23 Of The Worst Wedding Proposals People Have Actually Seen. I Don't!


It's your big moment. the moment you're going to ask the love of your life to spend the rest of your days together. Don't mess it up like these people...

Here are twenty-three of the worst proposals people have actually seen.

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1/23. 1. I saw a guy randomly propose to his girlfriend while he was being interviewed on the news. She didnt even react. Then he tried to kiss her... Again, she did not react at all.


2/23. Eating dinner at a cheap Italian fast food place (Fazoli's) and a guy dressed like a knight walks in. He was carrying a real sword on his hip. His girlfriend, dressed in typical clothing, was noticeably uncomfortable.

As soon as he walks in, he makes his announcement.

"HEY EVERYONE! We're getting married! I just asked this beautiful girl to marry me and she said yes!"

While they wait in line to order their reasonably priced pasta dishes, his friends begin to file in. They were all driving from the movie theater where they had just met to see their friend pop the question at the premier of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.

She ate her food in silence while he and his friends recapped the movie loudly. She looked like she was going to cry.


3/23. So I was in college. I had been casually sleeping with/partying with one young fellow. He showed up at my house drunk at about 7pm on a Tuesday. He is quite good looking, and he was on his way to see me when my roommate ended up distracting him. Anyhoo, I come out of my room (townhouse, 6 girls one house) and find him sitting there and my roommate soberly trying to seduce his drunk ass. Anyway, I join their little party.

He ends up drunkenly taking my hand into his. He looks deep into my eyes... I can still see the hopefulness, and just the glow he had. He proposed, and said hey, we should have a baby. To which I said f***ck no.

It was Christmas time, and my roommates and i had hung paper snowflakes from the kitchen ceiling. So he says, if I can kick that snowflake, we're going to have a baby. The snowflake is about 7 ft off the ground...

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He tries once, and fails. He then figures hey, its because I have shoes on. So he takes off his shoes, tries to jump from the counter and spin mid air and FAILS MISERABLY. Taking his shoes off was a terrible idea. He slipped on the counter, and fell and hit his head off the fridge. There was blood, and then I told him that he should never procreate.


4/23. My dad was giving his girlfriend a foot massage. He proceeded to do the whole "this little piggy" toe thing. At the end of it, she found a ring on her toe. He was really excited to tell me this story immediately after it happened. (This is my dad's second wife, not my mom.)



5/23. I had gotten the ring, and was thinking about the logistics of where in our apt I could hide it that she wouldn't stumble across it. I wanted to make a big presentation of the whole thing and was trying to come up with a good plan. My mom was with me at the time because I value her opinions when it comes to jewelry, and she said "you know, sometimes it's more memorable to make an average moment special, then to make an event out of it. " So when I got home, I started changing clothes, and the GF came home. I dropped down on one knee and gave her the box. She lost it.

That's when I realized I had not yet put on pants.


6/23. Not witnessed, but my grandmother was proposed to in this way, sometime in the 40's:

As she is sitting shotgun in the car with a guy she considered a friend, he says to her, out of nowhere, "Rita, what I'd really like to have with you is something along the lines of...a permanent franchise."

His offer was declined.


7/23. Some dude who works for University Athletics proposed during halftime at our last home game. She said yes, but I would not want my engagement to be associated with the thrashing we got that day.


8/23. My own proposal was pretty awful. Nothing more romantic than a dinner in a restaurant surrounded by loud kids, discovering that your card doesn't work when going to pay for the meal, then going back home and asking a girl to marry you in your parents basement with a $3.50 bottle of wine ready for the celebration that would follow, only it never did follow because you went to sleep thirty minutes later. Smooth...


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9/23. Drunk Guy at a redneck bar proposes to his drunk girlfriend over the DJ's mic, then the DJ plays Billy Idol's White Wedding for them.


10/23. I bought my soon to be wife's ring. Didn't think to plan what I would say just waited for it to arrive. It sat in my glove box for 3 days and ticked and tocked like the Telltale Heart the entire time.

Eventually after work on a week night (no I can't remember the day) I put the ring in my pocket and walked into the house. Got to the living room. Shes sicker than a dog, in her house coat watching god knows what.

I drop down to one knee, pull the ring box out of my pocket, flip it open and fumble with the ring. I stutter out "will you ummm marry me?" Give her the puppy eyes and proceed to drop the ring under the couch. She asked me if I was serious about 8 times (not sure if she thought me or the proposal was the joke).

Eventually she said yes.


