile of Clothes."- New-Essay-45

"Clothes that are hung up on the hook behind your door."- Ok_Duck_7507

Clothes Drying GIFGiphy

Is this ever really normal?

"Happened to me at 3pm and 3am."

"Woke up from a nightmare laying on the floor, got scared and I went into the living room to chill a bit and discovered 6 bruises on my legs."

"My legs looked like they were cut with something sharp."

"Looked around my room... nothing..."

"I;m probably going need therapy."- Both-Organization200

Midnight drink of water, maybe?

"Hearing a broken cup."- Realistic-Builder954

Like clockwork?

"Church Bell."

"One time it was damm loud I almost shIt myself,"

"Plus there was child laughting and others crying."

"Scared the shIt out of me."- sampatozzz

Memorial Hall Victory GIF by Bridgewater CollegeGiphy

When you got the urge...

"Sex on your parents bed."- WiseKibbles

Sensitive to sunlight?

"Seeing people outside."- PsychologyRadiant261·

Amazing the things we wouldn't think twice about in broad daylight, which can scare the living daylights out of us after night falls.

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