29 Spooked People Share The Strangest "Wrong Number" They've Ever Received.


Two words have never had more power in ruining your day "wrong number". If you haven't heard them yourself, chances are you've screamed them into the phone after hours of endless calls from the same number. Really Susan? If you can't take the time to tell Jeremiah it's over, why should the burden fall on me? Everything that poor boy has done for you, you should give him the respect he deserves...

Sharing is therapeutic, and that's why these folks have shared the most annoying, spooky, and questionable things they have heard from wrong numbers. Enjoy!

29. Moan-a Lisa

Was watching TV with my family when the phone rang. My dad paused the TV and picked up the phone only to be greeted by a very loud (I heard it from the other side of the room), very sexual moan from what sounded like a woman.



28. Out On Bail

Me: Hello, thank you for calling XYZ car rental.

Lady: XYZ? Is this XYZ Bail Bonds?

Me: Sorry, M'am, this is XYZ car rental.

Lady: This ain't the bondsman?

Me: Sorry, no.

Lady: Dang it!! I ain't ever gett'n out of here.


27. You're So Silly

Years ago my mum had someone call asking "Are you sillyyyyy?" over and over. She angrily replied "no" she was not silly and hung up. Later she realized it was a Chinese woman asking for someone called Sally.


26. Order's Up!

A friend of mine had a land line back in the day, and the number was one digit off from a local pizza place, so they got people who were trying to call the pizza place once in a while.

One day, I was over and this old lady called trying to call the pizza place. My friend told her she had the wrong number. The lady called right back... probably 10 or 15 different times. After giving her the correct number several times, she kept calling. Eventually my friend took her order, and called the pizza place for her.


25. Border Crossing

I got two missed calls from a number. When I answered the third call, someone was speaking Spanish. She asked if I speak Spanish, I said no. She gave the phone to someone else. Now a man was asking if I was trying to bring my son in from Mexico. I said no. He asked if anyone in my family was trying to cross from Mexico. I said no. Then he hung up.



24. I Know What You Did

When I got a new phone number, a woman started calling and texting me assuming I was her daughter. I kept telling her over and over that I'm the new owner of the number but she wouldn't believe me.

After the first few times we went back and forth, she started getting snarky and cussing at me. Then she started bringing up how I'm going to get locked up. I was interested in the drama at that point and asked why and she said "You know what you did. You (continued...)

attempted murder!"

I tried pressing further but she wouldn't tell me the details. Eventually she stopped texting and calling me altogether so she must have found out I really wasn't her daughter.


22. I Pay My Taxes

I got a call from a number I didn't know, so I didn't answer. Five minutes later my phone indicates I have a voicemail. It's about 20 seconds of a lady asking why I called her. Informing me that she doesn't work, and she pays her damn taxes and is sick of this crap. Then over 4 minutes of background noise from her not hanging up.



21. Poop Be Gone

A wrong number text stating "I cleaned up all the poop" with absolutely no context.


20. My Lips Are Sealed

Me: "Hello?"

Lady: "... who's this?"

Me: "you called me. Who are you looking for?"

Lady "No, tell me who your are. "

Me: "I don't know you, you tell me who you are."

That went on until I hung up on her.


19. Cross Country Love Affair

Call #1:

Buddy answers a number he doesn't recognize and it's a woman from the other side of the country. She realizes she's dialled the wrong number and apologizes immediately. Because she's so polite they chuckle good-naturedly about the mistake for a moment and say goodbye.

Call #2:

Three weeks later, same number. Gruff man on the line demands to know why Buddy was talking to his wife. After the initial shock, Buddy puts two and two together, realizes he's on the line with the controlling husband, who is going through the wife's phone records.

At this point Buddy worries what this woman's home life is like, and what might happen to her if the husband isn't utterly assured that no hanky-panky has happened. Trouble is, how do you communicate that to someone who's so unhinged, that he thinks a one minute phone call to an area code thousands of miles away is a red flag for an affair?

Figuring this is the best way to reassure the dude, when the husband calls back Buddy answers with a lisp. "No no, it was a wrong number, but you sound kinda cute."