11/23. My friend was at the Phillies game last night and witnessed a failed marriage proposal. The dude told his wife (sorry- girlfriend) to "stand up honey I'll clean off your seat" and from there it went all downhill ultimately she said no and left. The guy was entirely demoralized in front of thousands of people and I honestly don't know what could be worse.


12/23. Mine. My wife is a HUGE king of the hill fan and early in our relationship we watched the episode that shows how hank proposes, it was something along the lines of "Peggy, I'm not entirely un-fond of you. Will you marry me?". My (then) gf made me promise if I ever proposed I'd say that, and I'm not a man who breaks promises.

It didn't help that I'd planned to do it in the park but she said no to going for a walk cause she felt sick, but I was so excited about it I did it anyway in the living room of our crummy studio apartment.

I am a very lucky man.


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13/23. I knew this couple who did Ren Fairs together. The guy made everyone listen to him read a poem in old-timey speak and then sing a song, accompanied by lute, for a solid 20 minutes before he finally proposed, fake English accent still in tact.


14/23. Mine, we just had a fight on 4th of July and we were yelling in our lawn about him not manning up. I've known my husband had the ring in his trunk for ever and it was making me mad. I wanted to be engaged.

So he finally yelled Fine! Walked to his trunk and I was by the hood and he then asked me if I would marry him. I couldn't help I was impatient, I'm a lot better now and I've apologized about it but hey we've been together for almost 10 years.


15/23. My roommate was 21, his girlfriend of 2 months was 18. He proposed one day and got rejected because 2 months you silly gray duck. He then bursts into my friends room while we are watching South Park late at night. He is bawling like crazy and he starts punching my friend yelling at said friend to hit my roommate so that he could feel something.

It was just like something out of an emo movie. It was the strangest moment that I had ever witnessed when a "Guys Gone Nuts" commercial came on the TV.


16/23. My dad asked my mom to move in with him after dating from age 16-20. My mom said,"I can't move in with you, my folks would flip." So he said,"What if we were married?"

My dad has never been sentimental. Kinda jerky since my mom is all about sentimental stuff.


17/23. My university sponsored a free concert in the town center about six years back or so. They got Hoobastank to play. Dude tries to propose to his girlfriend during "The Reason," gets interrupted by some other guy running into him, then gets interrupted by the lead singer who called the couple up onto stage. The guy finally finished his proposal, the girl said yes, and everyone clapped. Lead singer hugged them and sent them back off stage and said, "That was great, I'll see you guys next week at the DIVORCE!"


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18/23. I used to work security in a club. One night, at about 4am we were clearing everyone out, and anyone who was waiting for someone would have to do so at the front door. There was a guy waiting for his girlfriend to come out of the toilet (I am reliably informed by a colleague that she would be a while, she was taking a dump). I told the dude to leave, he wouldn't, told him again, he wouldn't. This went on for a little while, before he produced some sh*tty 20 Elizabeth Duke ring and said he was about to propose.

For his own good, I practically dragged him out of the club, and I am quite sure, probably saved his relationship. How many women want to be proposed to whilst still adjusting their buttpipe from dropping bombs in a club toilet?


19/23. I had a fancy date planned, we were going to a nice restaurant in the old town district and were going to walk around by the harbor. Everything was planned out perfectly, we were dressed up nicely and it was going to be an awesome night out.

I had the ring in my pocket and everything. Then, as we are getting in the car, she suddenly says "You know what? I'm kind of tired, can we raincheck this? Maybe eat something quick and cheap in town?"

So we went to Wendy's. She polished off a baconator, and I handed her a ring. "I wanted to take you somewhere fancy and do this, but Wendy's will have to do."


20/23. I told my wife "Hey, seems like we need to get married". Two weeks later we were.


21/23. I went to a postsecret live show at Rutgers a couple months ago.. there is a part at the end where Frank Warren encourages people to come up and share their secrets.. well, after a half hour of people crying about abuse and rape and the saddest sh*t you could imagine this guy actually proposes to his girlfriend.

Weirdest sh*t I have ever witnessed.. and she actually said yes.


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22/23. My own. I was fighting with my girlfriend and I basically proposed to get her to shut up. I just have her a ring that I liked to wear.

We've been together for 17 years now.


23/23. High school. I took my girlfriend to a roller skating rink. There were people from her high school there.

All of the sudden the music stopped. One guy from her high school dropped down on one knee and popped out an engagement ring.

I didn't hear what he asked. She slapped him so hard he almost fell over.

What impressed me was that she stalked off of the rink in roller skating boots.

I never saw the guy again. It had to have been incredibly humiliating.


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