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The #10YearChallenge has been all the craze since 2019 began. For those of you who don't know, the 10 Year Challenge requires you to post two photos side by side: one from 2009, and one from the current year, 2019. The goal to show people how you've changed in 10 years. One woman's photo participation supersedes them all and is serving as major inspiration.

The #10YearChallenge came at a perfect time for Katie Piper to reflect on how far she's come.

In 2008, just over 10 years ago, Katie was the victim of a brutal acid attack.

Her at-the-time boyfriend, Danny Lynch, had arranged for Stefan Sylvestre to throw acid in Katie's face after he learned she was planning on breaking up with him.

Lynch had been physically, sexually and emotionally abusive to Katie during their two-week relationship.

After the attack, Katie has undergone more than 250 surgeries.

However, she has not allowed the horrific attack to ruin her life.

Instead she founded the Katie Piper Foundation which aims,

"to have a world where scars do not limit a person's function, social inclusion or sense of well being."

Her Instagram is also full in inspiration and positive messages of self-love.

Her #10YearChallenge encouraged viewers not to see aging as something negative, but instead to remember that "#lifeisprecious."

"#10yearchallenge don't let this challenge create anxiety within you about ageing- it's an absolute privilege. 1st pic me age 25 year of 2009 in my mums kitchen. 2nd Pic is me age 35 last week in my own kitchen 2019! #lifeisprecious #health#humanbodyisamazing"

People are taking the opportunity to thank Katie for her reminders.











Katie also spoke about her post in relation to other #10YearChallenge pictures.

"Some of the posts have been playing on people's insecurities and we don't need anymore. Life is tough for everyone as it is."

Katie is my hero!

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