People on Reddit were asked: "Who was the worst guest that stayed at your house?" These are some of the best answers.

1/23 An ex-friend. I smelled something horrible when I was cleaning the guest bathroom after she left. It was like a mix of fish and rotten eggs. It was so strong it made me gag.

And then I found the source: it was her used panties.


2/23 Let a friend of mine crash on my couch for a few days until he got drunk one night after I was in bed and decided to boil some eggs. Once happily boiling he passed out. Eventually all the water in the pan boiled off and the eggs fused themselves to the pan. Shortly after that the pan itself began to melt onto the burner.

I woke up to the smoke detector going off and a cloud of noxious black smoke throughout my apartment. The smell of it lasted for several months despite my best efforts to fumigate. Good times.


3/24 I was having a party at my house with about 6 people. Most of them were 16-19 years old. I was 18. A couple hours in to the party and my 25 year old neighbor came over with some extra beer for us. He starts chatting up this 16 year old girl.

After another hour or so I noticed that they had both disappeared and no one knew where they went. I went through and checked the bedrooms in my house. I went into the extra bedroom and found him raping her. She was trying to scream but he had her mouth covered.

I ran in to get the guy but he dodged past me and ran back to his house. The girl demanded that we not call the police because she didn't want her parents to know. We convinced her to talk with them the next morning.

I ended up testifying in court and the guy was sentenced to 25 years in prison. He had a wife and two kids who I found out he had been abusing. He is most definitely the worst guest I've ever had and ever will have.


4/24 We moved into this new house, apparently the people who lived there before us never told their "friend" they moved. He let him self in and went into the bathroom unnoticed. I went in there some time later and found this random guy passed out with a needle in his arm in my new fucking bathroom. Worst first night in a new house ever.


5/23 My wife's friends had stayed over after a party because they lived pretty far away. I was in the kitchen making coffee in the morning and the friends wife came up the basement stairs into the kitchen wearing nothing but her underwear. She didn't say anything to me she just shuffled past and went back into the spare bedroom. I was curious what she was doing down there so I went and I checked. It turns out in her drunken state she couldn't find either one of the bathrooms upstairs on the main level so she went into the basement and shit beneath the stairs all over the floor. When her husband came out of the bedroom I told him that he had a mess to clean up and directed him to the basement so he could find his wife's surprise. That's when he decided to use our clean bath towels to smear her shit all over my basement floor, then he just tossed the towels into the laundry tub. I never spoke to either one of them again. One good thing did come out of it though. We now get to say "shit the basement drunk" as the top of the drunkenness meter.


6/23 Without a doubt, hands-down, the friend whose family came up to my lake house for a week. Her 10 year old had a bed-wetting problem. Understandably, no one wants to talk about that. EXCEPT WHEN IT'S TIME TO CHANGE THE SHEETS when the guests are gone! OMG, I had to throw out a brand new mattress.


7/23 When I was 17, my older brother brought two of his college friends from school to stay for a weekend in the town he was raised. They went to the Citadel in Charleston, so they are "cadet-ish". Anyway, my mom caught one of them smelling my 12 year old sister's stockings and pre teen girl underwear.

My mom kind of freaked and was in semi shock and came in and told my brother in front of me and the other friend. What was even more awkward is the guy tried to play it off like he thought it was MY room, and he was looking for my weed. He said he was sniffing because he could smell weed somewhere, and wanted to smoke. My mom wanted so hard to believe this that she actually accused me of having weed in my room, which was upstairs...


8/23 My sister. Her 10 year old went through all our DVDs and stuffed about 6 under his coat as they left . One fell out and we discovered the rest. My sisters reaction? "Boys will be boys." Are you kidding me.


9/23 Urgh. My girlfriend's best friend is a militant vegan. She studies in a different city and came to visit us for a couple of days. We're vegetarian, so it wasn't a HUGE step to make vegan food, but it still takes a little bit of planning to cook every meal without butter, milk, honey, that kinda stuff. It takes an effort, and you would assume a person would recognize that someone is going a little out of their way to accommodate you.

Not a single ounce of recognition or appreciation. So after three days of cooking her three vegan meals a day, we come back from work - remember I said she was "militant"? - and she had thrown out all of our sweaters and jackets with wool in them. Just straight up thrown them in a container outside. Her excuse was that she assumed we had become vegan as well and she tried to help us.