He never heard from them again.



18. Mommy Dearest

I have an old lady that calls me rather frequently. I picked it up a few times, and she seems convinced I'm her daughter. I've told her numerous times I'm NOT her daughter, but she still calls me to this day. Once a month or so, sometimes she'll skip a month or two. She seems to forget our previous conversations. I've looked up her number, and it's from a landline in my town.

I'm wondering if her daughter had my number previously or something. Sometimes I'll make small talk with her, and ask her how she's doing. But she always forgets... it's sad.

I can block her number, but I haven't. Been going on for nearly 3 years now, so... I just let her call me. If the small talk makes her happy, then who am I to deny it to her?



17. You Got One Phone Call

This was before cell phones.

Phone rings at 3am. I just pick it up, knowing it's bad news. Nothing good happens at 3am. Conversation goes like this:

Me: Hello?

Him: Oh...this isn't Tom, is it?

Me: No. You've got the wrong number. (starts to hang up)

Him: Wait. WAIT! I know this is weird, but... I just got in on the bus and this is my last quarter. There's nothing open here. I can't get change. Would you call Tom and ask him to pick me up?

Me: Uhhh.... at 3am?

Him: He's expecting my call. He won't mind. Really.

And that's how I ended up calling some random strange guy at 3am. Pretty much confusion on his end--mostly because I was female and he couldn't wrap his head around why his male friend had some random woman calling--but we got it all straightened out. He really was Tom and he really was expecting a friend to arrive by bus.



16. Megan Pay Your Bills!

I had my phone number 3 years and still getting calls at least once a week for some Megan, 80% of the time it's different places she owes money.


15. The Real Slim Shady

So I recently got a new number, and I received a call within the next few months from someone named Caleb (I'm a girl). I answered and he goes, "Who is this?" I told him, and he's just like, "Oh hey this is Caleb." I said I didn't know a Caleb and that I thought he had the wrong number. We hung up, as you normally do, and I thought that was the end of it.

A few weeks after that he drunk calls me and says that he now wants me to call him Slim Shady, and says some other things I couldn't make out because he was slurring. I ended up hanging up on him.

Since then I have added the number in my phone as DON'T ANSWER IT'S CALEB and he's called me like 4 times. Never leaves a voice mail, thank goodness...


14. Forbiden Lover

I got a new phone/new number in 2011 and since then a guy named Jamal has been calling me asking for Whitney. Nowadays, he sighs when he hears my voice and hangs up. #FeelsBadMan



13. Juanita, Juanita...

Back in the late 80s, my mom had a garage sale at our house. She was outside tending to the sale and I was inside trying to scrounge up anything from my room that I could sell.

Phone rings and the voice on the line asks to speak to Juanita.

There is no Juanita here...

Ok, sorry.

Phone rings again... asking for Juanita. Again... no Juanita.

This happens two more times in succession. I'm annoyed.

The phone rings again -- this person is looking for a David. No David here.

Immediately calls back -- asks for David. ' No David here. The person thinks I'm David playing a trick. There's a brief heated exchange before I hang up.

Phone rings again -- A different person asking for Juanita.

I ask what number they were dialling -- it's isn't even close to our phone number. I'm thoroughly confused. I tell them that the number they are dialling isn't close to this number.

They call back immediately. This time the person is angry and (continued...)

calling me David -- telling me to stop messing around. I'm so confused and agitated that I hang up and leave the phone off the hook.

I gather up a few things and walk outside to see if my mom needs any help and to tell her of the odd exchanges.

She's sitting with one of our neighbors, a woman I've never met but recognize. My mom introduces me to Ms. Juanita.

Turns out Ms. Juanita had agreed to help my mom with the garage sale and forwarded her phone line to ours because she was expecting a call from her husband who worked in another city. Juanita has a son close to my age named David.

Nobody thought this was information that should be shared with me.

Anyway, for a while I thought I was going insane.



12. If You Could Read My Mind

I got a call from an older guy asking if I was his therapist. I told him no, and that he had the wrong number. He was adamant that he had the right number, so I asked him what was wrong. He then said, "HA! I knew you were just trying to read my thoughts I knew this wasn't my therapist!" And hung up.


