People on Reddit were asked: "What is the worst premise for a tv show you can come up with?" These are some of the best answers. And surprisingly, only one of these has ever been made!

1/23 I had an idea for a reality show where orphaned kids battle in various tasks, puzzles and games for the affections of a family with the end goal to eventually be adopted.


2/23 A woman is cursed by gypsies so that anyone she has sex with dies the next day. She decides to make the most out of it and becomes a hitman, or hitwoman, whatever.


3/23 Fran Drescher stars as a nymphomaniac psychic who constantly cheats on her genius inventor husband, Carrot Top. Their son, Dane Cook, is a vampire indie rocker who is suspicious of his mother's indiscretions, and hires a private investigator (Chris Tucker in drag) to catch her. Cook is in an incestuous relationship with his abusive psychiatrist sister, Paris Hilton.

The whacky neighbors will be played by Gilbert Gottfried and Sarah Palin, and the theme song will be 8 minutes long, and sung by Nickelback.


4/23 A time traveling child molester. Season finale: he molests himself as a boy.


5/23 A sitcom about Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun being unable to get along with their Jewish neighbours. Disturbingly, someone actually thought this might be a good idea. (link)


6/23 A talk show where people talk about their favorite Youtube videos without showing them for reference, thus forcing them to try to describe them every time.


7/23 A reality series about a portable toilet company trying to drive their competitor out of business. Call it 'Game of Thrones'.


8/23 A man and his wife, in their middle age and with three teenage children realize simultaneously that they're transgendered. The catch; their children are horribly bigoted towards LGBTQ society, thanks to the hyper-evangelical private school they've attended since kindergarten. To preserve the respect of their children, the man and wife decide the easiest way to fulfill who they are is to swap places with each other, albeit poorly. Follow Glen and Glenda on their wild transsexual adventure as they deflect probing questions from their children, stoop to radical new lows to afford sexual reassignment and plastic surgeries, and learn to live with the hilarious side effects of hormone therapy! Who's mom? Who's dad? Who cares!


9/23 "To Catch a Five Year Old" Contestants drive vans to separate playgrounds. Whoever can get the greatest number of children in their van in 2 hours, wins. Children are returned at the end of the show and their parents are reported to child protective services. Hosted by Gilbert Gottfried.


10/23 A Russian hobo trying to start a vacuum cleaner but never succeeding. In 1080p HD.


11/23 A reality show with a cast of people, each of them lonely and in their underwear, awake too late (or too early, depending on their time zone), who sit alone at computers (or perhaps holding a tablet or smartphone). The camera cuts to each one of them to show them typing. Each is writing a description of the worst premise for a TV show. No one speaks. More importantly, no one laughs. There is no soundtrack. Occasionally one of the cast scratches his or her genitals. This continues for an hour. Each episode repeats the same premise.


12/23 Orchards of the Rich and Famous. Fruit trees belonging to A-List celebs, mega-millionaires, and politicos all over the world. On today's episode: we take an in-depth look at Robert DeNiro's plum grove. Just look at those gorgeous rows of plum trees. After the break, you'll never believe who this Granny Smith garden belongs to...


13/23 A show about C list celebrities that have to integrate back into real life- i.e working for the DMV or insurance sales.


14/23 A more realistic portrayal of an office than 'The Office'. Without all the tragic comedy, it would be painfully boring to watch someone sitting at a computer 8 hours a day, briefly exchanging a few words with colleagues and attending meetings where they plan what to plan on the next meeting.


15/23 Steve Buscemi's Staring Contest. Each week, Steve stares directly into the camera for 45 minutes. He never blinks. Ever.


16/23 Tank it. We put old men in tank tops and laugh at them.


17/23 My friends and I actually came up with an idea for a tv show called "Pilots". It started when we were all drunk and thought it'd be a great idea if every episode of the show was a pilot episode to some other show. There's no long running story arcs or anything. Same actors every episode, just, with new characters and new stories. Now whenever we're all drunk, we come up with new Pilot's episodes. You could have the cop drama pilot one week then a situation comedy about a couple who are polar opposites the next week and then a show about aliens or something the next week.

Whenever we're drunk it seems like a great idea, but in reality, it seems really really bad. We have almost a whole season's worth of episodes already.


18/23 "What to do with 150 bananas" coming this fall on ABC.


19/23 Wasps landing on wooden surfaces.


20/23 The Poop Whisperer - Cesar Millan attempts to communicate with the fecal matter of sick people in an effort to receive knowledge of what is causing the illness from a primary resource.


21/23 A rom-com based in the deep south. The twist? He's an abortion doctor, she's a pro-life demonstrator. Typical star crossed lovers thing but set in an abortion clinic. Great family fun.


22/23 Watching paint dry in HD.


23/23 Puddle. A sentient puddle of water, unable to communicate with the world around it (or viewers), slowly dies as the day gets warmer.



with friends!

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