Haunted house workers of Reddit were asked: "What's the worst thing you've witnessed?" These are some of the best answers.

1/23 When I was 17, I was working in one as a scarecrow. I saw a bachelorette party come in. They all had matching green tubetops. I jumped out and screamed at the 3rd woman in line (out of 8 or so). She jumped and screamed so bad that her breasts popped out of her shirt. She fell down against a wall and sat there for a moment, not realizing her breasts were out. One of them said "umm... Sarah? Look down..." She quickly looked down, blushed, and fixed her shirt.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was the first pair of tits I'd seen in my life.


2/23 I've worked at Scream World in Houston for 2 years in a row and while working in the slaughter house, playing the victim, I scared a lady so bad she started throwing up everywhere. It was awesome.


3/23 I was dressed as a vampire and standing in a coffin. When people would come around the corner, I would jump out and scare them. A woman came through and I jumped out. The woman lets out this piercing scream and jumps backwards. She hit the wall so hard she dented it pretty badly.

She kept screaming and wouldn't stop. She was hyperventilating, crying, on and on. I was afraid to approach her and make it worse. I had to completely drop character and tell one of the guests to go get an uncostumed worker to assist her. Someone comes, gets her calmed down. She even talks to me and finally laughs about it. She leaves and I'm so relieved she was okay, but it really shook me up.

Thirty minutes later: SHE COMES BACK. I don't jump out of the coffin, I just walk out and say "What are you doing here??" She gets this embarrassed look on her face and says, "I had fun." Looking back on it, the funniest part were the looks on the faces of the people behind her in the line the second time. To them, this vampire just walks out of a coffin and gets all bossy with some random woman.


4/23 When one particular big, burly dude figured out I was not, in fact, a mannequin and I could, in fact, get out of my 'cage' and come for him, he ran so fast he went through one of our temporary walls like something out of a cartoon. Worst for him, funniest for his friends and me!


5/23 I volunteered for a local Haunted House one year and made a girl pee herself. Literally all I did was stand right on the other side of the door and put on the evilest grin I could conjure up. I was dressed as some kind of crazy blood soaked mail man or something. They didn't give me any lines or directions, they basically just told me to be scary. So, some poor girl walked in, held in the arms of her boyfriend and upon seeing me she screamed so f*cking loudly and just wet her pants right there. Her boyfriend just kept pushing her through my room and into the next. It was an interesting experience.


6/23 Kid found a dead bird on the ground while waiting outside. As a prank, he went inside and inserted into a sensory box, which is a black box where people put their hands in, and feel "brains" or something, even though it's actually spaghetti, etc.

So everyone after him got a feel of "brains" and real dead bird, without even knowing it.


7/23 I work as a zombie for a zombie survival experience in an abandoned mall. One of the areas in the basement of the mall is a large open space save for support pillars and an escalator going to the upper floor. It is completely pitch black in there. The survivors all have tac-torches but still don't provide too much light.

For the 'skirmish' part of the experience, one of the zombies gets to be the 'boss' zombie and dress up as the clown. Whilst the normal zombies are slow shamblers, the clown howls with evil laughter and is allowed to sprint at the survivors. This particular day I was the clown.

I followed a group of 5 or so survivors into the pitch black basement without them knowing I was there. (We know the place pretty well so can vaguely work our way around the place even in the dark.) The large basement room only has one exit, so as soon as they'd ventured in there, I followed, essentially trapping them in. They were your typical middle aged male bravado kinda guys so I decided they were the perfect targets to f*ck with.

As soon as I'd gotten them into the basement room, from behind a pillar I squeezed my clown nose which squeaks quite loudly and quite hilariously (to me at least). All the torches are pointed on this pillar so I figure I might as well reveal myself. I slowly lurch round the pillar into their firing line (they're armed with airsoft guns). I do my disgusting zombie clown laugh and break into a sprint towards them.

