People Share The Absolute Saddest Songs They've Ever Heard

Songwriters base many of their songs on love because the relatable emotion makes it easier for artists to connect with their audiences.

Many of us are familiar with the feeling of butterflies in our stomachs, and the satisfaction of being with a significant other who gets you and always comes through for you.

Whether that applies or doesn't apply in our own lives, we listen to the songs conveying these experiences to take us back so we may relive these affirmative moments from the past.

But as much as we can relate to these uplifting tunes about burgeoning romance, we can also understand songs about pain and loss.

Curious to hear what's on the moody playlist of strangers online, Redditor udontknowmegurl asked:

"What is the saddest song you've ever heard?"

These iconic artists really touched the hearts of many people through their music.

Dolly's Love Anthem

"I will Always Love You by Dolly Parton, you can really tell she f'king lived that song."

– scruntyboon

When Mom Went To Heaven

"The night my mama died, my dad sang Elvis' Can't Help Falling in Love to her in the back seat of the car on the way to the ER. She died of fully metastitized pancreatic cancer 18 days after diagnosis."

– AmazonEllie

It Gets Deeper With Age

“'Landslide' by Fleetwood Mac I find that the older I get, the more meaning this song has."

– Rare_Matter

We've All Been There

"Bonnie Raitt I Can't Make You Love Me."

– pederaka

Leave it to Disney to have us reaching for the tissue box.

Touching Score

"That song from UP makes me cry every time and it doesn’t even have lyrics."

– TheDaughterOfFlynn

When She Loved Me

"That one Jesse sings in Toy Story 2"

– TheWholeEffinJoe

And let's not forget these emotional tunes that resonated with many Redditors.

Irish Folk Song

"‘Danny boy’ at a friends funeral 10 years ago. He, his sister and his gf all passed away in a house fire all in their early 20s. It was an Irish wake and the mix of grief and whiskey joy was something else."

– Flamingoez88

When Love Moves On

"Into Dust by Mazzy Star gets me."

– d*ckem52

When You Want To "Disappear"

"How to disappear completely by Radiohead. Haunting instrumental, depression dripping through everyline of lyrics 'im not here, this isnt happening.'"

– Bradyceneme

Ray Of Light In The Darkness

"You Are My Sunshine"

"Everything but the chorus is heartbreaking. Few people know anything but the chorus though."

– lolly_lolly_lolly

From A Powerful Album

"Sylvia - The Antlers"

"Actually that whole album, Hospice, breaks me but this song in particular just leaves me in a mess every time."

– recoverelapse

When Love Fades

"The Night We Met by Lord Huron."

"No matter where I am, if I’m happy, who I’m with, etc. I’ll bawl my eyes out if that song plays. It’s so painful and true because one day they’re there and they’re your everything and then they start slipping until they’re gone and you wished you could go back to before you met them so you wouldn’t have to go through the pain of losing them. Just the lyrics 'I had all and then most of you, some and now none of you' hit this. People falling out of love in relationships, growing apart with friends, family members passing, etc. is what this hits for me and it hits hard."

– beepbeepboopbop2


"Limousine by Brand New"

"It is about a flower girl at a wedding who was killed by a drunk driver IIRC. It has been a while since I heard it because it legit makes me too sad."

"The lyrics are incredibly dense and metaphorical, and the music mirrors the falling and rising emotion of the story. Such a strange, beautiful, and heartbreaking song."


The Songwriter

"I have no recording of it, but I met a homeless man at the lake and became friends with him years ago, a week later there came in a giant storm and I went back and picked him up and took him home. We were roommates for almost 2 years after that. We both played guitar and he played a song for me that he had written. I can't remember what he called it anymore but basically he described how he wrote it like this."

'I was engaged once. She was everything I ever wanted but she was Mormon and it was very important to her to marry someone who shared her faith, so I molded myself in her faith while we were dating. After we had been engaged for a while it all weighed down on me that I was a fraud. I didn't really believe it all I just played the part and we were too different people to really make it work, so I called her and ended it and then I sat down and wrote this.'

'I found out yesterday, I've been wrong in so many ways

So much so that I needed to find someone to tell me if I'd ever been right

But I'd have given the last thing I owned if you could have been the one.

I've asked for the answers that only come at night,

And I've looked through the eyes of a man whose long since lost his sight

And I'll wait for you there at the edge of the promised land

If you care to join me there then come and take my hand.'

"There was much much more but that's all I can remember sadly. It brought me to tears every single time. The raw emotion in his voice and the rasp of too many cigarettes, cheap beer, and living on the streets just made it hauntingly beautiful."

"I hope to see him again someday and hear him play it again."

– Calitexian

One of the saddest songs I've heard is not connected to a personal experience, but the story being told is heartbreaking.

It's called "The Queen and the Soldier" by Suzanne Vega. The song is basically about a lonely, repressed virgin queen who keeps her heart closely guarded.

When a soldier enters her domain and challenges her internalized emotions, it's too much for her and has the soldier executed.

The song has continued haunting me ever since I first heard it.

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