By throwing out something like 10-15 sweaters and three jackets. Didn't even apologize. Said it was a natural thing to assume. Threw her out and haven't spoken a word to her since.


10/23 A woman named Misty. My roommate met her at a party and invited her back. She stayed the night, yeah whatever. But then didn't leave the next day. She just hung out. Even asked if we were going to buy more soda. She stayed the night again. On the couch. Two days later we drove her to a family member just to get rid of her.


11/23 This dude was a family friend who my mum let in my room to play xbox. I wasn't home at the time so I didn't see it, but I had forgotten my phone one day, so as soon I get home I frantically look for it, as I normally would. My phone was nowhere in sight, so I was like fuck it, I'll look for it later and chill with this dude on xbox. The dude seems nervous as fuck, so start catching onto this motherfucker. I go through one of my draws which had about hundred dollars in it, and guess what, it's gone.

I decide to fuck with this dude, so I said my phone has a tracker app on it and that I was going to report it stolen to the police, which was complete BS, buy hey, he bought my story and was getting nervous. He goes over to his mum and speaks in his native language, so I can't understand. He did use "phone" and "police" in english, and at that point I knew he took both of them. I told my dad and he went apeshit on this dude, just full on shouting at him until he started crying, which was hilarious. He returned my stuff afterwards and just waited outside. His mother was crying profusely and kept apologizing and saying stuff like "I never knew he had this side to him" and "there must be a reason why he stole your stuff", but I knew she was in on it too. I had no sympathy for either of those sly motherfuckers.


12/23 My roommate's friend needed a place to crash while he found an apartment. We had a spare room but he didn't want to rent it. After 3 weeks it became obvious he was trying to stay with us for free when he brought all of his clothes and stuff. So we charged him rent for next month if he planned to stay longer. Stole our Xbox and disappeared. But he left all his stuff which was worth a lot more. We didn't bother calling the cops and just told him to bring back the Xbox or he can't get his stuff. He never responded and we just made a 1k profit selling his crap.


13/23 My partner at the time's brother spent the whole week trying to walk in on me changing/in the shower.


14/23 My Mum. She helped pay the deposit for me, then treated it like she owned the place whenever she needed somewhere to stay, to the point that my gf at the time threatened to move out over the way she was treated. Whenever I raised the issue, she would remind me that without her I wouldn't have a place to live etc. I sold the place at auction eventually, gave her back her deposit, and cut her out of my life. Not purely over this you understand, but it was a big part of it.


15/23 My mom was my worst guest ever. We moved her because she lost her job and was staying with random people. She never offered to help with anything, left my house a pig sty at all times, when she would get her unemployment she'd buy herself the most random crap, stayed up all hours of the night and got incredibly shitty in the morning if my young children would wake her up, and would purposely get in awful fights with my husband because she hated him and didn't want me married to him. I asked her if she would watch my children so I could go back to work to help support her and she freaked out that I wasn't planning on paying her to babysit. After two years, (I really, really tried to ignore it and continue helping), we had to kick her out.


16/23 Buddy used to pee out a second story window to avoid going to the downstairs bathroom. One time he did and the sunroof on my mother's Lexus was open below...


17/23 My sisters boyfriend. I have never actually hated anyone until I was forced to live with this guy for two weeks. He was an ungrateful prick and extremely disrespectful to my parents and sister. I'll refer to him as M. M was staying at my parents house because my sister inadvertently got him kicked out of his aunts house. She felt bad so she asked my parents to let him stay for some time until they could find other living arrangements. He brought over all his stuff and made himself right at home quickly.

He set up his xbox in the living room and played destiny all day because he didn't have a job. He's 27. He would constantly complain about the internet being laggy and would tell anyone who was listening that our internet is shitty. He would constantly (at least 3- 4 times) take an entire loaf of pepperoni bread, fill it with cheese, bake it, eat some and then throw it away. He literally screamed at my mother that she was disrespecting him when she called his music screamo and had a hissy fit. He and my sister shared a room right next to mine, and at night I could hear him singing to her. Not so bad except he proclaimed that he was incredibly talented and never missed a chance to mention it. The best part about his stay though was when he told me that aliens we're on earth, helped build the pyramids, and altered our DNA so that we evolved faster. He would also constantly tell my sister what to do and was very controlling.

