Memories like the corners of my mind. The 80's & 90's were loaded with wicked cool pop culture. They were two decades that seemed to birth their own dialects and language. The slang we all grew accustomed to, helped to define a few generations and now hold a special place of nostalgia. Why don't we try and revive some of this colorful and eclectic terminology? Like... "you foine!" Or... "Yo! Yo! Yo!" The list is endless.

Redditor u/inTIMMydator44 wanted to reminisce about the poetry of yore by asking... 80's and 90's kids of reddit, What lingo and slang from your childhood and teenage years needs to be brought back?


One of the primary directives of the mid-90's was to avoid being (or being accused of being) a poser.


Ironically, it was mostly posers who were running around calling other people posers.


My teenage half sister thought "fave" was hilariously dated. I didn't think of it as old man slang until faced with the reality of a teenager mocking it.


I still use fave and I'm only 20. I didn't think it was something that could get dated, it's the logical way of shortening a word...



"What's your damage?"


F me gently with a chainsaw.


Word. I still say it but it's more sarcastic now.



I still say Rad. And get crap for it.




I still call everyone Dude.


I'm a dude, he's a dude, she's a dude, we're all dudes, hey.



"If you love it so much WHY DON'T YOU MARRY IT"


Do people still say wicked? Because this is a wicked good thread.
Also solid.



That's tight.


cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool.




In San Diego we use it all the time. It's almost as common as "dope."




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