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2/24 In comparing James Bond to Jason Bourne, Matt Damon explained, "Bond is part of the system. He's an imperialist and a misogynist, and he laughs at killing people, and he sits there slugging martinis. It'll never be the same thing as this, because Bourne is a guy who is against the establishment, who is paranoid and on the run. I just think fundamentally they're just very different things."

3/24 The Bourne Ultimatum won all three Academy Awards it was nominated for: Best Film Editing, Best Sound Mixing, and Best Sound Editing.

4/24 Matt Damon agreed to return to the Bourne series only if Paul Greengrass would return as director. For this reason, as well as the obscene violence, Damon did not voice Jason Bourne in the Bourne Conspiracy video game. Both Damon and Greengrass are slated to work on The Bourne Legacy.

5/24 Matt Damon insisted on performing as many of his own stunts as possible for Bourne Identity. He extensively trained for three months to perform his own hand-to-hand combat and climbing stunts in the film. Between Bourne Identity and Bourne Supremacy, however, he gained 22lbs for Stuck on You, which he was asked to shed before coming back for Supremacy.

6/24 The US marines in the Zurich consulate scene of Bourne Identity are all actual marine security guards. Producer Frank Marshall asked them to use their own uniforms, create their own dialogue, and develop the military tactics used in the scene.

7/24 In one scene of Bourne Ultimatum, Nicky and Desh push through a crowd in Tangier. Tangier was too crowded and the flow of people was too hard to control so the two actors were instructed to genuinely push through a crowd of non-extras.

8/24 Matt Damon agreed to appear twice in Jason Bourne to establish that the film was part of the larger series. However he commented after the film was finished that he couldn't see his character and Jeremy Renner's character properly appearing in a movie together anytime soon.

9/24 Bourne Supremacy fight coordinator came with the idea to use a rolled up-magazine as a weapon for the film. He explained, "I would go around the set after it had been dressed and get an idea of what would be lying around and how it could be used as a weapon. I came up with the idea of using a rolled up magazine and had to convince a few people that would actually be a functional weapon. I had to demonstrate it by rolling it up and hitting it on the table to show how hard the impact would be. And also Matt [Damon] and Marton [Csokas] verified that the magazine would actually hurt because they'd be hitting each other in the arm before takes and would actually get bruises from it."

10/24 The film screw for Bourne Ultimatum were unable to shut down Waterloo station for filming so pedestrians can be seen in the background of some shots pointing at the cameras.

11/24 Matt Damon didn't think a second Bourne film would be made, explaining "When The Bourne Identity came out I said, 'There is very little chance we will do a second film, just because nobody on the team who made the first wants to make another movie if it can't be as good as, or better than, the first one.'"

12/24 The first scene of Bourne Ultimatum takes place directly after Bourne Supremacy but filming didn't start until months later in January. It was too cold to film in Moscow so production was moved to Berlin where a fake-Moscow was created on set. The crew made fake snow using paper and foam, which had no risk of melting, and spent five hours every day covering the set in snow.

13/24 The name "Bourne" comes from Ansel Bourne, a preacher in Rhode Island who was diagnosed with the first case of dissociative fugue. In January 1887 he forgot who he was and moved to Pennsylvania, opening a confectionary store under the name Brown. Three months later he woke up and knew that he was Bourne, but didn't remember anything that had happened in the past few months. His nephew brought him to Harvard University to be studied, where they found out that under hypnosis he could assume either identity.

14/24 The red bag that Bourne uses in the consulate scene of Bourne Identity was procured by Adam Savage of Mythbusters. He owns the bag and all the props from Jason Bourne's house in Paris.

15/24 Bourne Supremacy was made with no intention of making a third movie in the series. The final scene was originally written to end the series, but when Bourne Ultimatum was green-lit half-way through production, the writers had to rewrite the story. The film then ended with the confession to Neski's daughter, but after audiences negatively reacted to the ending in screenings, a new epilogue scene with Bourne and Landy was filmed two weeks before the film's release.

16/24 Bourne Supremacy director Paul Greengrass mostly used handheld cameras and a muted colour palette to give the movie a gritty, documentary-style feel. He also insisted that computer graphics be avoided and that all stuns be achieved live.

17/24 The Bourne Ultimatum was shot in Tangiers during Ramadan, the Muslim fasting month where no Muslims can eat or drink from sunrise to sunset. Several of the crew members were Muslim and found it exhausting to work on the film at this time. To accommodate the situation, the non-Muslim crew members ate and drank discreetly away from everyone else.

18/24 Despite receiving prominent billing, Clive Owen only has three minutes of screen time in Bourne Identity. When Owen was asked to describe his role in the film he explained, "I basically put on a pair of glasses and pose to the camera!"

19/24 Bourne Identity executives were not happy with the film's pacing, emphasis on smaller action sequences, and director Doug Liman. This strained relationship slowed the film's development, most notably when reshoots and rewrites delayed the film's release from September 2001 to June 2002. Liman and the production crew also went over budget, taking the film to $68 million. The studio also insisted that the farmhouse sequence be cut, but Liman and Damon fought to keep the scene to help the audience understand Bourne's character. In the end, they won but Liman was removed from future projects with the Bourne series.

20/24 Bourne author Robert Ludlum died of complications from severe fire burns while the first Bourne movie was in post-production.

21/24 Matt Damon said the scariest moment in the series was filming the underwater scene in Bourne Supremacy when the car goes underwater. He explained, "I didn't want to do that at all. So I wouldn't be constantly aware of how scared I am of drowning, I had to go to a pool with this great stunt guy and dive master a couple of times a week for a month or so to train me to relax underwater without an oxygen mask and with a blindfold and, later, to do simple tasks underwater like tying a shoe... After we shot for one day, that night I woke up probably four times gasping for breath, thinking I was drowning. It was terrible. When you make movies, you end up being trained to do really weird things you don't do anywhere else."

22/24 Brad Pitt was offered the role of Jason Bourne but turned it down to play Tom Bishop in Spy Game.

23/24 Bourne Identity screenwriter Tony Gilroy didn't read the novel in preparation for writing the screenplay. Instead he worked from an outline provided by director/producer Doug Liman. He did read The Bourne Supremacy, but says that his screenplay was a re-imagination not an adaptation of the novel.

24/24 Jeremy Renner said the most difficult scene in Jason Bourne was the motorcycle ride in Manila because he was also responsible for Rachel Weisz's life. Weisz explained, "It was really terrifying! Jeremy never told me when we were in Manila, but that was the scariest stunt for him because he was responsible for my life. He didn't tell me that in Manila, thank god, because I would have been like, 'Oh, my god!' I just had to surrender and hold on. I didn't have to act. It just was terrifying".

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