My sister now lives with him in an apartment. He recently crashed her car and fled the scene. I hate him.


18/23 My sister in law a couple months before my wedding. She was controlling everything, from the food we eat to the way I should place things in my wallet. I freaked my shit when she started making a list of my family members and who should be invited or not. Added detail, her other sister, a week before our wedding told me all men cheat.


19/23 My girlfriend and I went away for a week and a half, and a friend of ours volunteered to housesit and take care of our pets (two cats and two lizards). We made sure they knew what to do and wrote a care sheet for each animal, and what they needed to do to keep the animals healthy while we were away. Feed the cats, clean their litter, chop up veggies for the lizards and feed them bugs, and give the lizard a quick bath if she poops because she'll definitely run around in it.

So after we ran our friend through our daily routine to care for our pets, we said our goodbyes and went away. When we came back, our apartment looked nice, but there was a HEAVY cat piss/cat shit smell all over the apartment, and when I checked on my lizard, she had shit all over her underside. Not. Cool. Bearded dragons have salmonella in their feces, and this meant she ran a risk of getting very sick if she ran over her food. We ended up having to take her to the vet for a $300 vet bill for tail rot and to check for food poisoning. The cat litter was literally solid. When confronted, he said he had just forgotten to clean it once before he left, but it looked exactly like a week and a half worth of two cats peepoos. Our one cat was so fed up with the amount of peepoos in the litter that we saw him peeing on the floor, which has never once happened before or since this incident.

It was clear to us that he did next to nothing to care for our pets like he promised he would. He just volunteered to stay in our apartment because it was an hour closer to his new job, and completely used us. We used to be great friends, but I haven't seen them more than once in the two years since this incident. Hard to trust someone after they pull a stunt like that.


20/23 My sister was supposed to stay just the weekend (to help after my hysterectomy). I had to kick her out after 3 months because it became painfully obvious she relapsed. (Drugs). The last straw was when she became upset with me and knowing that I'm allergic to perfume, she went through the entire house, spraying her perfume. I had to stay away from my own house for 24 hours. (My poor husband and children!)


21/23 My best mate was hooking up with the new barmaid at our local and she got horrendously wrecked on booze and cocaine at a post-pub party at my parents house. For some reason she decided to grab a kitchen knife and slit her wrist.

In the ensuing struggle to wrestle the knife from her hand as she went to slash her other wrist she managed to place her arm against the wall leaving a nice blood smudge right there in the kitchen. We then kicked her out and she gave me and my girlfriend at the time a load of shit on Facebook for being unreasonable.

Believe it or not my mate ended up dating her for about 2 years and she continued to be an absolute trainwreck. When he finally got rid of her from his life it was a really joyous moment for me and the rest of our friendship cycle. The last I heard of her she unexpectedly inherited a few million pounds from her father who she hadn't seen since she was about 2 years old and she's now living a few hundred miles away breeding horses.

So as for worst house guest it's either her or the dude who pissed in my kettle and then boiled it.


22/23 This was a few years back, when I was around 15 or so. My younger brother is autistic, only mildly so we don't deal with him all that much differently than any other kid, but he can get a bit much with the questions, feels like you're getting interrogated at times he has so much to ask, but it's easy to cut him a little slack with it, no big deal. At the time he was around 6 and I had a friend over for a little while, just playing some games on my xbox.

My younger brother politely knocks on my door so I tell him to come in, and he proceeds to start questioning us on what we're playing, about the game etc etc, normal questions, just lots of them. Eventually my friend has had enough and tells him he needs to shut up, younger brother responds by saying he's only asking and asks me another question. before anyone has a chance to do anything my friend decides to shout at him to shut up and proceeds to slap my younger brother around the head. Got kicked out pretty quick and our friendship deteriorated pretty rapidly after that.


23/23 I was 18, living in my dad's house after he got married and moved in with his new wife. I invited a local friend to stay with me for a week, just to get out of her house. She invited another friend. No problem so far. However, I had leftover pizza in the fridge and came home one night after work looking forward to eating it.

I opened the pizza box and not only was it gone, there was a used maxi pad in the box.




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