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If you're a '90s kid, chances are you spent your childhood watching Arthur. Maybe you read the books they were based on, written by Marc Brown.

Or, if you were like me, you did both.

For those of you who have never seen the show, it follows the life of third grader Arthur Read, a bespectacled aardvark, and his friends and family, all of whom are animals such as rabbits, cats or even dogs (despite the fact that the characters own their own dogs or cats as pets).

Arthur's 22nd season recently kicked off (yes, it's still on the air), and the first episode featured the gang's teacher, Mr. Ratburn (aptly named since he is a rat) getting married.

This surprises his students, since they can't seem to grasp the concept that teachers have lives outside of school, but what surprises the show's audience is that Mr. Ratburn is gay and is marrying a man!

Arthur is certainly keeping with the times!

The episode is entitled "Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone" and of course, before Mr. Ratburn's fiancé is revealed, there is a huge misunderstanding.

Arthur and his friends see Mr. Ratburn having a meal with a harsh woman who tells him he is too soft and needs to toughen up. However, as the gang rushes to the wedding venue to stop their teacher from marrying someone they don't think will make him happy, they realize they were mistaken.

The woman is Mr. Ratburn's sister, who was wishing her brother well in her own way. Arthur and the others don't want to stand in the way of Mr. Ratburn's wedding anymore, especially not after seeing how happy he looks with his fiancé.

The two men get married, and while the word "gay" is never used, the characters' reactions (or non-reactions) to their teacher marrying another man will hopefully help lessen the still present stigma around gay marriage.

Audiences definitely think so.

Twitter was delighted with the episode:

Fans were happy for everyone's favorite rat-human teacher:

Fans praised the episode's subject matter:

And the conflict of the actual episode:

But some people wishes they'd done this sooner:

And of course there were a fair share of fans who were surprised episodes were still airing, but they were happy just the same:

And it's about high time:

Let's hope pop culture keeps it going!


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