They don't stick around to shoot me, they turn and run as fast as they can. Unfortunately for one of them, 10 feet behind him was one of the large support pillars which he greets full speed with his face and gets knocked clean out for 10 or so seconds. I saw him hit the pillar but didn't realize he'd knocked himself out until my coworkers later told me about a guy with a bleeding nose and concussion stumbling out of the basement asking to be taken back to the safe room.


8/23 I once made the mayor of my town shield himself with a small child. I was in a smallish room with a steel grate separating me from the folks walking through, it was my job to make sparks on said grate with a car battery. (Safe, I know) Anyways, I guess I really timed it right.


9/23 Having worked in a local house for a few years, I've seen some hilarious things. Among them, a super tough guy who's giving his girlfriend sh*t for being creeped out. I pop out behind him in full costume as Jason, which elicits a high pitched shriek from him. He's backing up further until my buddy, in full Freddy regalia sneaks into his blind spot. Dude runs, slams into a wall and knocks himself stupid. Girl laughed. Was hard not to hide our shoulders from bouncing up and down from laughter.


10/23 About six years ago I worked at a haunt in North Carolina. In one part of the trail, there were body bags that contained mannequins, except one that had a coworker inside. He freaked out a lot of people, but one group came through, drunk and high, got really freaked out and beat him pretty badly. He got sent to the hospital, they got sent to jail.


11/23 I worked at a theme park haunt as security last year and moved around the park a lot. I saw some really funny/infuriating things. Possibly the worst and most infuriating. There was a Doll House Maze. This was were most of the underaged girls worked, because it was easier to make them look like China Dolls. I'm watching the line and a large rowdy group comes through - shouting and banging on trash cans. They were obviously drunk and I had to ask them repeatedly to calm down. When they got to the front, I called for someone to watch the line so I could follow them through the maze. They continued their a**holeish behavior all the way through, until one of the rooms. This room was lined with mannequins and a few actors, who were very good at staying still. One of the men in the group decides to start grabbing the mannequins, and then he figured out that not all of the "dolls" are mannequins. He goes after one of the obviously living monsters. And flat out grabs her chest, full on honk-a honk-a action. This girl was 16. She flipped a sh*t and kicked him the nuts. We had to shut down the maze to flush everyone except her assailant out and then get the actual police involved.

I was shocked that someone thought this was actual acceptable behavior. The man was arrested. His group was thrown out without refunds (obviously), and the girls mother apparently pursued legal action against him (not the park, because she herself worked there as well in our Hillbilly Maze).


12/23 I had a little kid (about six or seven) ask me in the nicest way possible if I was one of the monsters because I have severe eczema. When I told him no, I just have bad skin, he told me that he hoped I got better because he thought I was pretty.


13/23 While working in our Carnival area, where we had what were called "Sliders" (they wore pads on the hands, elbows and knees so that they could slide around on the ground and scare people). One of them slide up to a couple and the girl legitimately shrieked, jumped three feet in the air, and fell on her a** while her boyfriend laughed. Unfortunately, she'd bruised her tailbone and we had to call EMS because she couldn't walk. The slider felt awful and her boyfriend even worse. (But everyone was actually laughing, including the girl. They came back the next night apparently - bonus of season passes)


14/23 Gay couple screaming "I'm gay!" in defense. We are equal opportunity haunters, we scare all creeds and sexualities.


15/23 I work in a haunted house around this time of year and it surprisingly laid back, there is a few rooms that have set consumes and set people but about 50% of the rooms it's just "grab a costume and be scary". The final room is a clown room and that's the room me and most of my friends would take and scare people, the most common thing to happen is for people to just freeze. They just stop in the middle of the tour and scream. The only way to get them to move is to come out of character and tell them they have to go.

