Simple Actions People Immediately Judge As Trashy

Discarded cigarette butts
Brian Yurasits/Unsplash

Some people tend to make negative assumptions prematurely, which can then backfire on them after learning later about the context of various situations.

However, there are times when their observations are correct.

Curious to hear of what strangers online default to doing, Redditor littlelaraslife asked:

"What do you immediately judge as trashy?"

Some people walk around like they own the place....trashy.

Literally Trashy


– Orenge01

"Especially cigarette butts."

– rexbannerman

Flying Crumbs

"People who talk loudly while eating and giving no care to the food projectiles flying out of their gullet."

– hippiebossbarbie

Lack Of Self-Awareness

"People with zero manners and no self-awareness. Like when you’re walking past a group of people that are taking up the entire sidewalk and they all just expect you to be the one to move out of the way. Or when someone gets irrationally angry at a fast-food/retail worker for a simple mistake"

– magicalmarshmallows

Kids Unleashed

"People with young kids who aren't paying attention to them in public and letting them do whatever."

– MorrisMossHair

Untethered Mongrels

"People with dogs who aren't paying attention to them in public and letting them do whatever. It's not cute that your dog put their paws on the counter at the coffee shop, it's repulsive."

– AcademicCounty

There are those who hold themselves in high regard–a solo endeavor.

It's A Status Thing

"People proclaiming they have 'haters.'"

– dicksandhelicopters

Invisible Backstabbers

"I have a friend from the military who is 35 and has two children and I had to mute her Instagram stories bc they were all videos of her talking about her haters and people 'talking sh*t.' I’m convinced there never were any."

– Mcgoobz3

Their Conversations Are So Important

"People who walk around with their phones on speaker."

– rt312410

No one ever said being a parent is easy. The same goes for being a kid.

Zero Parenting Skills

"Parents who don't discipline their kids AT ALL."

– donald_duck765

Borderline Abuse

"Counterpoint: parents who scream at, curse, belittle, strike and otherwise treat their children with disdain when they don't magically behave like adults/programmed automatons. Makes me sick to see it and being a teacher I've seen how much damage even 'low key;' abuse and neglect can do over time."

– Rhaski


"Parents smoking around their small children."

– ToothbrushGames

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