11. Father Christmas

My parents house occasionally received calls from a Father Christmas, which they thought was a prank. Turns out they have a similar phone number to a crematorium.


10. You Put The Fun In Funeral

Couple of years ago my phone number appeared accidentally in an advertisement for a funeral service company. I was very surprised when I started to receive calls with questions about tombstones and coffins.



9. Stop! It's The Police

Not me but a friend started getting texts looking to buy drugs. On his work phone. His police work phone.



8. Past Your Curfew

This happened to my significant other just the other night. He was half asleep and so his responses were a little slow.

Lady: Nathan where are you? It's 2AM and you're not home yet.

Nathan: I'm in bed. It's ok don't worry. Sorry, who is this?

Lady: It's mum. Why didn't you tell me you were home. Are you alright?

Nathan: (sleepy pause) mum it's so nice to hear from you. You passed away a year ago. I miss you so much.

Turns out, this lady accidentally called the wrong number looking for her son of the same name. They both had a laugh about it before hanging up.



7. Take A Hint

Just last week a number sent me about 15 different screenshots of game consoles for sale with no explanation. I'd be convinced it was my husband trying to send me hints, but he was in the room with me at the time.


6. From Russia With Love

Got called, and asked who it was...

Response was the Russian anthem blasting through my phone...



5. What Are You Wearing?

I'm not really sure if you'd consider that the caller had the wrong number or the right number (I guess in his mind it was the right number)... certainly the first time it was a random call, though it was definitely intentional the subsequent times...

I answer the phone at my job. I talk to clients pretty much all day long. The call started something like this:

Me: "Good afternoon, law office."

Him: "Hi, how are you today?"

Me: "I'm fine, thank you, may I ask who is calling?"

Him: "It's me, you mean to tell me you don't know who I am?"

This goes on for a couple of minutes. I'm like seriously, no, I don't know who you are now tell me what you want.

Him: "What kind of shoes are you wearing today?'

So at this point, I'm like thinking this is a prank call.

Me: "Seriously, who is this?"

At this point, he's pressing me about my shoes, about taking off my (continued...)

shoes, asking if I'm wearing socks or stockings, etc. so I am just like "Ok I am hanging up now."

This happened several more times. Always started the same way. I knew better and just started hanging up on him. It really creeped me out though because I am at work alone pretty much all the time.

Eventually, the calls stopped and I found an article in the newspaper where the police had arrested a man who had called 126 women harassing them. I even ran into someone else who brought up that it had happened to her.


4. Frozen Dinner

"Hey Tim this is Dave. We're in your kitchen and see a frozen pizza in your freezer. Can we cook it? We're starving!"

Nah dude. You can't be in my kitchen right now because I am. And don't touch that pizza or I'll tell Tim to kick your butt.



3. Isaiah Come Home

I once let a kid use my phone to call his mother to let her know he got to the store safely. Now every 2 months I get a phone call from some lady who can hardly speak English.

"Isaiah, when you come home?"

"Sorry wrong number"

"Sorry no you come home"

"I. Think. You. Have. The. Wrong. Number."


2 months later...

"Isaiah, you come home now".

I have the number saved in my phone as Isaiah now lol.


2. Foodie Friend

Well it wasn't a call but when I first got my new number, someone kept texting me pictures of their dinner. Like every day. No matter how many times I told them I didn't know them, they'd just send a picture of food.



1. I Call Myself

Remember the movie White Noise? Well, for those who don't know, it's a movie where a guy's dead wife is communicating to him from the "other side" through radio and TV signals. In one scene, he gets a call from his dead wife's cell phone, but when he answers, all he can hear is a bunch of static with some random babble that sounds like it could be human voices.

Well one night, after considerably skittish 13-year-old-me had just watched White Noise, I was at home alone, when I got a call on my cell phone from get this... my own number. It creeped THE HECK out of me, and it's safe to say that I slept with the lights on that night.

And for those of you wondering, I did not answer the phone.



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