23 Employees Reveal Something That’s Common Knowledge In Their Industry That Might Blow Your Mind.


People on Reddit were asked: "What's something that is common knowledge at your work place that will be mind blowing to the rest of us?" These are some of the best answers.

1/23 Geneticist here: It is estimated that about 10% of children in genetics studies are "non-paternities", meaning 10% of the kids in the studies don't have the same biological father as we are told they have.


2/23 Standing too close to a transmitting radar for one minute will kill you in less than 6 months from multiple organ failure. It's non ionizing radiation, but it's still very strong microwaves. It cooks you. A symptom of being cooked by radar is clicking noise in your inner ear and feeling warm.


3/23 If you make a lane change on the highway and cut close in front of my big rig, you are not making me mad. You are scaring the shit out of me. Because if you blow a tire or if anything else causes you to sharply lose speed at that moment, I will roll over you like a 40-ton avalanche and they will have to wash you and your children out of the wreckage with a hose.


4/23 I work a lot with the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) community. If they have put themselves at risk of HIV infection i.e. unprotected anal or vaginal sex in most cases - though there are plenty of other ways HIV can be contracted, they can take a course of HIV medication called PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) which you can take if you have been at risk of HIV infection and if you start taking it within 72 hours of putting yourself at risk, it may be able to prevent you from becoming infected with HIV.


5/23 I work for a major ink and toner remanufacturer. Guys....guys, really. Just STOP GODDAMN PRINTING STUPID SHIT. You don't need it. You are getting raked over the coals, even by me selling remans to you at 40% off. A 5000ml bottle of our most common ink costs us $120. HP60's are our most common cartridge. They will only hold 6ml. SIX. We sell them for $10. Also, those cartridges are garbage. For the love of everything you find holy, stop buying HP's junk. They are made to fail to make my job harder, and since they fail on the consumer too, they just make their lives harder. Why keep giving money to a company that is actively malicious towards you?

Buying an inkjet printer that is an ink tank style system will save you countless dollars and headaches IF it is a Canon or Brother. Lexmark and Epson are made to self destruct, and are also less cost effective than Brother or Canon. These new HP 950/951 self destruct. The 564/920/940 didn't, but HP made those all to be miserable to operate when using remans.

For many integrated printhead (Or drums, in the case of toners) carts, you pay a premium to replace the printhead each time when you don't need to. HP 21/27/56 carts have a page counter on them of somewhere around 2200-2500 pages. I've had older 56's stop working for customers due to the page counter before the printhead wore out. (My test machine doesn't check the page counter, so it can give me a perfect print, but the actual printer will check the counter) Also, in those 21/27/56 cartridges, HP changed the composition of the ink to where it pretty much destroys the printhead. These make my job miserable at times, but I have worked it out to have about an 80% success rate on them now, so /rude HP.


6/23 Healthcare, ICU nurse. Sometimes having a patient die is the best thing to brighten my day. Seriously. If you have been keeping mom or grandma alive for 2-12 weeks after she should have biologically died and she finally gets to die, I'm genuinely happy I don't have to torture someone to soothe your conscience anymore. If you'd put your pet down in this situation it might just be time to let your more valuable human relative go.


7/23 When you have an IV placed, there isn't actually a needle left in your arm... The needle is taken out and a tiny flexible plastic tube is left in. So many people think they are walking around with a needle in their arm and are afraid to move it around.


8/23 Even though hundreds and hundreds of U.S. women with HIV get pregnant and give birth every year, there are virtually no more babies born with HIV. We've really pretty much eliminated perinatal HIV transmission.


9/23 2/3 of Staples' annual profits occur during the 2-4 week period of back-to-school shopping.


10/23 The fajitas at Chilis aren't actually sizzling... they have a sauce called "sizzle sauce" that you spray over the hot food so it gives the illusion that it is sizzling.


11/23 At Outback Steakhouse, they will prepare your food however the f*ck you want. They'll put your sirloin in a blender if you want. Get creative.


12/23 If you're going to the dentist to get work done (fillings, crowns, etc) and you use cocaine, tell your dentist. Cocaine use (within the 24 hrs or even more) + dental work = medical emergencies and often death. So, moral of the story. Don't do coke then get a filling. :)


13/23 Your kid's camp counselors get drunk in the woods every night and smoke like Cheech&Chong. They are also incredibly responsible, dedicated, and caring individuals who will go the extra mile to make sure campers are safe and having a great time.


14/23 If you have Windows 7, with many windows up and only want 1, take hold of the one you want, wiggle it back and forth a few times, and all the rest will minimize.


15/23 I'm a cart pusher, it might shock some people to know that you ARE allowed to put your carts into the little corral thingys, they aren't just for display. In fact, we greatly appreciate it.


16/23 All keys to Chevy police cars are the same key, unless the department has a custom key made which they never do. Get one key and you have them all.


17/23 Healthcare worker. If we have to phone a patient at home and someone else answers we are not allowed to identify where we are calling from or why. So say we need to ring John Q. Citizen and his wife answers then we can only say "May I speak to John Citizen please?" Wife will ask who it is; "Name", Wife will ask where are you from / why do you need to speak to John; "I can't discuss that with you, could you please put John on the phone" etc. etc. It causes SO many issues, we would love to just say "I'm calling about his blood test" but we are legally not allowed to do so. I am not being obstructionist or rude, please just suck it up and pass the phone over.


18/23 Telemarketers dislike calling you as much as you dislike receiving the calls. We do it because we need a job in order to pay bills. If you are polite it really makes my day. You need to explicitly ask to be put on the do not call list, if you hang up on me without saying anything you go back on the list.


19/23 Doctors and nurses in hospitals make mistakes all the time. They work crazy hours, have too much to do and small errors can change someone's life. I don't even blame them, the conditions make it impossible.


20/23 The reason a lot of military units have massive budgets is because the defense funding system works on a use-it-or-lose-it system. We may not need our full budget one year, but we're a deploying unit that is deploying next year and we'll need it then. If we don't spend it all by Sept. 1 (the fiscal year starts Oct. 1), when the new budget comes out we will have reduced funds. So units frequently spend all the money they are allotted in order to have guaranteed funding for when they need it. If the system didn't punish units for being frugal and made it easy to acquire funds needed for training and equipment we could reduce spending quite a bit most of the time.


21/23 Virtually all of the forests you hike in, camp in, hunt in, and ride your bike through, were once either farmland or pasture, or logged at some point in time. 99% of the forestland east of the Mississippi in the US and in Europe, were all once cut down, and almost none of the original old-growth forests remain in the state they were before Man cultivated the land. Notable exceptions are high mountaintop forests, steep ravines, and specially-conserved tracts of land held privately by concerned landowners. Many hardwood forests in the US were cut down between 1750 and 1900, and are in the process of Secondary Succession, whereby new pioneer species take over, and a new forest slowly matures. These secondary forests aren't always of the same species as the ones that existed before being cut down. Many of the pine-oak forests of New England have been replaced by birch-maple forests, and both the American Chestnut and American Elm species, which once comprised some of the most massive and beautiful trees and made up up to 60% of forest stands down the Appalachian mountains, have been killed off by introduced diseases from Europe.


22/23 The generic does the same thing as the brand name. Let's repeat that. The generic does the same thing as the brand name.


23/23 Technical Writer. Lots of people work really hard to write all those electronics manuals that you don't read. Also, manuals are considered legal documents. If a client injures themselves following a set of bad instructions, the company can be held accountable.



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