"A Dude Wearing A World's Best Grandmother Shirt"—People Reveal Hilarious Times They Wanted To Befriend A Stranger


Weird people are great. They make some of the best friends, and they'll never bore you. Sometimes it's worth it to reach out to the person you see wearing an interesting t-shirt, they may turn out to be the best friend you've ever had!

Reddit user JayJayWise says:

"I just saw a dude walking around wearing a "Worlds Best Grandmother" sweater on. What little random things have made you instantly want to become friends with someone else?I have spent all day wishing i had gone up and said hello or something, cause I feel like any guy who wears a sweater like that is bound to be awesome.

I have spent all day wishing i had gone up and said hello or something, cause I feel like any guy who wears a sweater like that is bound to be awesome."

Dad Joke Training

I was helping an old guy put up his shopping cart at Aldi and he asks if I want to see a picture of his pride and joy. I say sure because he seems sweet and so he pulls this card out of his wallet and hands me a tiny laminated card. I flip it over and it's a photo of Pride polish and Joy dish soap. He starts cackling like a madman and walks away. I still carry around that card in my wallet.


Gamers Unite! 

Went to a Spanish restaurant and saw a bunch of people playing intricate board games. I wanted to ask wtf was going on, but everyone was extremely involved and I have crippling social anxiety. But then I saw this guy who had a Pudge T-shirt on from DotA 2 with "Ah FRESH MEAT!" Fast forward and now I try and go to every board game Meetup by those guys lol.


Honesty Is Best Policy

My (now) best friend and I met when we were both wearing the "I'm the reason we can't have nice things sweatshirts." Good times man, good times.


That Takes Unprecedented Levels Of Indifference

I once saw a guy wearing a shirt that said "I shaved my balls for this?" at a very conservative Christmas store. I thought it was hilarious and wanted to be his pal.


They Are Tasty, After All

I was at a pub quiz that used an app on a phone. You had to choose a theme song for your team (which played if you answered correctly first), and suggest an artist for the music round. This team of 4 people chose the Pina colada song, they suggested Rupert Holmes as the artist and they drank nothing but Pina coladas.

I'm fairly sure this was all just on the fly, and it was fantastic


Definitely All Right

I was recently at a christmas bar crawl and I saw a dude wearing a cowboy hat and then a Santa hat over the cowboy hat. If I had been a little more drunk I probably would've gone up to him and said "you're alright, boy"


Cycle Buddies 

For 3 years I've been the ONLY parent who bikes their kids to school in a chariot.

One day, another man showed up with the same setup.
We've been friends ever since.



In a Café opposite my uni there has been an older gentleman working very diligently on coloring in a book. He uses highlighters in a variety of colors and black pen and he colors the entire pages of printed text in intricate patterns. Often there's some kind of pattern like the outline of a triangle across half a page and every single word in a grid, like brickwork. I would love to know more about him and what he's doing. He seems like a really relaxed person who would be great to know when you feel stressed.


Small World

Went to a classy, open bar party. Saw a girl go up to the bartender and was the only one who walked away double fisting two glasses of wine. Five minutes later she again went up to the bartender and got two more glasses. I just said "I have to meet this girl", stood up and followed her to where she was talking and drinking both glasses. We talked the rest of the night, I walked her home to find out she was my downstairs neighbor. And that's how I met my BFF.


Lab Partner

Last year I drove past a guy walking two big yellow Labrador retrievers while wearing a shirt with a big yellow lab's face on it. I wish I could marry that man.


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