People Who Grew Up In The 90s Divulge Their First Television Crush

If you, like millions of others, had your little 90s heart held in an unyielding vice grip by Jonathan Taylor Thomas, I'm gonna need you to sit down and take a few deep breaths because I'm about to say something so controversial, yet so freeing for you.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas was not all that and your passionate love for him was classic Disney manipulation. It's not your fault.

You weren't in 90s love - you were traumatized, and it's gonna be okay.

Reddit user Endowedx7 asked:

"90s babies.. who was your first television crush?!"

First of all, nobody followed directions and we jumped from TV to movies to cartoons super fast.

Secondly, the sheer number of people who say Jonathan Taylor Thomas when this question is asked just hurts my soul. He, honestly, was a B-rate heartthrob at best.

His hair wasn't perfectly parted and platinum-like Jonathan Brandis (RIP)

Thomas Ian Nicholas had stronger "3 first names" power.

JTT lacked the shy smile Devon Sawa served with ease.

Even Andrew Keegan started a cult.

What did Jonathan Taylor Thomas do to earn so much adoration?

I theorize that the answer, quite simply, boils down to trauma bonding. We fell in love with Simba, and his little cries over Mufasa, and that was it; JTT was now our forever favorite because of the Circle of Life.

Dang Disney is good - but also kind of evil. Now that you know, you can heal. Go forth in peace.

Bask in Reddits favorite Non-JTT 90's crushes.

Devon. Duh.

christina ricci dancing GIFGiphy

"Casper, Devon Sawa"

- ramblinator

"Hard yes at Devon. Casper 'Can I keep you?' wrecked me 😭"

"Also in Now and Then, Idle Hands, Final Destination. They were my faces. Oof, the 90s were a time."

- coma-toaste

"My sister actually just met him at some sort of convention in Dallas. She sent me a pic, because she knew how much I loved Devon."

- ShataraBankhead

"Devon Sawa was my first crush. My friends could keep JTT, I only had eyes for Devon."

- bassgirl_07

"This was the answer I was looking for. He looked beautiful to me at a kid watching that movie."

- Noppo_and_Gonta

A Science Lady

"Scully. I love me a science lady."

- silverblaze92

"Lort yes Scully with that fire red hair and those soft eyes!!!!"

"Underrated crush. She was beautiful!"

- Drops_USMiC

"I still have the biggest crush on her. Literal schoolgirl crush, blush and all."

"It took me like 10 years to realize that straight girls don't like other girls the way I adored Scully."

"Aaaaaand that's how I realized I was definitely bi."

- juniper-mint

"Scully and Velma were my biggest fictional crushes growing up, I just like nerdy ladies. 🤷🏻♂️

- Foofsies

Daddy Shang

"Captain-turned-General Li Shang from Mulan."

"The first time he took his shirt off made a lasting impact that I was not prepared for."

- g_lay

"Lol it did for Mulan, too."

"It occurred to me recently that she'd likely never seen a shirtless man who wasn't her dad, so that specimen was her first..."

- kdbartleby

"Daddy Shang"

- supholmess

"BRUUUHHHH Shang yes"

- TheObservationalist

"Sign me up for the next war!"

- ElderBrute


brendan fraser horses GIFGiphy


- purplehairedcatdaddy

"Came here to say this! For me it was George of the Jungle, the bowls scene changed me."

- sheehosellstheshells

"God he was sexy, especially with long hair."

"He was done so dirty. Glad he’s getting more work now but he deserves more."

- Viiibrations

"Omg, I was so in love with him. I even watched that stupid Dudley Do-Right movie."

"Everybody loved him for his body, but I'd still give it to him today though. Chubby guys ftw."

- Iced_Jade

...And Everyone's Bisexual Awakening

"I came here to say Brendan too. George of the Jungle and The Mummy… 🤤"

- Tough_Raspberry1983

"As a bisexual, The Mummy and The Mummy Returns had me feeling so many ways. Poor young me didn’t know who to focus on more lmao"

- starkrocket

"Lets be honest here, practically the entire main cast of the Mummy qualifies."

- Skylis

"The Mummy was a glorious bisexual awakening for so many people."