My favorite "spot" is after the clown room you make a hard right and go down a long dark hallway to leave. Right outside of the room there is a little nook that you can sit if you were to go left out of the clown room instead of a right down that hallway. Anyways, the funniest thing I've ever seen had to be the time I was sitting in that nook with a chain saw and the first person came around the corner didn't see me so when I revved the chain saw she took off running and only got about two steps before promptly falling on her face. This is where it gets good, with it being a dark hallway the rest of the tour also took off running from hearing the chain saw and one after another they fell the pile up at the end was somewhere between 8-10 people. I had to put the chainsaw down and go help but I hardly could I was laughing so hard.


16/23 Probably whomever had to revive a man that sprung out of a closet in a haunted house. A co-worker had gone to one with her young children. Either she had no idea of what she was getting into or thought that she and the kids could handle it.

Some guy jumped out of a closet doing something scary. She knocked him out. She and the kids walked back to the front door and left.


17/23 I worked on a haunted train (the train would ride from one station to the other and back, while workers in scary costumes walked into each car). I was wearing a gimp mask while waiting on the train platform for the next round of customers to board. The platform is directly across from a restaurant with outdoor seating and there were two women having dinner and facing the train station. I stood directly across from them and just stared with the mask on. They were talking so they didn't notice me for a couple of minutes. Waiting paid off, because one of them finally saw me and screamed at the top of her lungs. Everyone else at the restaurant looked to see what was happening. The other girl was laughing her a** off. I waved and boarded the train.


18/23 One time 2 really drunk guys went in and started harassing one of our actresses in a cage. The owner, a cop, and a 6'5" guy with a spiked club went in to get them out.


19/23 A few years ago I ran a haunted house at our local rec center. The gym was sort of the grand finale and it was set up like a giant, indoor cemetery. A lot of families went through the haunt and the kids were horrified by the zombies. A lot of kids would just be losing their minds when they got to the exit. But because I'm a jerk, the "exit" was fake. It was one of those heavy metal doors with the push bar on it. It led to another part of the building but it looked like an exit. So I put a sign on it that said "Thanks for coming! Please exit quietly!"

So the kids would be freaking out and the same thing would happen over and over. The parents would say "It's ok! It's over, look see....it's the end!" And the kids would be relieved and they would run for the door. They'd push it open and Leartherface would blast his chainsaw right in their face.


20/23 We've had two pissers in my house alone so far this season (opened last weekend). Another haunt at work scared someone into defecating.


21/23 I once volunteered at a haunted house when I was 16. I was the introduction sorta. I had a mad scientist costume on and I was sitting at a desk petting a rat. When people open the door I was supposed to look up and say "Welcome" as creepily as possible. Well a group of teenage girls walk in and Im like this is gonna be a good scare! So I say my line and all of them get scared except one. She just kinda looks at me, then looks to her friends and say: "He's kinda cute". The rest of them were just like OH MY GOD YOU CANT SAY THAT HERE and I just facepalmed as they left into the next room.


22/23 Girl in a minidress straight shat herself. Goddamn.


23/23 My family used to run a haunted house through my high school years (when me and my friends could help out). We went all out - we hand built a couple of coffins, we had a small airplane that had been sitting in a junkyard delivered to our backyard that we 'haunted' and let people walk through, we had rooms designed to disorient people with bright strobe lights and checkerboard walls, and a lot of other generally scary sh*t.

In one of the strobe rooms, we dressed a guy up in a checkerboard suit, hat and makeup, and you wouldn't be able to see him plainly standing in the middle of the room - he scared the piss out of a few people. After they were done with that room, they had to walk through me standing in a coffin pretending to be a mannequin. I took it very seriously, and the best one was after a young boy peed his pants in the strobe room, his mom and young sister were standing in front of me, talking to my dad about it - basically shooting the sh*t. The daughter whispered "Mom... that doll in the coffin moved" and the mom came right up to me, poked me, watched me, and said "No honey, it's not real".

Well I was (and still am) real, and all three of them pissed their pants. 100% ratio on that tour.



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