People Share The Warning Signs That A Relationship Is Already Over

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I am bad with relationship signs.

Once I'm enamored, or in lust, I'm blind.

Let's face it: I'm the 4th blind mouse.

So I need some help.

I can spot the red flags, but I just chose to make them blue.

There are always signs when a relationship is ending, whether it's on life support or six feet under.

We just have to accept them.

So let's discuss the best ways to notice the end is nye.

Redditor Superb_Ad1765 wanted to discuss the ways we knew the love was dead, so they asked:

"What’s an early sign your relationship is over?"

He cheated. Two weeks in.

That's pretty loud signal.


How to do this...

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"Laying awake with a nauseated feeling about how you can break it off. Literally feeling sick from constantly thinking about ending it because you know you need to, but just can’t for various reasons."


Sharing is not Caring

"When you think twice before sharing something that makes you happy or sad with them."


"Have been divorced. This one. When my ex and I were beginning to separate I just found myself not having any desire to send them something, a song, a meme, an article, I thought they would enjoy."

"It would occur to me they would like it, but I was no longer invested in them or their happiness and found myself not bothering to hit two buttons to share it. Even enjoyable things we would do together I would just do on my own and be content. That’s how I knew I was beginning to shed the obligation toward then."



"I think when you just don't care anymore. You don't care to fight with them. You don't care to be intimate. You don't care to make an effort."


"It really sucks when this is happening. I’m feeling this right now and it’s like trying to light a wet match. If you continue trying to stay with the person."


"That's called life. Nothing is flowers and roses but realize and honor your commitment. If both parties operate like this then you can dig out of the rut. Life can become boring and routine and we often become selfish and egotistical towards a S/O. Our closest relationships bear the burden of our life's frustrations."


In the Search

"I remember seeing an article about a study that found contempt to be the best indicator. So they recorded a bunch of couples having a conversation and then a few years later checked back in to see who was still together and who had split. They then looked over the recordings in search of trends. They found contempt (rolling of eyes, putting down the other person's interests or perspectives, etc.) to be the number one indicator."



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"When you get anxiety as soon as they get home."


"They call this 'walking on eggshells.' If you have to tread carefully around someone, you don't have a healthy relationship with them."


Home should always feel safe. If not... RUN!


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"Asking friends if they think you should break up. At least for me this means you've made the decision you just want it backed up by someone."


The Worth

"When you start contemplating if the relationship is worth it and find yourself more annoyed by your partner's presence than enjoying it."


"I've actually had such a case two years ago. It was my first partner and I loved him, but since months it had not been going well, we were always fighting and I didn't feel like I was taken seriously anymore."

"One day I caught myself imagining how I'm going on a date with a guy I would get to know on a dating app in the future. Sadly I didn't take the hint, I only felt guilt and moved on until he actually broke it off, which I am very thankful for, I think I couldn't have made it back then."


When you know...

"If they go through your phone, sit in silence when you cry, stop asking about how you're feeling, stop telling you when something bothers them. These ones seem obvious, but at the time i really didn't see the downhill spiral we were in. Trust your gut."



"You stop talking to each other. In the early days of the relationship, you can’t wait to tell them every little thing that happened to you. And then towards the end, you analyze everything like 'does he/she need to know this?' Maybe they get annoyed at you telling them random stories or they won’t stop talking about theirs or you feel like anything you talk about will raise unnecessary questions and might result in a fight."


I Hate You

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"When you feel contempt for something they do/did. Contempt is the most toxic emotion."



"Manipulation and lack of trust are 2 major signs, I had an extremely toxic friend that would never trust me and always manipulated me for the things he wanted, while simultaneously not caring about me nor the things I did. Thankfully, I no longer talk with him."


Is love even worth it? I give up. But that doesn't mean you should.

Do you have similar warnings to add? Let us know in the comments below.

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