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Good scents are powerful things. They can remind us of something we associate with a pleasant memory.

Certain smells also have the potential to be an aphrodesiac that puts us in a trancelike state of calm.

Whether it is the aroma of piping hot coffee in the morning or something intangible like an ocean breeze, an appealing smell can instantly affect our mood.

It's no wonder why scented candles are so popular.

Curious to hear about the appealing fragrancies in life, Redditor omegamiles420 asked:

"People of reddit, what is your favorite smell?"

The smell of nature and the elements provides calm for the following Redditors.


"Cold air at night."


"The smell when it's just starting to snow is amazing."


Out In The Elements

"The smell of the rain during my early morning walks in the forest."


It Is Heaven-Scent

"There is a meadown near my house and there are certain colder summer nights when the trees and flowers give off an addictive smell. I just keep wanting to breathe the air in."


The smell of mouth-watering food cannot be ignored from mention.

Right Outta The Oven

"Freshly baked bread."


Fresh Bread GIF by Lidl Ireland Giphy

A Strong Culinary Foundation

"Garlic and onions cooking."


"With fresh butter."


A Transpotive Memory

"Freshly picked tomatoes - takes me straight back to my grandparents' garden, which was one of my favourite places as a kid."


They may be unusual, but for these specific Redditors, these aromatic items just make scents.

It Serves Them

"It's a bit strange, but I find the scent of new tennis balls to be strangely satisfying. . . ."


Fresh From The Printer

"Freshly photocopied paper."


"I remember all the kids in my class shouting 'It smells like bread!' each time the teacher gave us a fresh warm photocopy. Good times."


Whiff Of History

"Old books"


"True I love that too I stopped sniffing then though because my mum told me its caused by mold."


Something redolent of moments in time can bring much peace.

Where Love Once Inhabited

"The smell of my grandparents house. I'd give anything to smell it again."


All The Right Fixins

"The smell in my house when Thanksgiving dinner is being made."


Illuminating Comforts



"Adding to this, coal fire as well. Different, but very cozy somehow as well."


You know you're talking to an unabashed Disney-phile when he says he loves the smell of the chlorinated water from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland.

I am not alone in this.

Many Disney parks fans I've spoken with—particularly those who have frequently visited the original park in Anaheim, CA—have expressed the same thing about the classic swashbuckling pirate attraction that later inspired the eponymous blockbuster movie franchise.

The water flowing through the potentially moldy interior of the building has sent thousands of visitors plummeting over a waterfall back to the age of the pirates since the 1960s.

It's not necessarily a pleasant smell, but it's one where fans like myself feel like we've come home whenever we ride the historic attraction that appeals to most of our senses.

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No one wants war.

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