- shallowbasketcase

Its Morphin Time

"Kimberly, the pink ranger. She can still get it, wherever she is."


"You are the man, OP, for responding to your own question with the best answer. "

"This too was my first tv crush. She was all that back then."

- Mikernoce

"The episode where the Tigerzord and Thunder Megazord get destroyed... She had no right wearing that outfit for us kids but I'm so glad she did."

- [Reddit]

"This is the one."

"I was like 4 watching power rangers in my underwear, and I thought she could see through the TV and I got embarrassed and put pants on."

- TheOfficialTheory

Starfleet Standards

Happy Star Trek GIFGiphy

"Jonathan Frakes. That beard fetish has followed me around for the last 25 years."

- Cutegun

"Omg, yes. Daddy Riker has me feeling all kinds of ways that are surely not up to Starfleet standards."

- hardly_trying

"Ohh yeah. There’s a reason why he was always written as the one seducing (or being seduced by) hot alien women."

"And yes, I too grew up to love men with beards. 😆"

- tourmaline82

"It’s unsettling to re-watch the first season before his beard was a cast member. Deeply unsettling."

- lunaleather


"Halle Berry from the 1994 Flintstones movie."

"Oh. My. God. I was obsessed."

- ImLikeLicorice

"I remember thinking 'wtf is that cleavage doing in a PG Steven Spielberg movie?' But at the same time, I was perfectly ok with it."

- Ooze3d

Shakira Shakira

"I remember watching Shakira in a music video on MTV when I was 9 and being completely mesmerized 😂"

- MoAdibbb

"Yes, same for me. I was 8 and Whenever Wherever was everywhere on TV and radio."

- lucitribal

"Me too! She just did it for me and I was like 4... It's literally one of the earliest memories I still have."

- Dazius06

Merry Christmas

aaron carter GIFGiphy

"Aaron Carter on the Christmas episode of Lizzie McGuire…. Lol what a time!"

- illbeokayeventually

"I met him when I worked at the airport. Came in wearing a beanie and a bathrobe."

"He was super friendly though 😅"

- evergreenxsage

"I was scrolling for this answer! I can picture the Christmas episode in my head!"

- Helpful_Cat0808

"I swore I was the only one who saw this and just never said it out loud."

- sheisvoid

The Static

"I hope video games count!"

"I remember walking up to the TV to kiss Link."

"The static made it more fun lol"

- mommasoggydoggyup

Hexes And Homos

"The Hex Girls from Scooby-Doo! and The Witch's Ghost"

- TheMissingChapstick

"Oh the Hex Girls are required crushes for every young gays development."

- [Reddit]

"Honestly I should've realized I wasn't straight sooner, those hex girls were FINE"

- Azusanga

"I'm convinced the Hex Girls singer Thorn was the reason so many guys my age were into scene girls when they were younger."

- What----------------

"The hex girls definitely awakened something inside of me when I was younger."

- abloobudoo009

Something Awesome

Channel 3 90S GIF by Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesGiphy

"April O'Neil from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"

- N_Tracer

"I just remember thinking there was something really awesome about that yellow jumpsuit"

- Crazyjaw

"My God, that Yellow jump suit."

- AdamBombTV

"If my mom would walk in the room while April was on the screen I would get so nervous and awkward like she walked in on me watching porn."

- Japhysiva


"Jeremy Sumpter in Peter Pan"

- Obvious-Olive8241

"OHHHHHH weee you just took me down nostalgia lane. That boy had me dead for a solid week straight."

"Kept rewatching Peter Pan again and again to pretend I was Wendy 🥺😭"

- a_sunny_disposition

"Same, even convinced my parents to take me to L.A. to a Ronald Mc Donald race in Griffith park to meet him, and the day of the race we got lost and didn’t get to meet him."

"I almost cried when i saw everyones picture with him on this forum called Jeremy’s angels."

- Aggravating_Row2179

Gargoyles Need Love Too

"The female gargoyle in the Gargoyles cartoon."

"My siblings made fun of me for this for like 10 years until they forgot about it. I hope they never remember lol."

- Spirit860


TONS of non-JTT options for all tastes!

We can finally be free, my friends. Free!

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