People Explain What They Absolutely Don't Regret Doing Even Though They're Not Proud Of It

Sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do.

And when we do... it may not be the most sophisticated or ethical choice.

We've all done things we're not proud of.

And some of those things were straight up wrong.

Wrong... but necessary.

The truth is, we're all human and that means we all cross a line now and again.

That can be how kharma is delivered.

Redditor MoKittty wanted to hear about what people have no shame in admitting, though maybe they should.

So they asked:

"What is something that you did you are not proud of but you don't regret doing it?"

When I was a child. I stole money from the church collections for pizza. I was an altar boy. Come get me Jesus.

"in his"

Gas Station Animation GIF Giphy

"When I was 16 years old, a nasty neighbor left the air out of all my car tires because I had parked 'in his' public parking spot. Right before he left on a vacation trip, I replaced his gas cap with a 'locking gas cap' and threw away the key. I feel bad about that, but not too much."


The Crush

"I was being harassed by a boy in church. It went on for weeks, but that horrible 'he’s got a crush on you' bs they tell little girls. I was about 11 and he was maybe 12. I’d told him to stop many times and one day I got so sick of it I stomped on his toes. I was wearing my fancy shoes. I wouldn’t be surprised if I broke a toe or two. He stopped harassing me. Not proud of it, but the adults wouldn’t help and he wasn’t going to stop otherwise so I don’t regret it."


She Earned it

"Growing up, the garage in my home is where unwanted things went to die. Cars never parked there, it was simply filled with junk and trash, often unnavigable. My step mom and I had a fairly contentious relationship. Sometimes when she’d make me really angry I’d take one of her shoes and throw it into the dark heart of the garage, never to be seen again."

"I would only throw one though so she’d still have the other so later I could watch her stalk around the house searching for the one that was missing. Wasn’t kind, but she definitely earned it and it was extremely satisfying."


a better course of action...

"There was this girl in my class that got abused by her father. I had some friends with somewhat shady parents in my youth (was 14 at that time). I dropped that the girls father hit her and her mother and maybe worse. A few days later the father was delivered to the hospital with a lot of broken bones and so much pain, that they have to induce coma to him so he can heal."

"Anyway, the dude was in hospital for over two months, giving mom and daughter respite. They lost the fear, went to the police and got help moving out. Things went better for them afterwards. I knew the parents of the friend were shady and I dropped that in hope they would do something, but they also could’ve killed the man and maybe going to the police would’ve been the better course of action. But I don’t regret the outcome."


You Owe Us

Pay Me Bitch Better Have My Money GIF Giphy

"My father refused to pay child support after he abandoned my mum and his three kids. I still knew his banking information so I took almost £900 from his bank. Not proud of stealing, but f**k him right?"


You get that financial support anyway necessary.


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"Had to fire a friend. He was an okay guy to hang out with, but had zero work ethic and was a complete burden on everyone."


Got Him

"I injured my sisters ex boyfriend. He choked her and beat her up pretty bad. I grabbed my baseball bat, waited at their apartment and whacked his legs when he walked in the door. In retrospect that was a little overboard but I don’t regret it."


My Mother

"I got somebody fired from her job. She worked as security in an airport, and I knew that she frequently went to work drunk. She drove there drunk, went about her very important duties drunk (manning the bag x-ray machine, searching bags/passengers, driving company vehicles around the airport perimeter, etc), and also drank at work."

"I also knew she drank because of profound mental issues that were not her fault, but weighing it up with all the lives she was risking each day, I had to say something. I reported her, she was checked and searched, and vodka was found on her. She was immediately fired, and was lucky to avoid prosecution."

"I imagine the airport didn't want a huge scandal. This woman was my own mother. She still doesn't know how she was caught."


"Alcoholism in families is really tough. Good for you! You might already know, but there are groups/group therapy specifically for family members of alcoholics."


For Mom

"When I was 17 about 4 friends and I were walking home from basketball practice. It was probably around 6:30 or 7:00 PM I cant remember the exact time this was 20 years ago. Any way my house was first out of the friends so when we got to mines they were all there. We heard yelling and loud bangs like stuff breaking coming from my house. I ran in and saw my mom bloody and beat to crap."

"I blacked out next thing you know my friends and I beat the hell out of my then Step Father. His jaw was broke and had to be wired shut for weeks. He had bruised ribs and a pretty bad concussion as well besides all the bumps and bruises. Turns out we was addicted to crack at the time and my mom found him stealing something out of her purse. I still feel bad for what I did but i would do it again in a heartbeat if anyone ever did that to someone I love."


The Bully

Bully Bullying GIF by DrSquatchSoapCo Giphy

"Sending my bully to the hospital by smashing his face into a pole. I do not like violence, but reached my limit with it and lashed out. I was never bullied again by anybody."


Bullies have to learn. And again... we are sometimes the embodiment of kharma.

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